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Chapter 290 The disaster of loss

The first difficulty was easing difficulty in your heart.

The second difficulty was to become extraordinary.

The third difficulty was to find your Tao.

What was the Tao of Mu Yi?

He didn’t know, but at present, he began his own journey of seeking Tao by searching his heart. Finding one’s Tao was not a fast process because seeking it was the key step to the third difficulty. Only by finding your own way and relying on it, could you completely get rid of the ordinary and become a Godly Man by entering the third difficulty.


This was far more difficult than the first two difficulties, so most of the practitioners were trapped in the second.

What was Tao? It was truth, the way of heaven, humanity, the way of everything, and the way of the heart.

Tao was changeable and contained everything. It was hard to find even when it was around you. That was Tao. Everyone’s Tao was different and belonged to them alone.

The reason why most people at the peak of the second difficulty did not venture into the world was because they were not willing to affect the world or let their mind be changed. Once the mind was disordered, it was more difficult to find the way. Therefore, most of these people chose to shut down and find their own Tao in peace.

This process lasted a very long time, often for decades, so it was hard to see the people at the peak of the second difficulty in the world.

Mu Yi had only opened three chakras, and he still had a long way to go from the top. If there was no accident, he might embark on the road of seeking his Tao after his cultivation reached the peak of the second difficulty.

He didn’t know if he would ever find it. 

However, Mu Yi had experienced a change of heart. He realized his past and future clearly, and found his way in confusion, but it was only a way, which was quite different from the Tao.

However, the change of heart changed Mu Yi. He was still in a sensitive period. If he had not sought Liao Fan, maybe his change of heart would have settled until he experienced the next change of heart.

What is my Tao? For the time being, he didn’t know, but he kept asking.

Liao Fan’s Tao was sacrifice and fulfillment.

He sacrificed himself and sacrificed that girl to alieve people’s suffering. He was fortunate to find his own Tao at this age, but it was also unfortunate. AsLiao Fan said before, this was his destiny.

Although he didn’t show his accomplishments, Mu Yi knew that he hadn’t reached the peak of the second difficulty. Liao Fan was able to realize himself and find his own Tao before he reached the peak of the second difficulty. It could be said that he was rare, if not a singularity.

He was also pathetic because his Tao was to sacrifice,including  himself. Such a way was bound to be difficult to last forever because once the girl who incarnated as a ghost emperor got out he would die. It was silly to Mu Yi, but worth admiring.

Mu Yi could not be a completely good man, nor would he kill innocent people without purpose and principle. He just needed to be a worthy man, regardless of other’s opinions. 

Then, what is my Tao? Is it searching, looking for the old Taoist priest or looking for my relatives who I have never met? 

Mu Yi closed his eyes, and his body gradually exuded a mysterious and mysterious aura. After Liao Fan felt it, he was stunned then shocked, but finally, all his emotions settled, and he waited quietly.

He had experienced the journey of seeking Tao, so he knew what kind of chance Mu Yi was facing. If Mu Yi could find his own Tao now, he would have no obstacle in the future. As long as he reached the peak of the second difficulty and understood the power of heaven and earth, he would have half a chance to step into the third difficulty and become a Godly Man.

Half chances were extremely rare. Even those who had been in the third difficulty couldn’t say that when they broke through, they had half chances. Most people had one third of a chance, which was enough to fight for their lives.

Half was enough to make people crazy.

Of course, this was if everything went well. If it didn’t go well, even with the half chanve, it would be hard to reach the third difficulty.

Opening the six chakras of the body was the first step.

Understanding the power of heaven and earth was the second step.

Finding your Tao, so as to guide the soul after transformation was the third step.

These three steps were indispensable in order to reach the third difficulty and without an exact order. Any order was possible, though some orders were faster than others.

After the three steps were completed, the final barrier would be broken, also known as the barrier between man and nature.

If Mu Yi could find his Tao here, it would be his greatest chance. This chance even exceeded the two evolutions in King Xian’s tomb and exceeded the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu.

This was a unique opportunity for Mu Yi.

The time passed slowly, and Mu Yi’s aura grew stronger. Liao Fan’s eyes were full of expectations. Although he didn’t know Mu Yi’s Tao, he knew he wasn’t evil.

No, it’s not my Tao. My Tao should not be seeking. It’s just an obsession. Looking for the old Taoist priest is what I should do. It shouldn’t be my Tao. It can’t be my Tao. As for my family, it’s just the deepest obsession of my heart. Maybe I can’t find them. This may become a barrier of the third difficulty, I will cross in the future. It’s better to solve that problem before I cross the third difficulty. 

Since my Tao is not searching, what is it? Although I have killed people from the moment I came down from the mountain, it was not my intention, so killing is also not my Tao. I am not a bloodthirsty person.

Will my Tao be a guardian? I want to protect everything around me, the corpse of the old Taoist, Nian Nuer, my friends and everything I cherish. Will this be my way?

Mu Yi asked himself over and over again, but there was no answer. The more desires a person had, the more difficult it was to find his Tao. The reason why Liao Fan found his Tao was because he had so few desires.

It’s a pity that the sacrifice of oneself and the accomplishment of others are not the Tao that I ask for. My Tao should be without complaint or regret.

How can I have no regrets? Love and hate? Doing as I wish?

No, these are still desires. My heart can’t calm down, so these are also not my Tao.

At this moment, Mu Yi was confused.

This journey of seeking Tao could not be carried out casually or without danger. Because in this process of seeking Tao, he might lose himself by accident, and it would be more difficult to come back after he lost himself.

This was also why many of the second difficulty didn’t search for it.

However, Mu Yi didn’t know all this. He just followed his own heart. He didn’t enter this state deliberately, but naturally. He had experienced too little and had too much obsession and desire in his heart, so it was more difficult, even impossible, to find his Tao.

If the old Taoist priest was still alive, he would definitely tell him the taboo of practice and would not let him rashly search for Tao. But unfortunately, the old Taoist Priest was dead. No one would lead him, and he could only rely on his own constant exploration.

Liao Fan didn’t stop him because although the search was dangerous, it was also an opportunity, so he didn’t dare to easily interrupt his searching. 

As for Mu Yi, when he was lost, it would be more difficult to wake up and might hurt his soul.

Therefore, when he realized that Mu Yi was lost, he waved his right hand and the drawer next to him opened. A purple fragrance flew out. Under the control of an invisible force, the fragrance entered the censer. A light flashed and began to burn.

The purple fragrance condensed but didn’t disperse, gradually forming a cloud of smoke, hovering around it. Slowly, the cloud moved over the top of Mu Yi’s head, and flowed into his mouth and nose as he breathed.

Mu Yi’s breathing suddenly increased and grew stronger; his body quivered slightly,

What is my Tao?

Mu Yi felt that his consciousness began to relax, and he could not feel the passage of time. He just kept asking himself that question, but the voice was slowly drifting away from him. When he could not hear anything, he was completely lost.

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