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Chapter 291 Comprehension at Night

Mu Yi wasn’t in endless darkness. He felt nothing because his consciousness was completely broken. At the edge of death, something rumbled in his mind, like a flask of  purple lightning. He took note of the danger he was in and his consciousness settled. Mu Yi woke up from his loss. When he realized what had just happened, he couldn’t help being afraid. 

“Thank you very much, master.” Mu Yi opened his eyes and looked at Liao Fan.

“There is no need. Since you were lost here, I was obligated to pull you back. I believe that although this insight was short, it will still bring you great benefits. At least it will be easier next time when you seek your Tao,” he smiled a little and then continued. “It’s a pity that this fragrance only works once, and it will be useless next time.”

“One time is enough, but I don’t know the name of this incense?” Mu Yi touched his chest. He felt his previous insights turn into a seed and sank in his heart. Maybe one day, it would sprout and grow again to help Mu Yi find his way.

“The incense is called hometown and represents a kind of missing. It is said that when someone travels far, he will make an incense with his heart. If his family misses him, they can light the incense, so that no matter where he is, he will feel their yearning and return, but it’s just a legend,” said Liao Fan slowly.

“Hometown, it’s a good name.” Mu Yi nodded.

Such a magical effect would be absolutely crucial for those at the peak of the second difficulty. If someone knew about it, he would search for it. After all, cultivation was about going against god and finding your own way.

There was no difference between good and evil in seeking Tao. Those who only did good deeds might not succeed, and those who were full of evil spirits might not fail.

In the process of seeking Tao, only by strengthening his own heart could he keep his mind. After experiencing the process of seeking, Mu Yi could understand the importance of keeping his heart for the future.

“A hometown is already the salvation for me, but I believe that the master is not willing to see me in the future.” 

“Well, I want you to seal the ghost emperor below. It’s dangerous. You can think about it carefully. Even if it doesn’t work out, I will find a cause and effect solution for you,” said Liao Fan.

“No, that’s all. That’s one of my purposes. It’s just that I have to wait for my injury to fully recover before I can take action.” 

The ghost emperor’s main part was astronomically powerful, but he had a chance against the escaped part if he could recover fully.

“It is up to you. If you want to recuperate, I think the mountain may suit your purpose, especially the moon at night. It’s really beautiful.” Liao Fan was not afraid that Mu Yi would run away, but he really cared about Mu Yi.

“Then, thank you a lot.” Mu Yi nodded happily. Mu Yi intended to stay. Although he had just climbed the mountain, he gradually felt the difference here. It seemed that the vitality of heaven and earth here was stronger. It was a rare place to practice.

Moreover, Mu Yi was also very interested in the Thousand Clock Array. If he could understand something from it, it would be better.

Later, Mu Yi told Xu Caiwei and others the news he was going to stay. Xu Caiwei’s first reaction was to stay. She needed to get  Mu Yi’s support.

Xu Caiwei was not a simple woman. She had a strong desire for power. 

Mu Yi didn’t mind lending his strength to others. After all, she had helped him.

In the end, Xu Caiwei left with the assurance that she would explain the situation to Yan Li. Yan Qing was dead, but Yan Li might not accept it. With his power, he could burn the Thousand Sound Temple down. It would be a disaster for Liao Fan and the people nearby. Neither he nor Liao Fan could fight Yan Li without causing trouble.

Therefore, it was the best policy to try to keep the other stable at this time. Although he was sorry for Yan Li, this was the reality.

After Xu Caiwei and others left, Mu Yi began to practice in Thousand Sound Temple, hoping to recover his injuries faster with the temple’s help. Now Mu Yi had two more things to do every day. One was to listen to the bell in the morning, melt his mind into one and let his consciousness vibrate. It was really wonderful, and gave him a deeper understanding of the application of consciousness.

The second thing was to see the moon. Liao Fan had given him a hint. The moon at the peak of the mountain was very bright, but he had not understood the mystery.

This nTonight, the moon was very round, but Mu Yi felt extremely lonely. He had no memory before he was six years old. The only family member he had was the old Taoist Priest, but eventually the old Taoist Priest also left, leaving him alone. If he hadn’t met Nian Nuer later, he would be lonelier.

Looking at the moon, Mu Yi’s thoughts slowly rippled.

The moon waxed and waned, and the four seasons passed. He used to hear that life had four seasons as well.

Spring was the beginning of all things and represented life. Summer was the period of growing up. Autumn was maturity and winter was destruction, death, or old age of people.

But was the end of life really destruction or death? 

Mu Yi couldn’t help thinking of grass. In winter, the blades were yellow, but in the spring of the next year, they would be full of life. So for grass, winter was just the silence before the next year’s new life.

What about people? After death, it was just reincarnation and a new life.

Life was the beginning of death, and death was the rebirth of life.

Just when Mu Yi understood this, something seemed to break in his mind, then his mind and spirit power rocketed up faster than when he had opened his chakras.

It was no wonder that there was a saying that if a man could know the truth early, he would be happy to die at once. For Mu Yi, he had this feeling now.

He had been studying hard, but the rejuvenation charm still eluded him. At this moment, Mu Yi had full confidence that he could draw it  because the rejuvenation charm required the understanding of life and death. 

When Mu Yi understood, a smile appeared on the corner of Liao Fan’s mouth, and his hands were folded.


In the middle of the night, the bell rang suddenly. The monks of the Thousand Sound Temple put down their work, put their hands together and recited the Sutra in their hearts.

“The Thousand Sound bell ringing at night three times? Is it because of him?” Liao Chen went out of the room and looked up at the bright moon in the sky, thinking about Mu Yi.

The sound rippled with Mu Yi’s consciousness, quickly covered the whole temple, then the whole Thousand Sound mountain.

This kind of feeling was unprecedented. With the Thousand Sound bell, he could “see” the whole  mountain.

It was a feeling of mastery, as if he could do anything.

Mu Yi restrained the impulse and let the revelation and surge of power wash over him. 

Finally, when the bell stopped ringing, Mu Yi was kicked out of that feeling, but he was smiling.


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