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Chapter 292 Entering the Tower


I have almost mastered the second level of charms. As for the third level, I need to open the throat chakra to practice. I need a period of time to integrate what I have learned. Although the first level and the second level are the foundation, the foundation also has no end. If I keep going, I could turn corruption into magic. 

Mu Yi silently thought that when he came to his present state, he could be called a master.   Mu Yi looked up at the bright moon, then reached out his index finger and drew gently in front of him. His fingertip gradually gathered a ray of moonlight, making the charm look more flexible. However, in the moment of impending success, the charm suddenly broke.

“Sure enough, the charm needs charm paper to carry it. I’m too far away from reading charm,” Mu Yi shook his head without any pity on his face. He didn’t expect to succeed.

   When the moon shifted, Mu Yi returned to his room. He did not wake up until the alarm rang the next morning. This kind of deep meditation had the best effect. He recovered 70% of his strength due to last night’s perception.

   If he used a rejuvenation charm, it might not take five days for him to recover. When the ghost emperor was sealed again, he could go back to Cangzhou City. Even if Ning Wuque or other old monsters were still waiting there, he would not be afraid.

   Although Xu Caiwei left, Ding came again the next day. He said that he was ordered by Magistrate Yan, so Mu Yi could not drive him away. What’s more, he didn’t disturb him, and Mu Yi could command him to do anything.

   Mu Yi told Ding what he needed for painting the charm. Only half a day later, Butler Ding brought several people with him, carrying enough paper and cinnabar for Mu Yi to use for a year. He’d been given the brush from Magistrate Yan’s mentor as well. It had once been a treasure, but in the relation to his daughter it meant nothing. 

“The rejuvenation charm is the transformation of life and death.”

   Mu Yi’s mind was filled with feelings about the rejuvenation charm as hsi brush flowed across the page. In one breath, he had drawn a piece of the rejuvenation charm. When he completed the rejuvenation charm, Mu Yi inhaled a bit of the power between the heaven and the earth.

The light was introverted, but the charm flashed a trace of green as it lay on the table. 

“Is this the rejuvenation charm?” Mu Yi stared at it and sighed. If he could have drawn it earlier, maybe he would not have been so embarrassed, but if he had not been embarrassed, he would not have gained now. It was all heaven’s plan.

Mu Yi placed the rejuvenation charm on his chest. After a while, a warm heat entered into his body and rotated quickly. Mu Yi felt the whole body tremble with a crisp feeling as his vitality was rapidly improving. The power of the rejuvenation charm integrated into his body.

  The lingering power Ning Wuque’s attack had left in him was slowly drained out of his body. The rejuvenation charm could not only restore life, but also restore the power of the mind and spirit quickly. Mu Yi estimated that this rejuvenation charm could increase the lifespan of an ordinary person by at least one to three years by forcing the body to recover from damage done over a few years.

  As for Mu Yi, it might increase his lifespan by one month because he was in the stage of metamorphosis, so it was less effective.

   If he used the rejuvenation charm too much, he would gradually become resistant to the effects until he improved his strength. 

   The effect of the rejuvenation charm lasted only half an hour, but Mu Yi recovered 90% of his strength after half an hour. Without the charm, it would only take two or three days to recover the rest of the way.

 Thinking of dealing with the ghost emperor in a few days, Mu Yi drew it again. Although it was successful, Mu Yi could not help frowning.

“Am I wrong? Why do I feel that the effect of this rejuvenation charm is not as good as the previous one?” Mu Yi mumbled to himself.

   Then, he drew another. When he failed, Mu Yi’s brow frowned more tightly.

“It seems that the power between heaven and earth has decreased.” Looking back on the process of rejuvenation charms, Mu Yi found the key to the problem, so he put down his pen, opened the door and went out. Just now, he felt that most of the power came from outside.

   When Mu Yi opened the door and walked out, there was a pause in his steps. He looked up at the tree in the yard, he was surprised and understood.

  It was an evergreen tree, but now looked like it had died. The leaves were yellow, even falling slowly. The whole tree seemed to be withering with a trace of sadness.

  The flowers died as if the tree’s vitality had been extracted very quickly. 

   Seeing this, Mu Yi had a deeper understanding of the rejuvenation charm. The transformation of life and death was not without cost. It was a kind of plundering of the area around it. Rejuvenating one thing meant killing another.

“No wonder.” Mu Yi patted the tree gently, and its leaves fell off in an instant. 

It seems that rejuvenation charm must be used with restraint. This kind of plunder is too overbearing. Although it is in line with the way of heaven, it is not in line with the way of humanity. I cultivate the way of humanity, not the way of heaven, so I must pay attention to this. 

   Over the next two days, Mu Yi cultivated while painting the charm, turning his previous understanding into precipitation. He didn’t paint the rejuvenation charm again and planned to only keep one or two for dire circumstances.

   His injury was completely recovered and he deepened his understanding of cultivation. It was also to learn to be a person. People needed to have rules not against their own hearts because their mind state was the key to their cultivation.

   It was a pity that there was not much time left for Mu Yi. Otherwise, he would have cultivated according to the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu.

   On this day, Mu Yi found Liao Fan.

“Are you ready?” Liao Fan looked at Mu Yi and asked.

“Thank you very. Without you, it would have taken a lot longer for me to recover,” Mu Yi said politely. 

Although Liao Fan hadn’t reached the peak of the second difficulty or had barely started to open his chakras, he was stronger than Mu Yi, maybe even as strong as those old monsters because Liao Fan had found his Tao and understood the power of heaven and earth. When his cultivation reached its peak, he would likely be prepared to break the third difficulty.

   However,  the chances of success were only 50% at most. Only the people with great fortune and a large part to play in the era would make it.

“This is a chance for distinguished guests. I didn’t do anything,” Liao Fansaid, shaking his head.

“If you don’t mind, call me by name, Mu Yi. I can’t afford to be a distinguished guest,” Mu Yi said.

“Whether I call you a distinguished guest, Taoist Priest or benefactor, it’s just a title. I have no desire or requirement in my heart,” Liao Fan said with a smile.

“I know. When do we seal the ghost emperor?” 

“Now, of course. After all, if it can be sealed a day sooner, and I can be reassured a day sooner.” 

“Have you never been worried that she will escape if we fail?” 

They were not weak, but against a ghost emperor they wouldn’t be strong enough. The ghost emperor had been sealed for decades, but even the little part of her that had escaped was overwhelming.

“Of course, I’m worried. If the ghost emperor escapes, the people will suffer.” 

“Then, you don’t worry about yourself?” 

“I’m just a smelly bag. The worst would be to give up. Maybe I can go to bliss early.” 

“It’s a pity that the way of master is not my way. I will never reach your realm.” 

Mu Yi shook his head. 

“Everyone has his own way, no matter weak or strong, sacrifice or plunder, as long as it is his own way, it will be good. After all, in this world, only the way is eternal,” Liao Fan said.

   Later, Liao Fan took Mu Yi to a seven story pagoda in the temple, which Mu Yi had noticed before and wondered about. He should have guessed what it was for before Liao Fan brought him. 

   The pagoda was octagonal, and there were 56 bronze bells inside. These bells had function. On the peak of the pagoda, there was a bead. Mu Yi happened to see it once in the evening. Under the moonlight the bead was shined brightly like a pearl.

   Near the pagoda, Mu Yi felt a sense of oppression, and Liao Fan next to him looked as usual. Under Liao Fan’s leadership, Mu Yi entered the pagoda.


   As soon as they entered, the pagoda shook and the copper bells rang. 



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