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Chapter 293 Ten Thousand Ghosts Bound


   As soon as Mu Yi and Liao Fan entered, the pagoda vibrated violently, as if there was a force that wanted to overturn it. The pagoda was dark, windowless, and gloomy. 

   Mu Yi lit the Xin lamp to lighten the surrounding area. The pagoda appeared even more empty, and only their two shadows showed on the ground.

A terrifying voice spoke, “Little monk, is this little Taoist beside you your helper? Monks and Taoists are surely matched, but these are exactly what we hate most in our life, so you two little dolls will stay with us this time.”

   Mu Yi recognized it. It was a bit similar to Yan Qing.


Suddenly, a layer of golden light covered his body to counteract the oppressive atmosphere, but it didn’t help Mu Yi.

   Mu Yi smiled and the light of the Xin lamp grew brighter so that he was wrapped in the light. It was a test. If Mu Yi could not resist the atmosphere, he would not even be qualified to stand in front of the Ghost emperor.

“Eh, little Taoist, your lamp seems interesting. If you give it to me, I will promise you eternal life and infinite strength.” 

The ghost emperor’s tone was beguiling.

“Eternal life? Becoming a ghost like you? Unfortunately, I would still like to be a man.”

“This is the best choice for you, or I will take your soul out of your body and burn it with Nine You Fire.”

   Although the ghost emperor didn’t say what Nine You Fire would be like, Mu Yi could imagine that it was a crueler punishment than death.

Mu Yi looked at Liao Fan, “Let’s go.”

Unless the Ghost emperor could be sealed completely, he and Liao Fan couldn’t get out of the tower. This was a fight without hope of retreat.

He nodded with a dignified expression.

   Then, he took out a jade-colored phalanx. It was not a strange thing for Mu Yi because he had been improved by the Xin lamp before and had reached the level of gold muscle and jade bone. However, Liao Fan’s jade bone was almost perfect because he was in the realm of the Glaze Golden Body. It was a specialty of the Buddhist. Once physical training was completed, it could even be called Buddha Body.

   Maybe Mu Yi could get a set of body training skills from Liao Fan.

“Jade bone relics? Only when your master sacrificed himself, did he successfully seal me. Now it’s really surprising to me that you think you could seal me with a finger bone left by your master. Little monk, you are still naive.” 

“It’s true that the jade bone relics left by my master can’t seal you again, but…” Liao Fan threw the jade bone relics. A bright light bloomed from the peak of the tower and fell on the phalangeal relics. After a while, the phalangeal relics gave out a strong aura, and a shadow emerged from the phalangeal bones in the form of a dignified old monk.


“Wu Zhen,” the ghost emperor said.

“Om om padme hum!” The old monk didn’t seem to have consciousness. The finger bone relics were just part of his power and could only be opened at a specific time. This was the card he left when he died.

“The six words of Buddhism?” 

Taoism had nine words of truth. Buddhism had six words of truth. All of them were powerful deities that could be cultivated only after the Viśuddha was turned on. Mu Yi always wanted this kind of deity. Unfortunately, he had not yet turned on the Viśuddha. Moreover, whether it was nine words of truth or six words of truth, if he had no guidance, he could not learn it.

   The Taoist Priest died early and left all things related to runes and Taoism for him, so Mu Yi had to rely on himself if he wanted to practice the nine-character mantra or the six-character mantra.

   Although he didn’t plan to be a monk, he would not miss the chance he had.

   With Wu Zhen’s six-word mantra coming out, the tower was brightly lit, and these lights brought a kind of oppression that shrunk the Nanming Li Fire on Mu Yi shrank until it was barely covering Mu Yi. 

   The six-character mantra and the Nanming Li Fire could not be compared because Mu Yi’s accomplishments were too low. If he was already at the peak of the second difficult peak, he could totally exert the power of the Xin lamp. Even the phalange would turn into ashes in the Nanming Li Fire.

“You won’t succeed, Wu Zhen!” The sharp voice of the ghost emperor sounded as the light grew into a network of threads and illuminated the entire building.

“Drop!” Liao Fan ordered seriously, with his own strength to guide the threads.

The threads fell and infiltrated the ground, and a stream of black gas out of the ground and stuck to the threads.

“Come on, put out her ghost Qi with the light!” 

   Mu Yi understood Liao Fan’s plan. Guided by the phalanx relics left by Wu Zhen, and with the help of the power accumulated by the pearl at the peak of the pagoda, he could turn the array into a new one and improve it.

   However, the ghost emperor wasn’t just waiting for death and would not be sealed easily. Otherwise, Liao Fan’s master would not have sacrificed his life. It had been the only way he could succeed.

   Liao Fan didn’t do it because he knew very well that he could not reach the level of his master with his current strength. Even if he sacrificed himself, he would not succeed. Moreover, the ghost emperor had already separated part of its soul. If he died, the Thousand Sound Temple would be destroyed later, and the ghost emperor would be released again.

   However, Liao Fan found Mu Yi who had proven to have the strength to help him seal it away.

   Mu Yi followed Liao Fan’s words without hesitation. He used the Nanming Li Fire to deal with the ghost Qi of the ghost emperor. 

   A blue flame appeared in the lamp. As soon as the flame’s color grew deeper and it came out, the internal space of the pagoda became unstable. Even the large array of threads vibrated slightly. The ghost Qi boiled violently.

“Nanming Li Fire? Damn, how could this kind of thing belong to a little Taoist?” The ghost emperor’s sharp voice sounded with a sense of panic. Although she had known that the Xin lamp in Mu Yi’s hand was a treasure, she felt threatened by it. She never thought that the threat actually came from the Nanming Li Fire or that it would be the most original kind of fire.

   If it was related to the origin, it was not simple. To some degree, the origin of the ghost emperor’s ghost Qi, the origin of the Nanming Li Fire, and even the origin of Mu Yi’s soul power had the same level of strength.

   If it had been when the ghost emperor was the strongest, she might not have feared the Nanming Li Fire, but because she had been sealed for so long, she had lost too much of her strength.


   The Nanming Li Fire consumed the original ghost Qi. In the dark, Mu Yi heard a scream. He took back the original fire with a pale face and almost couldn’t stand still.

   Although the original fire was powerful, it was still too difficult to control it. Fortunately, the ghost emperor’s original ghost Qi was not too strong, otherwise, he would also have been hurt badly.

Underground, the ghost emperor roared angrily, “I’m going to kill you, Taoist, kill you.” 

“Ghost emperor, today I will seal you completely, then I will wipe out your soul and see how arrogant you are.” Liao Fan said loudly while controlling the array, attracting the ghost emperor’s attention.

“Bad monk, stupid Taoist, do you really think I can’t deal with your tricks? Today, see my real power!”

“No! Be careful!” 

“Ten Thousand Ghosts Border!”

The ghost emperor shouted, then Mu Yi went into a trance. His consciousness seemed to be drawn into another world belonging to the ghost emperor. It was gloomy and terrifying. A round blood moon was on the top of his head, surrounded by endless ghost Qi, and there were countless ghosts floating in it.

“Mu Yi, this is the border of ghosts, created by the Ghost emperor. There are no bodies here. You and I only have consciousnesses. But if your consciousness is obliterated, your body will also disappear. If you want to break the border, you need to have a strong consciousness. Remember, here, nothing is impossible.”


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