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Chapter 294 Awakening — Nanming Li Fire


Liao Fan’s voice echoed in Mu Yi’s ears, but he couldn’t find him. They had been separated by the ghost emperor. At the end, Liao Fan’s voice seemed faintly discernible.

“Is this the boundary that only the third difficulty can create?” 

He was shocked. If he didn’t know in advance, he would have felt cheated.

“Little Taoist, now kneel down and beg for mercy. I will spare your life.” The voice of the ghost emperor sounded, but the voice was everywhere. 

Mu Yi couldn’t help but think of Liao Fan’s words. He only had consciousness here, and everything was possible.

In that case, my Xin lamp, come here. His consciousness was improving quickly. There was only one idea in his heart: the Xin lamp. In front of him, suddenly a vortex appeared, then the Xin lamp emerged.

   Mu Yi held the Xin lamp, and it felt real. The Xin lamp was a kind of projection. It couldn’t exert all its power, but it was enough for Mu Yi.

  Liao Fan said that there were infinite possibilities here, but certain rules existed. The more powerful the power was, the more difficult it was to use it. Unless your consciousness was extremely powerful. With a consciousness stronger than the ghost emperor, the border could be destroyed in a flash.

   After the Xin lamp magically came out, Mu Yi felt that there was a slight tremor in the border, but it was far from breaking the border.

“Little Taoist, you can’t stay.” 

It seemed that the ghost emperor didn’t think that Mu Yi would find one of the shortcomings of the border from just a warning or that Mu Yi’s consciousness would be so strong.   However, if she knew that Mu Yi had been tempered by the Nanming Li Fire, and experienced a change of heart, she would not be so surprised.

“Well, if it was your heyday, I would have given up, but I am not afraid of the border.” 

Mu Yi was determined. In this war, he had no way back. His only hope to live was to win. 

“Swallow him.” Suddenly a huge face appeared in the sky, covering half of the sky.

   With her order, the dark shadows that had wandered in the dark clouds came out and rushed towards Mu Yi. There were more than ten thousand dark shadows.

  The enchantment was called the Ten Thousand Ghosts Enchantment.

“If you use other means, I may have worried a little bit, but these kinds of ghosts can only be turned into ashes,” Mu Yi smiled coldly, then urged the Xin lamp to light. The light blue flame rose sharply and spread around Mu Yi, protecting him.

   When countless ghosts rushed down, they collided with Nanming Li Fire and turned to ash. There were too many ghosts, and  they would never give up devouring Mu Yi.

   At the beginning, it was easy, but as time went on, it became hard for him. There were still alot of ghosts.

Can’t go on like this. Otherwise, he would be dragged down sooner or later. Suddenly, he remembered another ability of the Xin lamp: devouring ghosts and turning them into lamp oil.

   In the past, Mu Yi didn’t devour ghosts because he didn’t have such a good chance. Now that he met it, he couldn’t miss it. Although the Xin lamp in his hand was only a projection, he believed that as long as his consciousness was strong enough, the Xin lamp could definitely play out its power.

In that case, let me swallow them all! 

At the same time, he scattered the surrounding Nanming Li Fire, and the ghosts seemed more excited to see Nanming Li Fire disappear, and continued to swarm him.

The Xin lamp suddenly turned into a black hole. Before the ghosts could react, they were swallowed, and the scale of the black hole began to grow.

“Little Taoist, I have some means, but the ghosts are just appetizers. Next, I will show you a life worse than death.”

   With the words of the ghost emperor, those ghosts finally retreated. She had to use her final trick.

“Endless netherworld, listen to my call, Nine You Fire, come out now!”

Mu Yi found that the sky above his head seemed to be burning. Mu Yi urged the Xin lamp again, and the light blue flame began to burn on the surface of his body.

   Just after Mu Yi urged the Xin lamp, a group of black flames fell from the dark sky with a strong sense of evil. As soon as they appeared, Mu Yi shivered as if the fire aroused the evil desire in his heart.

   All of these flames fell towards Mu Yi. Mu Yi wanted to move, but found that the surrounding space was squeezing him. It was very difficult to move, so he could only watch the flames fall. Seeing this, Mu Yi no longer tried to avoid it, but looked up and became crazy.

“Let’s see whose fire is fiercest!” Mu Yi cried out, and he remembered the vision he had when he subjugated the fire of Nanming Li Fire. It was a shocking picture. The vast land was covered with endless flames, and a bird of flame was born. Then, it began to challenge the sky. It was knocked down countless times, but it never gave in, even though it was finally scattered and turned back into its source.  It had an indomitable spirit, struggling against destiny and rules. 

“Nanming Li Fire, if you want to restore your past glory, let’s explode!” 

Mu Yi rushed to the sky again and again. No matter how many times he was shot down and suffered multiple injuries, he never gave up.

   The outside world seemed to be stimulated by the memory, and Nanming Li Fire on his body finally seemed to wake up, making the first cry.


   When the sound appeared, the Nanming Li Fire on Mu Yi was boiling. Without Mu Yi’s guidance, it rose to the sky. And the flames slowly turned into a giant blue bird and rushed towards the Nine You Fire in the sky.

   This was a rosefinch, the awakening of Nanming Li Fire, the outbreak of its awakening after endless years.

   In the sky, the Nanming Li Fire collided with Nine You Fire, and even the border shook violently at the collision. There were huge cracks in the sky, through which Mu Yi could feel the atmosphere of the outside clearly.

   However, when the flames fell, the cracks disappeared. The Nine You Fire in the sky disappeared. Mu Yi could see clearly. Most of the Nine You Fire was swallowed up by the Nanming Li Fire, Mu Yi couldn’t help but doubt whether everything that just happened was true or false.

   Because according to Liao Fan, in the border, everything was false, even the Xin lamp was only a projection, so the Nanming Li Fire should also be a projection, but it felt real.

   Without the threat of Nine You Fire, the Nanming Li Fire suddenly turned back to the Xin lamp. In a short time, Mu Yi felt that his consciousness had been half consumed. It was impossible to summon Nanming Li Fire now.

   Just now, instead of calling out the Nanming Li Fire, it was his memory that made the Nanming Li Fire wake up and unleash its most powerful attack. He couldn’t do it again unless the Nanming Li Fire woke up completely, or he became strong enough to control the Nanming Li Fire. Regardless, it would take some time.

   It was only an outbreak, but it solved the biggest crisis and seemingly weakened the border’s hold on him.

“It was the Nanming Li Fire, but how many times can you support yourself with it?” The ghost emperor at the moment seemed a little angry.

“As long as you can summon the Nine You Fire, I can continue to support myself,” Mu Yi said. The ghost emperor was very weak. The border was obviously her last card. She had to hold it as the last resort because if she didn’t she would definitely lose if Mu Yi could just hold on. 

   The powerful flame like the Nine You Fire couldn’t be summoned easily. The shackles of the border were weakening, meaning that she couldn’t summon the Nine You Fire again.

“I will kill you myself.” 

Her voice was full of hatred. Mu Yi performed beyond her expectations again, so she was trapped in an awkward situation. If she couldn’t Mu Yi with the border, then the ghost emperor was afraid that she would be sealed again. Moreover, as long as Liao Fan didn’t have to sacrifice his life, she would never be able to open the cracks in the seal Liao Fan was making.

   This was her last chance. She would do anything, and Mu Yi had to be extremely cautious.

   A figure came out of nothingness. Although it was the first time seeing her, Mu Yi knew that it was the ghost emperor. He could not see her face. Only her long red hair was clearly visible. Red like blood, her hair was several feet long in the wind.



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