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Chapter 295 the Highest Peak in the World


   The ghost emperor was furious and hysterical because this was her last chance. Only by killing Mu Yi could she resist Liao Fan’s seal. 

   The bright red hair rose in response to the storm. Like a thin arrow flying through the sky, it shot at Mu Yi. It was silent, but Mu Yi had no doubt about its power. 

Heaven and earth were limitless. Heaven and earth borrowed the law.

   At the critical moment, Mu Yi’s spirit was promoted to a mysterious realm, and Liao Fan’s words reminded him that as long as his consciousness was strong enough, there were infinite possibilities here.

Mu Yi gently stretched out his finger and quickly sketched in front of him. A rune appeared at his fingertip with a trace of purple flowing through it.

“Five thunders charm, fall!” Mu Yi said and pointed to the ghost emperor.


   Lightning fell out of the sky. The ghost emperor was split and screamed. Her arrow-like hair was destroyed and her shadow almost collapsed.

“No way. This is my border. It’s my world. How can you summon lightning?” Cried the ghost emperor, with a kind of disbelief in her voice.

   Lightning, the most virile power of heaven and earth, could restrain all evil spirits, even ghost emperors.

   Although the lightning he summoned was not real, it contained a ray of real power to destroy the ghost emperor’s shadow thanks in part to the border’s nature . Mu Yi wasn’t at the level that he could create charms in mid air, but being only a consciousness in the border allowed him the ability to do so.

“Well, bamihong!”

   Liao Fan’s loud voice suddenly sounded in the border, then a golden light came from the peak of the space. Countless golden lights penetrated the dark, like a golden sun in the sky, shining brightly.


   The ghost emperor’s empty shadow dissipated in the golden light. In the dark, she shouted in despair.

  Thanks to Mu Yi, her power had been consumed allowing Liao Fan to wait for the perfect opportunity.

   When the golden light filled the whole border, Mu Yi seemed to hear a click, and the world in front of him was broken like a mirror. Mu Yi fell into a brief trance then reappeared in the pagoda. He was still standing in his original position, but his heart was clear that everything was different.

   The seal finally sank to the ground, and the pagoda shook violently, ending the ghost emperor’s struggle. Finally, the shaking ended, the voice of the ghost emperor disappeared, and peace was restored, as if all that had just happened was an illusion.


   Mu Yi looked at Liao Fan who sat on the ground and didn’t behave like a monk. His breathing was labored, and his face was pale.

Mu Yi only felt the pain of his head bursting like needles pricking.

   After looking at Liao Fan, Mu Yi also sat down. He put the Xin lamp and the Bamboo Tree of Life aside. There was a lot of lamp oil in the Xin lamp. It seemed that the ghosts were, in some way, real.

“Is it done?” 

He couldn’t feel the movement of the ghost emperor, but she was in the third difficulty. At ful strength, she could have killed Mu Yi easily.  It was hard to believe they won.

“It was a lucky success, if you hadn’t enraged her into unleashing all her strength, I would have failed,” Liao Fan said thankfully. 

After the victory, he lost the appearance of an eminent monk and looked his age.

“Was that the ghost emperor? How much of hrt power was that?” Mu Yi imagined thousands of ghosts in his mind and the Nine You Fire with some lingering fear.

“It’s estimated to be one percent, or even less.”

“One percent?” Mu Yi’s mind boggled. He’d nearly died! He gained a thorough understanding of the third difficulty. Even if he reached the peak of the second difficulty, he was doomed to die if he fought someone in the third difficulty.

   Thinking of this, Mu Yi felt a burst of pressure, remembering the old Taoist priest’s enemy. The old Taoist Priest fought with her and hurt his foundation. Over the years, she might have already become an expert of the third difficulty. Mu Yi wanted revenge for the old Taoist priest, but it was hard to do it in a short time.

   After personally experiencing the power of the ghost emperor, he was no longer naive. It was no wonder that neither Leng Yu nor Mister Mo had ever revealed to him who the enemy was. They were worried that he would challenge her and lose his life in vain.

Don’t worry, old man. I’ll get to the third difficulty sooner or later. Then, I’ll get justice for you.

It would be very difficult, but Mu Yi would never give up. What’s more, he had already planted a seed in his heart. He only needed to continuously water it. Sooner or later, the seed would germinate, thrive and eventually become a towering tree.

“At most one percent, the ghost emperor is an expert of the third difficulty, one who has gone beyond the ordinary people and a person of great talent. Life will be different. In that state, a person could live for at least two or three hundred years. However, that kind of existence is rare.” 

He sighed. He had found his way ahead of time, he could try to take that step only after his cultivation was completed, but he didn’t have much confidence in whether he would survive.

   There were less than ten people who had already taken that step, though there were plenty on the edge including Ning Wuque and Leng Yu.

   Mu Yi didn’t know whether Leng Yu had found her Tao, but he knew that all of her chakras were not open. She was stronger than Ning Wuqeu because she had rebuilt her chakra.

   Maybe when Leng Yu reopened the seven mortal forms and really returned to the peak, she would surpass Xu Hai. With the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu, maybe Leng Yu was qualified to take that step. 

“Who is known as the third difficulty?” Mu Yi asked.

“The Longhushan Mountain, Maoshan Mountain, and the two Millennium Heritage Schools are guarded by old experts of the third difficulty. The old town leader of Baidi city closed himself off  to practice austerities ten years ago, but I doubt that he has made that step. There is an old fairy in the South China Sea of the third difficulty. In the Forbidden City, there is a mysterious sea god needle also of the third difficulty. The once disappeared Lord of the Ear Group is recognized as being of the third difficulty. those are the ones I know of, but there might be two or three more but that’s all. The third difficulty strongmen know of each other. Every new born third difficulty expert causes the vibration of heaven, so it is impossible to advance quietly,” Liao Fan said.

An old fairy of the South China Sea? He didn’t forget the dirty Taoist he met outside Quyi villa, who asked Mu Yi to go to the South China Sea later. What was hidden in the South China Sea? Nian Nuer’s father had also been there.

   Mu Yi was interested.

  It made sense for Longhu Mountain, Maoshan Mountain, and the millennial schools to have a third difficulty expert there to protect them. The same was true of  the Forbidden City.

   However, the unknown experts were more attractive to Mu Yi. Which one killed the old Taoist priest?

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