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Chapter 296 Your Choice


   Mu Yi didn’t get the answer from Liao Fan because even Liao Fan didn’t know. Knowing who hurt the old Taoist Priest and destroyed his foundation was something Mu Yi would have to find out himself.

He had an idea of who he wanted to surpass though. He knew it would be difficult, but he was determined.

   When he recovered, he would practice the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu and the two ancient charms that would help him improve the quickest.That was why he dared to return to Cangzhou City and faced Ning Wuque and old monsters.

   Mu Yi and Liao Fan rested for a moment then left the pagoda together. The bells echoed with a faint sense of joy.

“Abbot, Taoist Priest.”

   Liao Chen, Liao Fan’s younger brother, had been waiting outside the pagoda and knew what had happened. If Liao Fan failed, he would take over the position of abbot and sacrifice himself when the time came.  Fortunately, Liao Fan and Mu Yi successfully sealed the ghost emperor, and both of them were alive.

“Well, you can leave. The Thousand Sound Temple has turned a corner this time thanks to the help of this Taoist priest, and this grace can’t be forgotten,” said Liao Fan.

“Yes, abbot.” Liao Chen nodded respectfully and looked at Mu Yi, “On behalf of all the people in Thousand Sound Temple, thank you. From now on, the order of the Taoist priest is the order of Thousand Sound Temple.”

“Master overstated it, I couldn’t have done it alone and it was the right thing to do,” Mu Yi said.

Mu Yi had done it as repayment for Liao Fan’s help with his recovery and pulling him back from being lost. Now, they didn’t owe each other.

“Besides, this thing is not entirely settled,” Mu Yi continued.

“You mean Yan Qing? ” Liao Chen asked.

“Exactly.” Mu Yi nodded. Although it was only a piece, it was a part of the ghost emperor. No one knew the magic of the split soul, let alone what the ghost emperor was plotting. Was it really just a piece or something else?

When facing the ghost emperor, Mu Yi didn’t feel any connection between them.

   The potential of the other side was infinite. Once she reached the peak of the second or even the third difficulty, the consequences would be unimaginable. No one wanted to take the chance.

“I will fight her and we’ll suppress her together,” Liao Fan said. 

“Repression? Can’t her soul be destroyed?” Mu Yi asked, after all, he had promised Yan Li to try to save his daughter. 

“To destroy her soul is tantamount to destroying her body,” Liao Fan said. It was clear that he was letting Mu Yi choose for himself although he didn’t finish the words.

“… I will go to Yan’s house again. No matter success or failure, she will no longer threaten the Thousand Sound temple.” 

 Since it was his own business, he would take charge of it to the end.

“Good.” Liao Fan nodded.

Mu Yi didn’t stay at the Thousand Sound Temple because his injury was recovered and the ghost emperor was completely suppressed. He went straight to the magistrate’s house.

   Yan Li and Xu Caiwei hurried to the gate to welcome him as soon as he arrived. Ding had informed them in advance that he was coming. 

“I have seen you, Taoist Priest.” Yan Li respectfully said. With the passage of time, he became more and more respectful to Mu Yi partly because his daughter’s life was in Mu Yi’s hands. Yan Li was a magistrate and determined the lives and deaths of countless people with one word, but that power did not make him feel safe when he faced Mu Yi.

“Magistrate Yan, you must know my purpose.” 

“Yes, please, Taoist Priest.” Yan Li was a little excited. While Mu Yi was at the Thousand Sound temple, Yan Li had no choice but to wait and believe in Mu Yi. Fortunately, Mu Yi didn’t let him wait too long and came back quickly. There was hope that his daughter could finally recover.

   Mu Yi nodded to Yan Li and Xu Caiwei looked expectantly. Then everyone went outside to the courtyard again. Mu Yi entered and the other waited outside.

“You came.”

   The pavilion had been rebuilt and looked more solid than before.

   In the pavilion, a figure with white clothes and white hair faced away from Mu Yi. She didn’t seem to be surprised by his arrival as if she had been waiting for him.

“Yes,” Mu Yi replied.

“Sealed my lord, now you’ve come to kill me?” 

She hadn’t referred to herself as “me” before. Something had changed.

  She was weaker. She knew she couldn’t fight Mu Yi and win. She had too little time left. Yan Qing was an ordinary person. Even if she chose to take up Yan Qing’s body, it was impossible for Yan Qing to become as strong as she wanted quickly.

“Yan Qing’s soul… does she still live?” Mu Yi asked after a moment of silence.

“Is this important?” Asked Yan Qing.

“Of course, if Yan Qing’s soul is alive, then you can live. As long as you swear to leave here and never come back, I will spare you,” Mu Yi said.

He thought of the poor girl in Liao Fan’s story. Her fate should not have been like this. 

When the ghost emperor was sealed, she became a new and independent personality. She had made no mistakes in her life except for taking up Yan Qing’s body, so Mu Yi was willing to give her a chance.

“What if she is dead?” 

“I will erase your memory, your cultivation and make you a carefree ordinary person.” Mu Yi said. 

It was the best solution he could come up with. At least, Yan Li didn’t need to lose his daughter even though this daughter was not the original one and would have no memory. Yan Li would accept it and Mu Yi wouldn’t tell him the truth. 

   The split soul of the ghost emperor could also start a new life and didn’t need to bear the hatred and responsibility of the ghost emperor. 

“Ha ha, erase my memory? Do you think I’m still me? Mu Yi, you are the same as those people and hypocritical. Who do you think you are? A savior? How can you decide for me and my life? ” 

Yan Qing had recovered her former appearance. Her long hair flew and a strong aura bloomed from her.

   Hearing Yan Qing’s words, Mu Yi’s body trembled, and he sighed. It was hypocritical. All the decisions he made were based on his ideas. He never asked Yan Li or Yan Qing. He just imposed his will on other people. 

“Maybe you won’t agree with me, but you need to be alive to have life. Only by living can there be hope. Just like petals, the blooming flowers are beautiful, but how many people will remember the withering flowers? ” Said Mu Yi softly.

“Fallacy, you are not a flower. How do you know that it is not the choice and destination of the flowers? Just as you are not me, how do you know my ideas and choices?” Yan Qing said indifferently, her voice turned into a cold wind, blowing in the yard, rolling up the dust and the fallen leaves.

Finally, Mu Yi looked at Yan Qing,”Tell me, then, what is your choice?”

Yan Qing suddenly looked back and stared at Mu Yi, “My choice? Very simple, that is to kill you.” 

She ran at him.

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