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Chapter 297 The Battle without Right or Wrong


Yan Qing was murderous.

   Mu Yi was like a boat on the peak of a large wave.

“Your choice is to kill me? I’m not such a great man that I can help you. I’m selfish enough to kill you.” Mu Yi murmured. His words drifted through the wind and into Yan Qing’s heart.

   Suddenly, a little blue light bloomed in the fierce wind filled with killing intention. It was a cluster of flame. The surrounding space seemed to be distorted slightly.

   After the Nanming Li fire awakened and devoured the Nine You Fire, the Xin lamp recognized Mu Yi as its master and integrated with him.

   In Mu Yi’s consciousness, a glass lamp was quietly suspended, burning with a light blue flame.

   The magic of the Xin lamp was beyond his imagination. He couldn’t explore the full abilities of the Xin lamp in such a short period, but he knew that he was no longer afraid of illusions or enchantments. With the help of Xin lamp, he could always be awake.

   Mu Yi didn’t practice with the help of Xin lamp, but he knew that he could control it more easily now if he did.

“No way, there couldn’t be the smell of Nine You Fire,” Yan Qing was shocked.

“Nothing is impossible, ghost emperor, you are not willing to accept my proposal, then to hell with you,” Mu Yi said ruthlessly.

   Mu Yi could kill people to save more people. He was not a person who could save the common people by sacrificing himself. 

   Mu Yi felt that he was a little hypocritical, but he had to be ruthless. In this world, there was always someone to sacrifice.

Yan Qing stared at Mu Yi. She became serious. Her long hair and white skirt floated. She raised her hands to her chest and formed a blooming lotus.

   When the lotus flower appeared, the power of heaven and earth suddenly surged wildly.

   When cultivators reached the peak of the second difficulty, they could control a little of the power of heaven and earth. She was a piece of the ghost emperor and belonged to the peak of the third difficulty. 

They had managed to seal the ghost emperor only because that part of her could not use the power of heaven and earth. 

   The lotus in Yan Qing’s hands was lifelike and had a holy beauty. Mu Yi knew that her killing intention was hidden behind the beauty. The lotus was made of the condensed power of heaven and earth.    

Mu Yi’s retreated as the light blue flame covered his body to protect him. The flames in the strong wind expanded rapidly and flew towards Yan Qing.

“Open and destroy the world.”

   The white light surged.

   Yan Qing became the center of the lotus and bloomed around her to cover half of the sky.

   The Nanming Li Fire collided with the white light. They melted. Mu Yi didn’t control the Nanming Li Fire, but Yan Qing controlled the lotus. After a moment, Mu Yi extinguished the Nanming Li fire to keep it from falling asleep again. Four of the lotus’ petals withered leaving five.

 Yan Qing looked at Mu Yi and pointed, “Go to hell.”

Mu Yi felt a sense of disaster and was bound in place by countless invisible threads. He could only watch her point at him as another petal withered. He had to move or he would die. He connected with the Xin lamp and the violent Nanming Li Fire rushed out of his body burning the threads on him. Freed,  Mu Yi threw a punch to meet her finger. 

As they collided, time paused before a violent sound erupted. 

   The earth shook and split open. The pavilion collapsed again, the trees in the yard broke and the walls crumbled.

   Yan Li and Xu Caiwei were thrown to the ground. When they stood up and saw the scene, they were shocked.

   Yan Li and Xu Caiwei looked at each other, then a sharp pain went through their heads and they fainted.

   Mu Yi and Yan Qing didn’t care about them. They only cared about who won.

   Mu Yi’s power won out. because he had reached the embryonic form of fist consciousness. Mu Yi felt full and delighted. His fist was stained with blood, but his spirit was constantly rising.

   Yan Qing was pale. One of the lotus petals withered as her hair flew behind her. She pointed again with two fingers and two more petals withered.

   Mu Yi punched, using his full will and belief in his strength and victory. 

   His fist broke her fingers.

Mu Yi felt proud.


  Yan Qing knew that the fist was close to Tao. The most intuitive expression of fist technique was to gather the will into the strike. That was called fist consciousness and it increased the strength of a punch. No matter how many petals she had, he would have been able to crush them.

“The fist consciousness?” Yan Qing whispered and dignified.

“Whatever. I got Tao! “

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