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Chapter 298 The Right to Choose


Ghost emperor was not simply the title of the ruler of all ghosts. She was a terrifying existence with her own Tao, who could create barriers and control life and death within those barriers. Although Mu Yi had experienced the terror of her barrier, the power of that barrier was less than one percent of a barrier she could create at her strongest.

If she were at her strongest, even if there had been ten Mu Yi or Liao Fans, they would have been turned to ashes in an instant.

As Yan Qing spoke in such an indifferent and commanding tone, Mu Yi got a bad feeling. Her strength was beyond his imagination. Originally, he had thought that he could recover quickly and absolutely defeat her, but the fact was that she could crush him with just her barriers.

Especially now, he had a bad feeling about the situation as well as Yan Qing. 

“My Tao is to kill, kill all the males and all the people in the world. Today, I will kill you.” When Yan Qing said this, she was not emotional at all, but absolutely ruthless in her rationality.

“To kill?”

The environment suddenly changed. The whole sky turned red. At her feet a blood river flowed and bloody waves rolled. Mu Yi could smell the strong scent of blood.

In the blood river were countless broken limbs and bones. Some of them were floating with the waves, some were stretching out their hands to catch something, and many of them were howling. The voice was strange, intending to draw the souls into the river.

If it were before, Mu Yi would have a headache, but with the lighting of the Xin lamp in his mind, the voice entering his mind dispelled. Regardless of the voice outside, he was unmoved.

“I’d like to give you a grand death.”

In midair, Yan Qing pointed to Mu Yi with a straight face. With the movement of her finger, the last two lotus petals behind Yan Qing withered. The blood river under her feet shrank and integrated into her finger.

In his eyes, the finger turned into a mighty blood river and fell from heaven with force enough to shatter the stars.

Yan Qing’s words went into his heart.

I am dead.

Mu Yi suddenly had a strange feeling in his heart as if he were really dead. He turned a blind eye to the bloody river on his head and closed his eyes gradually.

“Brother, brother!”

When Mu Yi’s consciousness began to slacken and his soul was about to sink, there was a call in his heart from a distant place. He couldn’t hear it clearly, but the familiarity made Mu Yi’s body shake.


At this time, the call came again, even more clearly.

“Who is calling me? Brother?” 

Mu Yi seemed to have forgotten who he was. He could only guess whose voice it was. Why did it give him a familiar feeling? In the dark, he felt the owner of the voice was very important to him.

“Brother, wake up.”

“Wake up? Am I sleeping? Or is it just a dream?”

“By the way, who am I? I seem to have forgotten something.”

Mu Yi frowned and tried to think about what he had forgotten, but there was a pain in his head. It seemed that there was a force to prevent him from thinking about it.

“No, I must remember!”

Mu Yi roared in his heart, and his power of the mind turned into a big hand and punched the dark.

After a crisp sound, a light blue light passed through the darkness and fell over Mu Yi.

“I remember. I’m Mu Yi. I’m fighting!”

When Mu Yi finished his words, his repressed power suddenly soared, breaking Yan Qing’s hold.

“Tao, this is her Tao. It’s terrible, but even her Tao can’t oppress me or make me lose myself.”

Mu Yi shouted. His power rose again and again, surpassing the limit every limit he thought he had. Although the crisis was dangerous for him, it was also training. He could still lose his life, but there was hope after Nian Nuer called to him

Because he had refined the Bamboo Tree of Life and made it his own magic weapon, he and Nian Nuer were also connected. 

This all happened within the blink of an eye within the spiritual world where time moved differently. If the power of the mind was strong enough, a year could pass in the spiritual world, while a mere moment passed outside.

When Mu Yi opened his eyes again, all the illusions disappeared. There was neither blood nor death in front of him. There was only a jade finger approaching his eyebrows. If Mu Yi had woken up one or two seconds later, it might have touched his forehead and he would have died.

Fist consciousness is a manifestation of will. I have cultivated the unnamed fighting techniques for many years to the level of  fist consciousness. I have been stuck at the threshold for a long time, but I didn’t know how to cross it. Now, I understand.

Mu Yi had a clear mind. The more dangerous it was, the calmer he got. It was a talent that was most suitable for fighting.

As soon as he understood it, he mastered fist consciousness.

He clenched his hand and punched with his full understanding, life and will. It was a painting of Mu Yi’s life from the time he began to follow the old Taoist, through crying on Funiu Mountain and leaving and every emotion about killing on the way.

It was his will and life.

In the middle of the air, Yan Qing’s expression changed from its indifference. Mu Yi’s simple punch was invincible.

The fist and finger collided again with a crisp sound. Her finger was broken into pieces like ceramics then her whole hand broke then her body.


After the punch, the courtyard gradually returned to calm. However, Yan Qing had turned into pieces in front of Mu Yi and drifted away with the wind. The pieces continued to break in the air and became smaller and smaller until they turned into dust.

“How could this happen?” Mu Yi was surprised. Although he also knew that the fist consciousness condensed in the punch had been terrible, but he hadn’t expected Yan Qing to turn into dust.

In the ashes, a figure looked at him. It was the ghost emperor’s soul. The face was quite different from Yan Qing’s. Although it was equally beautiful, it had no expression or vitality. There was no other color in her eyes except black and white.

Seeing these eyes, Mu Yi trembled. Maybe this was the real ghost emperor’s heart. Her world had no color, and there was only pain. Death was a kind of release for her.

At this moment, Mu Yi understood why her reaction had been so fierce at the beginning and why she had resisted the choice from other people. She had been fed up with other people’s choices for her. She wanted to go by herself, even if the cost was her life.

When Mu Yi had found her, she had decided to die.

She had prepared a withered feast for herself rather than getting killed by Mu Yi. The lotus had represented her life. When the lotus withered, she died. Even if he had not thrown the punch and just died at her hands, she would have turned into ashes because that was her choice.

“Am I wrong?” Mu Yi was at a loss. He looked at her scattering and disappearing, but he couldn’t do anything. All of this was because of him. What would happen if he hadn’t come? At least she wouldn’t have died.

“No, I am not wrong. You have your choice and I have my persistence.” 

Mu Yi watched the ghost emperor’s soul disappear.

A light wind passed by and blew the last traces of her away.

Mu Yi shook his head and turned to leave, but he suddenly felt a wave coming from the small building. It shocked him. He entered the building and found a painting on the second floor in which a woman was holding an umbrella on a bridge, staring at the world outside.

The woman in the painting was Yan Qing.

Mu Yi hadn’t expected Yan Qing’s soul to have existed in this way, but he thought the ghost emperor had sealed her in the painting. Maybe one day, she could have gone back to her body.

But now, that was impossible because her body had turned into ashes. Yan Qing would be stuck in the painting or be forced to reincarnate into another body.

With the previous lesson, Mu Yi would no longer make choices for others. Fate should be in one’s own hands.

“You are lucky, at least you have the right to choose,” Mu Yi said softly. 

The woman in the painting seemed to have blinked.

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