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Chapter 299 Two Options


When Yan Li opened his eyes, he sat up, looked at Mu Yi, and asked quickly, “How is my daughter, Taoist Priest?”

Xu Caiwei had woken up and was standing beside Mu Yi with a subservient pose.

“It’s a long story. Governor Yan, you may want to talk in detail with me in a private room.”

Yan Li looked behind Mu Yi but didn’t see his daughter. As for the courtyard, it was almost destroyed. Looking at Mu Yi’s expressionless face, his heart was sinking.

“Taoist Priest.”

After entering the house, Yan Li looked at Mu Yi, and the bad feeling in his heart became stronger.

He had no doubt about Mu Yi’s ability. He had seen the means mentioned in mythological stories with his own eyes. If Mu Yi was not good enough, he couldn’t figure out who else could save his daughter. At the same time, he was worried that his daughter might truly be gone.

Just as the idea appeared in his mind, it was suppressed violently. He didn’t want to think about it.

“Governor Yan, I need to tell that your daughter is still alive, but she is not in a good condition.” 

When he heard that his daughter was still alive, Yan Li took a breath. He held his next breath waiting for the rest.

“Yan Qing’s body was possessed by a powerful ghost, but she didn’t devour Yan Qing’s soul. She sealed it. Although I don’t know her purpose, it is at least a hope. The ghost was too strong for me to hold back. At last, she chose to burn everything, and Yan Qing’s body turned to ashes.”

However, his words shook Yan Li and Xu Caiwei, but neither of them doubted him.

“Her soul…?” Yan Li asked in a trembling voice. Although she lost her body, she was still his daughter.

“Yan Qing’s soul is in this painting.” 

Mu Yi opened the scroll in his hand. 

“My daughter.”

“Sister Qing.”

Yan Li and Xu Caiwei exclaimed almost at the same time. 

Yan Qing in the painting also seemed to have sensed the situation outside, and her expression changed.

“It’s still daytime, and Yang Qing’s spirit is not strong enough to bear it. I’ll let her come out to meet you at night.” 

“Good, good, we’ll wait for the night,” Yan Li said in a hurry, fearing that his daughter would encounter something terrible again. His eyes remained staring at his daughter, full of tears.

For the whole afternoon, Yan Li stayed in the room without leaving. Xu Caiwei remained with him. Mu Yi found a room to rest in, exhausted from battle.

It was worth it since he understood fist consciousness. Normally, this kind of thing could only be understood by practicing martial arts, but Mu Yi had talent, good luck, and his life- long boxing cultivatione.

With fist consciousness, Mu Yi would become more powerful. If he could open another one or two chakras, he could at least fight to a draw with Ning Wuque. When all chakras in his body were open and he reached the top of the second difficulty, he would be able to defeat all the experts below the third difficulty. 

It was a pity that he had still failed to heal Nian Nuer. She had gone back to sleep.

In order to wake up completely, she needed enough Yin Qi. Originally, he had planned to absorb the ghost possessing Yan Qing. Maybe after he was done, he would go collect enough Yin Qi. It would be best to destroy a ferocious ghost, so that Nian Nuer could wake up as soon as possible and regain her body.

When night came, Xu Caiwei came to find Mu Yi. Yan Li couldn’t wait to see his daughter again.

Mu Yi didn’t get angry for Yan Li’s eagerness. He unsealed the restrictions on the painting. After a moment, a figure came out of the painting and gradually grew substantially.


Yan Li’s eyes were wide and he didn’t blink. When Yan Qing really appeared in front of him, he was suddenly afraid. He was afraid that all this was just a dream.

“Father.” Yan Qing’s face was also full of excitement. She bowed to Yan Li and sobbed.

“Good daughter, my good daughter.” Yan Li couldn’t hold it anymore. He hugged Yan Qing and started to cry. He was just a man without any dignity.

Since Yan Qing had been possessed, Yan Li had been anxious. He would not have been able to hold on without his firm will. But even so, over the past year, it seemed as if he had grown more than ten years older.

If Yan Qing had died, he wouldn’t know how to face it or how to bear the pain. Although his daughter had lost her body, she was still alive.There was hope.

Mu Yi and Xu Caiwei did not disturb the father and daughter and gave them some space.

After a long time, they turned to Mu Yi.

“Please excuse our indignity.” The sadness in Yan Li’s eyes dissipated, and his complexion looked much better.

“Taoist Priest, thanks for your help.” 

Yan Qing bowed deeply to Mu Yi. Although she had been sealed in the painting, she was aware of the outside. She also heard from her father that Mu Yi had made great efforts to save her.

“Never mind. If you really want to thank people, thank your good sister. If it weren’t for her, I couldn’t have come here.” Mu Yi pointed to Xu Caiwei.

“Thank you, Sister Caiwei.”

“Save it. We’re sisters. As long as you are safe, I will be at ease,” Xu Caiwei said, holding Yan Qing’s hand. Although she had ulterior motives, her intentions were good and the reason Mu yi had agreed to help.

Yan Li was really grateful to Xu Caiwei and even more grateful to Mu Yi.

Yan Qing suddenly looked at Xu Caiwei and said, “For a year, it’s been a dream to see you again, but now you and I are separated by death. I’m afraid it’s hard for me to meet you again after this.”

Her words made Yan Li and Xu Caiwei change their expressions, and they had a bad feeling in their hearts.

“Qing, what nonsense are you saying? No matter what you look like, you are my daughter.” 

“Yes, Sister Qing, don’t be so paranoid.” Xu Caiwei couldn’t help persuading.

“I also want to stay, but people and ghosts are different. I know that I can’t stay in this world.” 

There was an ancient rule that was impossible to violate unless she wanted to be scattered or become a ghost intelligence.

“How could this happen?” Yan Li felt as if being struck by lightning. He had been wrapped in hope, but reality launched a heavy blow at him.

“Taoist Priest, please help Sister Qing. I know you must have a way.” 

Xu Caiwei turned to Mu Yi. After all, she had seen Mu Yi’s power and magic and believed in him. If Mu Yi wanted, there had to be a way.

“Yes, Taoist Priest, please help my little girl. No matter what the price is, I will pay it.” 

Yan Li looked at Mu Yi as if he were a drowning man and Mu Yi was his last hope.

Yan Qing turned to look at Mu Yi. Her eyes were full of curiosity and expectation.

“I have said that you can choose reincarnation or detention,” Mu Yi looked at Yan Qing and said.

Hearing his words, the people immediately rejoiced, and the surprise after despair was undoubtedly the most exciting.

“I…” Yan Qing wanted to choose right away with a flash in her eyes, but Mu Yi reached out to stop her, and continued, “Don’t hurry, you can choose after I finish.”

“Taoist Priest, please continue. No matter what the result is, I will never forget your great kindness and virtue.” 

Yan Qing looked at Mu Yi solemnly.

Yan Li and Xu Caiwei were nervous for fear that Mu Yi might say something they couldn’t accept.

“Reincarnation is very easy to understand. I can send you to reincarnate, and in this way, there will be no danger. But after reincarnation, the memory disappears, and the past is forgotten.”

This choice was not what they wanted. They didn’t want to lose her.

Yan Qing still looked at Mu Yi and said, “Taoist Priest, let’s talk about the second option.”

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