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Chapter 300 Back to Cangzhou City


“The second choice…”

Mu Yi took a deep look at Yan Qing. “Actually, I think you should choose the first one.”

“Taoist priest.” Yan Li was shocked and immediately became more nervous. If even Mu Yi wanted his daughter to be reincarnated, the second choice would not be good.

“Please tell me the second choice.” Yan Qing said firmly, it seemed that she was determined to hear the second option.

“Well, since you insist on it, I’ll tell you the second choice. Naturally, the second choice can let you stay alive without mental damage. However, from then on, you may only be with them in the  night and suffer from burning in your body once a day. This pain is unbearable for those with a strong mind, let alone a delicate woman. As the price of staying alive, your soul will be destroyed totally after death, and there will be no chance of reincarnation. Are you sure you want to choose the second one? ” Mu Yi asked.

“No!” Yan Li had already shouted before she could speak. He had not taken good care of his daughter and would never see her suffer this kind of pain again. He would rather bear all the pain alone than watch her suffer.

What’s more, after her death, she could not be reincarnated. What a punishment! Yan Li’s heart was trembling. If it turned out to be so, how could he make his wife and ancestors rest assured?

“I will, Taoist Priest,” Yan Qing said, but it was a different choice.

Mu Yi looked at her in surprise. She looked firm. She seemed to have made up her mind. No matter what the price was, she would stay alive.

“Nonsense!” Yan Li was very angry and yelled loudly.

“Father, I know what my choice means. I have been sealed in the painting for more than a year and I can’t come out. That kind of pain is comparable to any torture. I even wanted to give up, but as soon as I thought of you, I couldn’t feel bitter. Fortunately, God favors me and finally gave me a chance to choose, so I hope you can support me. It’s just the feeling of burning, I will be able to resist it, “Yan Qing said.

“But…” Yan Li still wanted to say something, but when he saw his daughter’s eyes, his heart trembled, and he couldn’t speak.

“Taoist Priest, I heard that there are many ghosts in the world, but how can they stay in the world? Xu Caiwei asked.

“There is only one law of the fifty of this world that no one can violate. It regards the thread of life for all living beings. Ghosts can stay, but there is a price.

“After death, the soul is summoned to enter the underworld, but if someone is unwilling to die and gathers strong resentment, he can stay in the world for a short time, and because of a trace of obsession, his memory will dissipate very slowly until he is ignorant and becomes a ghost. As for the length of time, it depends on whether the obsession is strong or not.

“When you become a ghost, you can stay in the world, but you will have no memory or mind and can only act on instinct. The ghosts in the world are mostly of this kind, or the recently dead, resentful ghosts.

“Ghosts can cultivate to appear during the day. Those are called fierce ghosts. Although they still have no mind, they are very powerful. They act instinctively. A few fierce ghosts can remember a little memory of their pasts, but that’s all.

“Although it’s difficult for ghosts to cultivate, heaven hasn’t closed the door completely. Even some fierce ghosts can gain their wits by chance and remember their past. Although the sun may influence them, they can stay and are not afraid of human attacks.

“After the fierce ghost, there is the ghost emperor. The ghost that once occupied Miss Yan was a piece of a ghost emperor. Although I don’t know why she left your soul in the picture instead of devouring it, there must be a reason, but now ,it’s impossible to explore this reason.

“No matter if it’s a ghost or a ghost emperor, as long as he’s in the world, he needs to abide by the rules of the world. Unfortunately, there are only a few people who can become a ghost in this world, but most of them disappear.” 

Mu Yi shook his head at last. He had to work hard to keep Yan Qing alive. The consequences he spoke of were as light as possible.

If he were someone else, he wouldn’t have left her alive and likely refined her into a ghost. However, her mind wouldn’t be preserved, and at most, there would be some instinct left.

When Mu Yi was talking, they listened attentively. Xu Caiwei said nothing, realizing that if Mu Yi weren’t there Yan Qing would not even have had the chance to choose.

Compared with the loss of spirit, burning was not unbearable.

“I’d like to choose the second road, Taoist Priest.” 

Yan Li sighed, and it was obvious that Yan Qing couldn’t be persuaded.

“Well, give me two days to prepare. You can stay in the painting temporarily.” Mu Yi nodded. 

“Thank you, Taoist Priest.” Yan Qing once again bowed down to Mu Yi.

“If you need anything, simply ask, no matter the cost,” said Yan Li solemnly.

“There are also a few things, Magistrate Yan.”

“Go on.”

Mu Yi rattled off the list and Yan Li wrote it down before ordering people to procure it all immediately. There was only one thing missing from the list. 

The reason why he asked for two days was to procure the last thing because it was not a common place and he had to go there alone. 

In the evening, Mu Yi left into the night.

Mu Yi was like a shadow as he headed for Cangzhou City to obtain lightning struck peach wood. Before the battle on Peach Blossom Hill outside Cangzhou City, Mu Yi saw a peach tree that had been hit by lightning, but had not taken it because he was busy.

Maybe there was a destiny in the dark and he could get the lightning struck peach wood.

Half a day was enough to get to Cangzhou from Fucheng. 

Aside from getting the lightning struck peach wood, he wanted to see Mo Ruyan and Big Slave; otherwise, they would be worried. He also had to hand the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu over to Leng Yu as he promised

Ning Wuque might be waiting for him in Cangzhou City, but he was not afraid. He could not run away forever but if he met him now, he had a means to escape. In addition, Leng Yu would help him.

On the way, Mu Yi rested twice and nearly lost his way. When he arrived outside Cangzhou City, it was nearly dawn. 

Cangzhou city was quiet, almost everyone was sleeping, and the rooster had not started to crow.

Mu Yi abandoned the idea of going into the city at this time. If he went in at this time, he might disturb others. Instead, he would go get the lightning struck peach wood first.

Mu Yi turned at the gate of Cangzhou City and went west to Peach Blossom Hill.

The moon had not completely set, and there was a trace of afterglow. Peach Blossom Hill seemed  no different from before, but there was a light fog lingering in the mountains. The smell of peach blossom in the fog was refreshing.

The peach blossoms seemed to have been blooming for a long time and were still beautiful.

Although it had not been a long time since the last fight, almost all the traces of the fight were gone.

Following the memory before, Mu Yi slowly went deeper into the Peach Blossom Hill. He was eager to find the lightning struck peach wood, so he did not see that the ground was slightly undulating where he had stepped.

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