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Chapter 301 Tree demon


Mu Yi walked all over Peach Blossom Hill, but the lightning struck  peach tree was gone. Although there was still a peach tree, it was definitely not the one he saw last time.

Mu Yi stood in place, calming down, and his memory turned in his mind. Memories flashed by, and he thought of the surroundings. Finally, he was sure that he had not come to the wrong place. The orchard had changed somehow.

At this time, he noticed that there seemed to be something wandering underground. The peach blossoms trembled.

He thought the missing lightning struck peach tree was related to something underground.

“Where are the demons? Show your original shape quickly.” Mu Yi stared and exuded power. The peach trees shook, and their flowers fell.

Mu Yi broke its disguise by calling it. The earth rolled and rumbled, as if something was going to break through the earth.

Mu Yi was alert.

Finally, ten meters away from Mu Yi, the ground exploded, and a thing broke through the ground.

“This is…” Mu Yi looked at the object, frowning slightly.

To be exact, there was a human-shaped tree root in front of him. It had a head, body, limbs, but no facial features.

“A tree demon?” Mu Yi looked at the tree man. Although he knew demons existed, he had never seen one before. He thought demons possessed humans and hid. 

Now it seemed that wasn’t true. It looked dangerous and powerful. However, it had not changed shape. Maybe the monsters were like this because it was difficult to change their shape. 

Ghosts who wanted to stay in the world needed to pay an unimaginable price. How could demonization be simple? It was against the rules of heaven and earth. It must be extremely difficult.

Compared to animals, it was more difficult for trees, flowers and plants to become demons.

All of a sudden, the tree demon pointed to Mu Yi roared. Although he couldn’t hear what he said, his intuition told Mu Yi that it was a cry of battle and intent to kill.

Countless roots suddenly appeared under his feet, twining around his legs. Roots behind him turned into sharp arrows, aiming for his heart.


Mu Yi’s voice was like a thunderbolt. His Taoist robe suddenly swelled. A strong force spread around him. The roots at his feet and the ones behind him broke.

Mu Yi looked at the tree demon, “I can see you it was not easy for you to achieve this, so hand over the lightning struck peach wood, and I’ll spare your life.” 

The tree demon roared again, and Mu Yi felt the vibration under his feet grow more intense. Countless roots came out of the ground and formed a cage around him. They began to shrink, trying to trap Mu Yi.

Seeing this, Mu Yi suddenly burst into a light blue flame with a cold hum. Now that he was more adept at controlling the Xin lamp, it only took a thought to motivate the Nanming Li Fire.

The Nanming Li Fire was so domineering. Even though the roots of these trees were hard as iron, they met the Nanming Li Fire like that the oil that met the fire and burnt up. The tree demon let out a shrill cry of pain.

The cage was broken, and Mu Yi escaped. He threw a punch.

Although Mu Yi still had Five Thunders charm, he was too close to Cangzhou City. Ordinary people wouldn’t hear anything, but it was hard to hide from the top-notch expert. He needed to get lightning struck peach wood before alerting any enemies.

His fist would be strong enough now that he understood fist consciousness.

When the tree demon saw this, it raised its hands to block it. A wave of pressure fell on him and froze the tree demon. Taking this opportunity, Mu Yi punched the tree demon in the chest.

The tree demon flew backward. Its chest was clearly printed with the impression of his fist. There were many cracks around it. Punching it had felt like punching through a heavy iron plate.

Although it was just a fist, the tree demon was hurt. It was not good at fighting people. This made it realize that it was up against someone powerful. After landing, its body sank directly into the earth and disappeared.

When the tree demon sank into the ground, the whole peach forest moved, the branches twitched, and the peach flowers flew.

A strange clicking sound came from the ground. The earth opened, and countless arms stretched out. All the arms were white bones.

In an instant, the peach forest was full of skeletons. The skeletons moved like ordinary people and rushed towards Mu Yi like a tide.

Mu Yi frowned. He finally knew where the people who died in the orchard went. 

Even though the demon could control skeletons, they were not much better than ordinary people. There were a lot of them and they were fearless.

Mu Yi didn’t hesitate, wielding the Bamboo Tree of Life and smashing them.

Behind the tide of skeletons, tree roots attacked him from time to time.

Mu Yi’s mind and spirit of power kept him aware of the entire field. However, if it went on like this, he would inevitably get tired of it. Mu Yi ran to find what he came for and the weak point of the tree demon.

Mu Yi was as fast as the wind. The skeletons couldn’t catch up with him. The tree demon gave up controlling the skeletons and fought with Mu Yi from underground. After some efforts, the whole orchard changed. The peach flowers on the tree were all withered.

However, Mu Yi still didn’t find the lightning struck peach wood. The tree demon was hiding it. His only options were to turn over the orchard or kill the demon. The demon was hiding still, making it impossible to kill. For a while, Mu Yi could only stand there.

Time went on and on, the moon disappeared, and the eastern sky began to shine white. It wouldn’t be long before the sky would be bright. By day, the tree demon would hide completely. Once he missed this opportunity, it would be a long time before Mu Yi could find the lightning struck peach tree again and he only had two days before he had to be back in Fucheng.

“Tree demon, I know you can understand me, hand over the lightning struck peach wood, I will leave immediately; otherwise, I will burn the whole orchard.” 

Mu Yi conjured the Xin lamp into his hand. Its light blue flame burned quietly.

With the appearance of the Xin lamp, the surrounding air became hot all of a sudden. The experts in the city would notice him if he did it, but there was no other choice.

The tree demon roared from within the ground in refusal. It would be impossible for Mu Yi to get the lightning struck peach wood.

“In that case, don’t blame me.” Mu Yi took a deep breath and blew it. The Xin lamp rose in the wind, became a fire dragon, and fell into the peach orchard.

When the Nanming Li Fire met the peach trees, they burst into flames. One peach tree after another was gradually turned to ashes. The tree demon was flustered. He kept coming out of the ground trying to put out the fire, but the fire burned its roots as soon as it appeared.

It could have used the Peach Blossom Miasma but the Nanming Li Fire would have burned through it anyway.

The tree demon could only watch the fire continue to devour the peach orchard, unable to leave because the orchard was its lifeblood.

Mu Yi stood still and watched coldly. No matter how the tree demon attacked, it could not hurt him and would eventually give in.

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