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Chapter 302 Cold Rain

   The tree monster gave in after one-fifth of the orchard was consumed. It came out of the ground and shouted at Mu Yi as if it was giving up.

Mu Yi smiled. The Nanming Li Fire had been out of his control of Mu Yi, so Mu Yi used the Xin lamp to swallow the fire. The fire was gradually shrunk and a bit of oil appeared in fill the lamp.    The area was charred.

“Well, hand over the lightning struck peach wood.” Mu Yi said.

   The tree monster did not hesitate. The ground shook and two tree roots lifted a piece of black peach wood in front of Mu Yi.

   This lightning struck peach wood was almost the length of a small arm, slightly thicker than an arm. Although it looked dark, the center of this peach wood contained a strong vitality. The quality of this lightning struck peach wood was much higher than he imagined.

   It was more than enough to use as an accessory for Yan Qing, so there would be some left over.

   Seeing Mu Yi take the lightning struck peach wood, the tree demon roared at Mu Yi urging him to leave.

“Well, I’ll go now, but a tree demon needs to go through a lot of disasters. Maybe heaven used me to give you this disaster. I just hope you will kill less people in the future, so that the disaster will be lesser.”

   Mu Yi turned away.

   Although the process was a little more laborious than he anticipated, he got it.

   By the time Mu Yi came to the city gate, there was more and more light in the sky, and the crowing of chickens could be heard.

   Without waiting for the gate to open, Mu Yi quietly climbed over the wall and entered the city. He went to the inn where he had lived before, only to find no trace of Mo Ruyan and Big Slave.

   Mu Yi thought about it for a moment and thought that they should be in Tingyu Building, so Mu Yi went to Tingyu Building. The doors of Tingyu Building wereas closed, but Mu Yi was not in a hurry. Seeing that there was a breakfast shop not far away had opened, he went forward and prepared to eat something.

   After a night’s run and the great battle with the tree monster, he was hungry.

   An old couple was selling breakfast. They were 50 or 60 years old. They were hunched down with the vicissitudes of life etched in their faces. Although they were laborious, they smiled. When they saw Mu Yi coming, the old lady came forward to greet him. They were very kind and reminded Mu Yi of the old Taoist Priest.

   Mu Yi asked for a bowl of wonton soup, which was sprinkled with a layer of scallions. It was fragrant. Mu Yi hadn’t eaten this kind of breakfast since he was still wandering the world with the old Taoist priest. Although he ate a lot of fish and meat, the most unforgettable meals were this kind of wonton soup.

   It made him homesick. He wished that he could leave all his troubles behind and go back to the mountain, forget the world and focus on cultivating.   

Unfortunately, until he found the old Taoist Priest that couldn’t happen. The friends he’d gathered on the way were comforting.

      After eating, Mu Yi felt comfortable, but when he wanted to check out, he found that he didn’t have silver on his body, which embarrassed him.

   The old lady seemed to find out the reason why Mo Yi was embarrassed. She went up and asked with a smile, “Do you forget to bring money?”

“Grandma, I don’t have any money. Can I replace it with something else?” Mu Yi asked with a wry smile.

“Come on, it’s just a bowl of wonton, I will treat you. It must be difficult as a little Taoist. Where’s your master?” The old lady said, shaking her head.

“I don’t know where he is. I’m looking for him.” Mu Yi said.

“Ah, this damned world, you wait here.” The old lady shook her head then went to her husband. They whispered something. After a while, the old lady came to Mu Yi with a bag of money. “Little Taoist, take this money. Pay more attention to yourself.”

“No, how can I take your money?” Mu Yi immediately shook his head. He knew that they had misunderstood him and thought that he was lonely and poor, but this old couple were not rich. If they gave him money, their lives would be very difficult.

   Mu Yi didn’t have money with him. Even if he didn’t have much ability, he couldn’t accept this money, so he said it firmly.

“Grandma, I really just forgot to bring it. I don’t lack money. Here are two charms, which were given to me by my master. They can protect you and drive away evil spirits. It’s good for you to wear them all the time. Take them as a payment for your bowl of wonton.” Mu Yi took out two amulets. It was a lie, but at least they would take it seriously.

   The old woman looked at Mu Yi seriously and saw that Mu Yi didn’t look like a liar. She looked at the amulets in her hand again, hesitated for a moment, but Mu Yi didn’t give her a chance to refuse. After putting the amulets in her hand, he left in a hurry.

   After Mu Yi disappeared, the old woman sighed. Then she went back inside and handed the amulets to her husband. The old man looked at it, but he didn’t take it seriously. However, he didn’t throw it away. The charm looked real. Maybe it was for psychological comfort. Maybe it was an instinct. Either way, he put it in the box of money.

   Later, they began to greet the guests. Because they had been here for many years, the food was delicious and cheap, many people came to eat wonton soup in the morning, but it was also noisy. They were busy and had a smile on their face. For them, this was life.

   When Mu Yi went to Tingyu building again, it was already open. The woman guarding the door remembered him, or someone had informed her, so Mu Yi was taken to Qi Yu.

 Qi Yu hurried to see Mu Yi and was delighted, “You are finally back.”

“Miss Qi Yu, we meet again.” Mu Yi nodded to Qi Yu. 

“If you didn’t come back soon, I’m afraid your confidante would have gone to find you.” 

“A confidante?” Mu Yi was stunned at first then realized that she was talking about Mo Ruyan. Although he had some affinity with her, it was just friendship. He was a Taoist. Although the Taoist did not prohibit marriage, Mu Yi had no interest in it.

“Are my friend and Big Slave okay? Where are they?” Mu Yi asked.

“Don’t worry, they are fine. They live in a yard not far away owned by the Tingyu Building. It’s very safe, so you don’t have to worry about it.” 

“Well, thank you.”

“Leng Yu ordered it to be that way. I will take you to see her.”

“Okay,” Mu Yi nodded. He’d brought the bamboo slip with him because he knew he would see her when he got back. He had already memorized the contents of the bamboo slip.

   After this was over, he hoped to find a place to study and cultivate all the things he’d picked up. Going now south wouldn’t be helpful because he didn’t have the time. He would have to wait for a better opportunity.

   Qi Yu took Mu Yi to the third floor again. Before long, Leng Yu came out with her mask on.

“Landlord,” Mu Yi stood up and gave a salute. 

Leng Yu looked him over, “You escaped from Lunatic Ning, and it seems that you have made great progress. It seems that you have another chance.”

“Just a fluke.” Mu Yi shook his head.

“There’s no fluke when it comes to life and death, but it’s amazing that you came here so quickly.” 

Leng Yu sat down across from Mu Yi.

“Oh, did you think I’d run away and never come back?” 

“There’s a beauty here, could you give up?”

   Mu Yi shook his head. He knew that Leng Yu was still a woman in essence, so he avoided this topic, took out the golden bamboo slip, and handed them to Leng Yu.

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