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Chapter 303 In the Unseen World


“The Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu?” 

Seeing the bamboo slip in Mu Yi’s hand, Leng Yu’s eyes suddenly brightened. Although she knew that Mu Yi had a bamboo slip, she didn’t expect that he would hand it over so easily since he risked his life to get it.

“Yes, as I promised.” Mu Yi handed the bamboo slips to Leng Yu with relief.

 If he hadn’t and broken the promise he’d made to her, he would have felt guilty. The turmoil wasn’t worth it. 

“Are you really just giving it to me?”

“Why not? Anyway, I have memorized the content, and I can cultivate at any time.” 

“You don’t understand.” Leng Yu shook her head, surprising him. 

Had he missed something?

“Please explain then.”

“There are thousands of profound methods in the world. Have you ever seen the popularity of them?” Leng Yu asked.

“Not yet,” Mu Yi said.

Cultivation and martial arts were highly kept secrets, passed on to disciples in order to maintain the strength of sects.

“The reason why no one is open about their techniques is because they are selfish and need resources. They have to control the practicing population. It’s led to various attempts in each regime to do so and avoiding too much scorn from the populace.

“Limiting the population of cultivators is more important than martial arts because of its relationship with nature’s mysteries and high level dharmas. Those dharma make it difficult for multiple people to cultivate them. The Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu is a first-class dharma. If I learn your dharma first, when you cultivate, there will be difficulties. So, would you like to give it to me?” 

Mu Yi understood and gained a little more awe of the unseen rules of the world.

   Although this is the first time he heard about it, his intuition told him that Leng Yu wasn’t lying.

No wonder those old monsters wanted to fight to the death, rather than come to an agreement. Each of them were fighting to be first and become the best.

   Mu Yi had a deeper understanding of the world. It was probably the same reason that the old Taoist Priest taught him unknown boxing skills and asked him not to teach others. He understood fist consciousness because of it and it would likely continue to grow his potential. 

“Why not? Even though the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu is magic, it has limitations. One piece won’t do much and it’s not worth it.” 

Mu Yi shook his head. Even if he knew the consequences, he didn’t care.

  The Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu could only be performed after all the seven techniques were collected. One or two methods alone were not very useful. If there was a chance to collect all three, he was curious enough to try and see why they were all fighting over it, but he wasn’t going to go out of his way for it.

 “What a wise man won’t do is for our own sake. I think too much.” Leng Yu took the bamboo slip.

“I will copy another method for you. Even if you don’t cultivate it, you can look at it.” 

   Mu Yi nodded. Each of the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu was full of wonder. He might learn something.

“By the way, is Ning Wuque in Cangzhou now?” Mu Yi asked. He was not afraid of him, but he had to worry about Mo Ruyan and Big Slave. He needed to solve the problem while he had Leng Yu near to protect them.

“He came, but Cangzhou city is my city. How could I let him be presumptuous?” Leng Yu asked arrogantly.  

How could Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag, who once was the best in the world, be ordinary? Ning Wuque was weaker than her, so it wasn’t hard to kick him out of Cangzhou City.

   He had his own piece of the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu to cultivate. Hopefully, he was focused on making progress with it.

“Thank you so much.” Mu Yi said. 

“You and I are both flag bearers and we are a family. You don’t have to be so polite.” Leng Yu said and noticed a strange aura on Mu Yi. “Have you ever been to the peach forest?”

Mu Yi nodded. “Well, I took a piece of lightning struck peach wood.” 

“Did you kill the tree demon?” Leng Yu asked.

“No. If I killed it, I would have destroyed the orchard. I let it go since it didn’t seem full of resentment.”

“That’s good. I have use for the tree demon. Maybe it’s a chance.” Leng Yu nodded.

   Mu Yi didn’t ask about the chance since Leng Yu didn’t seem to want to talk about it.

“Since I have fulfilled my promise, I’m relieved. I’d like to see my friends now.” 

   Leng Yu asked Qi Yu to take Mu Yi to see Mo Ruyan.

   When Mu Yi left Tingyu building, he had a piece of paper in his arms, which recorded another method of the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu.

   Qi Yu led Mu Yi around for a while and soon came to a small courtyard. As soon as he got close, Mu Yi heard the roar coming from inside. His mind and spirit enveloped the place and he could see inside clearly.

   The roar was from Big Slave as he was practicing boxing. He hadn’t seen him for a while. He was surprised by Big Slave’s progress. Although he was still tall, he had shrunk to be within the acceptable range of ordinary people. He would not be noticed everywhere as before. His cultivation was going well.

   That volume of dharma was suitable for Big Slave. Although Big Slave was not very intelligent, when he was practicing with all his heart, he developed rapidly.

   Mu Yi felt proud. Big Slave’s strength was almost equal to the first-class or second-class expert. He had become a master in the world with great power.

   On the other side, Mo Ruyan was holding her spear, standing still like a statue. Her spirit was integrated with the spear in her hands. The light on the spear was shining, and it looked extraordinary.

   Mu Yi knew at first sight that practicing with a spear was unique. During cultivation, a spear would be infused with the user’s spirit and change the more they were connected. 

   The method was beneficial but also flawed. If the spear was damaged, the owner’s spirit would suffer. Hence, people usually chose hardier weapons.

   Mo Ruyan’s spear was not a magic weapon, but it was tough. She’d had it for a long time so it was easier to cultivate it. Eventually, it would become a real magic weapon.

   Mo Ruyan’s cultivation had not increased. She had just reached the first-class level. It would take a while to stabilize her cultivation. When she cultivated the spear, she also cultivated herself. At the moment, her state was consolidated thanks to that method.


   Mu Yi watched with the power of mind and spirit, and inadvertently revealed a trace of emotional fluctuation. Mo Ruyan detected it because she was extremely sensitive to the surroundings while cultivating with her spear.

   Hearing her cold and watchful voice, Mu Yi smiled and pushed the door open.

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