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Chapter 304 Night Visit to Messy Cemetery


“Mu Yi?”

   Mo Ruyan looked at him as he entered and froze in place. She was worried about Mu Yi escapin, but she also knew that she wasn’t strong enough to help him, so she had committed herself to practice to get stronger.

   She hoped for Mu Yi’s return every day but was disappointed again and again. She asked Qi Yu about him many times, but she was upset every time.

   She never expected Mu Yi would come back by himself.

   Before Mo Ruyan said anything, Big Slave rushed towards him. He could not speak, but his excited expression was enough to show his mood at the moment.

“Well, it’s good you haven’t gotten lazy!” Mu Yi patted Big Slave’s arm. It was hard to reach his shoulder with his height.

   Hearing Mu Yi’s words, Big Slave grinned, but he looked at the Bamboo Tree of Life from time to time. Obviously, he wanted to see Nian Nuer.

“Nuer is closing herself off to cultivate. She can’t come out for a while.” Mu Yi said.

He knew how Big Slave felt about her, so he had to lie otherwise he would be stubborn and become a terror.

“You’re back.” 

Mo Ruyan came forward gently. There were thousands of words she wanted to say, but she just stared at Mu Yi. It seemed like she wanted to see Mu Yi completely.

“Well, thanks for taking care of Big Slave.” Mu Yi nodded to Mo Ruyan. He was very happy. He just looked into Mo Ruyan’s eyes. He didn’t know why he felt different, but the feeling was also fleeting.

“I don’t care about this trifle, but how about you? Are you hurt?” Mo Ruyan asked with concern.

“Although it was a bit awkward, it was nothing.”

There was a puff behind him. Turning around, Qi Yu covered her mouth and chuckled. Her eyes lingered on Mu Yi and Mo Ruyan. When they looked at her, a faint smile was on her face.

“Interesting. It’s really interesting,” Qi Yu said vaguely.

“Sister.” Mo Ruyan’s face turned red, and she looked at Qi Yu coyly. It was the first he’d ever seen her like this. He thought it was pretty.

Qi Yu was two months older than Mo Ruyan. They had gotten familiar with each other and gradually became friends. Qi Yu occasionally went shopping with Mo Ruyan.

    Qi Yu understood Mo Ruyan’s mind, so she made fun of her.

“Well, I don’t want to talk about it,” Qi Yu said and looked at Mu Yi, as if she wanted to gain an insight into Mu Yi.

   As for Mu Yi, Qi Yu had always been curious. Leng Yu gave her to Mu Yi. He’d rejected her. It was absolutely unacceptable to a woman who had always been confident. There was no hostility, but the impression would never get better.

   However, Mu Yi, as the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, and what he did made Qi Yu curious, so she paid more attention to Mu Yi.

“Thank you very much, Miss Yu.” Mu Yi was rather baffled at her attention, but thanked her.

“It’s okay. I’ll take care of Sister Ruyan since we have become so close. I won’t disturb you since you just came back. I will leave first.” 

Qi Yu whispered with Ruyan for a while before leaving.

   Mu Yi went back to the house and saw that Big Slave was unhappy, but he couldn’t help him. Nian Nuer was sleeping, and Mu Yi couldn’t help her. He decided to go to the west suburb cemetery in the evening where there were many lonely souls, wild ghosts, and fierce ghosts. Hopefully, he got enough ghost Qi to wake Nian Nuer, so they could reunite.

   Then, Mo Ruyan came into the house and asked Mu Yi what happened to him. Mu Yi didn’t tell her most of it. When she heard that Mu Yi was chased by Ning Wuque and eventually escaped. Mo Ruyan was shocked, and even more relieved that he had returned. 

   He had to leave again tomorrow to save the magistrate’s daughter, Mo Ruyan wanted to follow, but Mu Yi said no. He went to Yan Clan just to save his daughter. When this was finished, he would come back. There was no need to bring her and make her suffer from the rush.

   If everything went to plan, he would stay in Cangzhou City for a while. He was still a bit weak. If he could open another one or two chakras before going to the south, the chance of successfully finishing the task would be greatly increased.

His status was different now. He would not hand in the Xin lamp, not only because the old Taoist Priest had given it to him, but because it worked.

   Therefore, he could only take over the post of Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. There would be troubles ahead if he wanted to become a real Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, rather than a puppet. He would have to deal with the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag.

   Leng Yu was at the peak of the second difficulty. The Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag must not be much weaker than hers, so Mu Yi had to be careful.

In addition to that, he had to anticipate the trouble that would simply come to him regardless of how much he tried to avoid it. 

  Mo Ruyan also told Mu Yi about their fight with Qian Butong. Mu Yi was shocked into a cold sweat.

He hadn’t expected him to be dead, but it was surprising that his strength had increased greatly. According to Mo Ruyan, he seemed to be able to control a little bit of the power of heaven and earth, which was even more bizarre. Mu Yi thought about it and concluded that Qian Butong was dead and his body had been possessed, likely the entity that had been in the middle passage.

   Although Qian Butong’s strength increased greatly, Mu Yi was not afraid even if Qian Butong returned for revenge. 

Hell had disappeared at once, forgetting to take revenge for Ghost Nine and Ghost Four’s death. Mu Yi was relieved. He was not afraid of them, but worried about Mo Ruyan and Big Slave. It was hard enough avoiding their assasination attempts against the lower-tiered ghost operative. If he had to deal with the higher-tiered ones, he couldn’t be sure that he would win.

Ghost Four had been difficult to deal with. Even though he had grown a lot stronger, he wouldn’t underestimate them. Besides the ghost operative, there were the black and white devils and even the lord of hell.

Mu Yi was confident, but not arrogant. He didn’t think Hell would really swallow the insult and humiliation silently. Otherwise, the authority of Hell would collapse. They were likely waiting to attack.

After Mu Yi returned to Cangzhou City, he would have to keep a secret watch to prevent Hell from suddenly attacking them.

Cangzhou City had been quiet for a while, but it was just calm before the storm. Even Mo Ruyan, who didn’t care much about the world, could feel that the chaos was not far away.

   Once the old Buddha in the Forbidden City did something, or some ambitious people came forward, chaos would erupt. 

   There was a saying that it was better to be a dog during peace than to be a homeless man during troubled times. It was the story of most people who were suffering from the chaos in the world.

Mu Yi stayed in the yard all day. From time to time, Mu Yi gave  Big Slave advice. Mo Ruyan didn’t cultivate her spear. Her state was consolidated and it was hard to be promoted in a short time, so she didn’t worry and rested for the best results.

   In the evening, Mu Yi made a deal then drifted out of the city like light smoke to the disordered cemetery.

   At this moment, the waning moon shining, it was ghostly in the disordered cemetery. From time to time, the ghost fire rose and went out again. Later, it would burn in another place, just like a naughty child playing.

   There was a cold wind blowing, making a whining sound as if there were ghosts crying. Ordinary people would be frightened of it and the flashes of ghost fire, but Mu Yi wasn’t. 

He was there to kill a group of ghosts.

   Mu Yi glanced at the disordered cemetery and used Yu’s Steps. When he reappeared, he was already deep in the cemetery. He stepped on a tombstone and stood high. He could feel that there were many eyes watching him in the dark, prepared to eat him.

“I know that you may have grievances and all kinds of tragedies before you died. You are ghosts. It is not easy for you. I don’t want to kill you.. As long as you are good enough to contribute half of your ghost Qi, I will leave and never disturb you again.”

   Although Mu Yi’s voice was not loud, it spread all over the messy graveyard. However, his words seemed to offend many of them.

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