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Chapter 306 Fighting Against the Top Fierce Ghost

   Feeling the terror from the depths of the cemetery, Mu Yi narrowed his eyes. Although the presence was strong, he was strong as well. 

   With the aim to know the gap between their strength, Mu Yi didn’t turn around. He wanted to rush forward. He had to wake up Nian Nuer.


The whole cemetery erupted into chaos. Mu Yi fled and found that several black shadows chased after him. They were all fierce ghosts. One of the strongest fierce ghosts seemed to be equivalent to the fourth grade.

   Mu Yi didn’t pay attention to the fourth grade ghost. The ghosts just wanted to trap him, but these ghosts didn’t know that they were caught in his trap. He kept running, hoping to catch more fierce ghosts. If he could catch these fierce ghosts behind, it would be enough for Nian Nuer to recover completely and improve her strength.

 Mu Yi suddenly turned around and rushed toward the fierce ghosts while spreading his aura.

   In the face of his amazing aura and strong will, several fierce ghosts trembled and wanted to retreat. Mu Yi didn’t give them the chance. He attacked three of them with the Bamboo Tree of Life. A devouring force burst out from the Bamboo Tree of Life, swallowing all three fierce ghosts.

   When the other two fierce ghosts saw this, they turned around and fled, including the fourth grade fierce ghost..

Mu Yi sneered. He hit the two ghosts with a fist of fist consciousness. They were severely damaged.

The Bamboo Tree of Life shined brightly in Mu Yi’s hand.  The two fierce ghosts were enveloped in the green light and pulled into the Bamboo Tree of Life with a reluctant roar. Then, the Bamboo Tree of Life’s light went out.

   Mu Yi and the Bamboo Tree of Life were connected to each other, so he knew that the Bamboo Tree of Life had absorbed enough ghosts and needed to digest them quietly.

   Mu Yi put the Bamboo Tree of Life on his waist and looked up at the coming figure with a dignified expression.

   Although this figure was shorter than normal people, Mu Yi felt that this figure could cover the sky. Standing in the middle of the sky, it looked like a big mountain about to crush Mu Yi.

   The presence was angry about his trick and very powerful. Mu Yi understood how terrible a person standing at the peak of the second difficulty, also known as the half-step of the third difficulty, could be.

   In the King Xian’s tomb, Ning Wuque and Xu Hai had restrained their power, but the ghost in front of him had an aura like a prison.

   However, Mu Yi had faced a real ghost emperor. Although the fierce ghost in front of him was very strong, it was dwarfed by the ghost emperor. It lacked absolute control and the ability to create borders.

“Little Taoist Priest, you dare to play tricks on me, a king? No matter who your master is, you will die today. Hand over that stick, and I will kill you as fast as I can,” the fierce ghost said.

“King? Ha ha, it’s so funny. Are you a king just because you are a fierce ghost? You are overextending yourself. When facing a real ghost emperor, his finger would crush you to death.” 

Mu Yi spoke without fear, irritating him.

“You want to die.” The fierce ghost was furious and clapped at Mu Yi.

  A larger palm condensed in the air. The palm had the diameter of one foot and was pure, condensed ghost Qi.

   Mu Yi looked up and had no fear on his face. Facing the huge palm, he clenched his fist and threw a punch.

   With a loud noise, Mu Yi’s fist collided with his palm, and the earth shook and collapsed countless graves in the surrounding area. The flying dust covered Mu Yi.

   As the cold wind blew, Mu Yi’s figure was revealed. His legs were stuck in the ground. There was a trace of blood flowing from the corners of his mouth, but the light in his eyes was brighter.

   It had been Mu Yi’s most powerful punch. It condensed his fist consciousness and aura in his body. But it was still weaker than the casual palm. Although his body was slightly injured, he was very happy because he finally had the strength to face something at the peak of the second difficulty. He could stand against them now. If he opened the rest of his chakras, he would become strong enough to defeat someone at the peak of the second difficulty.

“Look at my trick!”  Mu Yi said, and a charm appeared as he shook his right hand.    

Mu Yi directly activated the charm, and a bolt of lightning struck the figure.

   Watching the lightning devouring everything, Mu Yi wasn’t surprised because he felt the fierce ghost disappear as the lightning struck.

   Mu Yi was a little disappointed. The five thunders charm could restrain ghosts, but only those of a certain level. The ghost emperor had dispelled it easily, and this ghost was fast enough to evade it.    

Suddenly, Mu Yi felt an unprecedented crisis. It scared him, but it was too late to avoid it. At the critical moment, Mu Yi summoned the Xin lamp and the light blue flame suddenly broke out of his body.

   At the same time, a dark hand pressed against his back.

   With a dull sound, Mu Yi flew forward, but the dark hand was also stained with a wisp of the Nanming Li Fire. It grew rapidly and spread towards the opponent’s body.

    Mu Yi heard a faint muffled hum, and the Nanming Li Fire was expelled.

   Mu Yi took out a five thunders charm. An evil force was filling his body. It was extremely cold and seemed to freeze him. The Nanming Li Fire in his body burst out, wrapped the force and devoured it.

   After swallowing this power, the flame of the Xin lamp seemed to be a bit brighter. It was useful for the Xin lamp, but it wasn’t enough. He needed to swallow the fierce ghost, but that was easier said than done. Although Mu Yi’s strength had increased greatly, he was still not powerful enough to defeat. It was stronger than Ning Wuque and had resisted two counterattacks.

The lightning missed the ghost again, and Mu Yi took out another five thunders charm.

   Although the five thunders charm couldn’t kill the opponent, it was afraid of it. 

   The third thunder fell behind Mu Yi and clung to his body. Mu Yi stiffened at the destructive aura and watched the fierce ghost fly backwards quickly to avoid the lightning. He hadn’t expected Mu Yi to be so ruthless and bold to make the lightning strike so near to his own body. If he had been hit, he wouldn’t have survived.

   Despite the numbness taking over his body, Mu Yi activated the fourth and final five thunder charm. He could never have more than five on him at a time or they would interfere with each other and kill him.

   Under normal circumstances, four five thunder charms were enough, but today, he needed at least forty to fight this ghost,

   The fourth lightning bolt fell, and the timing was just right. The fierce ghost had no time to escape, so he could only choose to resist. He punched towards the sky, controlling a bit of the power of heaven and earth as it collided with the lightning.

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