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Chapter 307 desperate situation

   With a loud noise, the thunder was wiped out by the giant palm, leaving only a layer of electric light on the fierce ghost. It shook and hummed as its ghost Qi grew thinner.

     Mu Yi didn’t let it go. He moved his hand, and the Xin lamp appeared. He blew it hard, and a light blue fire dragon flew out, approaching the fierce ghost in an instant.

   The fierce ghost retreated and waved its hands trying to dispel the fire dragon, inadvertently making it stronger.

   The fierce ghost panicked and disappeared in a flash, but the dragon had reached its limit and exploded. It injured Mu Yi greatly, but he couldn’t afford to hesitate against the fierce ghost if he wanted to live.

   When the fire dragon exploded, it devoured the fierce ghost. The fierce ghost screamed as it was consumed, but Mu Yi remained on guard.

   Suddenly, a palm appeared in front of him. Before he could react, it swatted him.

   Mu Yi flew through the air, blood gushed from his mouth and his sight grew dim. 

   Before he landed on the ground, a hand stretched out, then another, and tore a hole in space. The fierce ghost came out of it, devoid of its ghost Qi. It looked like a middle-aged man.

   His skin was very white, and he looked like a normal person. Because it was a fierce ghost and could appear in the daytime, it did not fear the afternoon sun.

The fierce ghost stared at Mu Yi. The killing intent in his eyes was undisguised. It had been longer than he could remember since he’d been hurt so badly, let alone by someone weaker than him. It was unforgivable.

   Looking at the fierce ghost, Mu Yi’s thought ran wild. He stretched a bit and spat out more blood as he flew through the air. He turned himself upright and stumbled as he landed.

“If you attack me, you will die.” The fierce ghost said coldly, like the rumbling of thunder. It disturbed his consciousness and filled his mind with ghosts.

   Ordinary people would be disturbed by the chaos, but Mu Yi had the Xin lamp in his mind, so just after the ghosts of his mind appeared, the flames of the Xin lamp flickered gently, and all the ghosts disappeared.

  The fierce ghost was surprised that Mu Yi was not affected. 

“What? I don’t know how much strength you have left.”

Mu Yi stared at the fierce ghost and speculated. He could be sure that the thunder and the Nanming Li Fire had hurt him, but it was obvious that there was something wrong.    Otherwise, the fierce ghost would just kill him. 

The strike had hurt his internal organs. If not for his physical training, Mu Yi would be dead.

“It’s enough to kill you,” the fierce ghost said.

“In that case, I won’t stay.” 

Mu Yi smiled and a light flashed. The light was from the godly movement charm. He increased the speed to the extreme and disappeared.

   At the moment of his disappearance, the ghost’s hand pressed through the shadow of Mu Yi.

 Mu Yi’s real body was more than ten feet away.

“Escape?” The fierce ghost said coldly and ran after Mu Yi.

   The fierce ghost was faster as Mu Yi.  Soon, the fierce ghost approached Mu Yi, and his hand fell towards Mu Yi once again.

   Mu Yi seemed to have eyes behind him. Without waiting for the hand to fall, he turned and avoided the palm, slowing down. The fierce ghost stepped out and blocked Mu Yi.

Mu Yi saw a glittering giant in his mind, and a force was born out of nothing as he activated the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm.

 With the power of this charm, his strength could almost double. He would be weak for a period of time after activating it, but as long as he lived it didn’t matter.

When the fierce ghost stopped in front of him, he had already raised his fist. The punch seemed light, but the fierce ghost changed his expression suddenly and raised his hand to block the punch.

When the power of the punch penetrated his palm and spread, he understood that the power of this punch was far beyond his imagination.

   Mu Yi’s fist passed through his hand and hit his body, blowing a hole through his chest.  The fierce ghost retreated quickly, and it floated in midair. It looked at Mu Yi from a commanding height.

Looking at the fierce ghost in the air, Mu Yi said ironically, “You are worthy of being the top fierce ghost. You also have a first-class ability to escape.”  

   Mu Yi thought of using Yu’s Steps if the fierce ghost tried to escape, but it was too hard to do in his condition.

“You will die!”

   The fierce ghost erupted with a cloud of stronger ghost Qi suddenly.

   Mu Yi was filled with courage from the charm. He clenched his fist, ready to counter the attack.

   His fist shook the void and collided with the fierce ghost’s palm. He wouldn’t win, but his  fighting spirit kept rising. The fierce ghost’s desire to kill him grew as the fight went on.  Mu Yi would become a huge problem in the future if he was this strong now, so the fierce ghost wanted to kill him even if he sustained heavy injury.

   When the fierce ghost pushed Mu Yi back once again, his body expanded suddenly. In a flash, he became a monster more than one Zhang in height, with two heads and four arms. His aura increased.


   Feeling the change in the fierce ghost, Mu Yi panicked, turned around and ran. He knew that it had the secret art, but he didn’t expect that its determination to kill him would be so strong. It would rather be hurt and use the secret art to kill him.

   If Mu Yi continued to fight, he would die as soon as the charm wore off. He was halfway through the time constraint. Originally, he planned to escape when two thirds of the time had passed, but the fierce ghost was persistent.

   After the application of the secret art, the fierce ghost not only increased its strength, but also its speed. Just after Mu Yi started running, it stepped out to stop Mu Yi and hit Mu Yi with its four arms.

   Mu Yi tried to dodge it, but  he was still slapped on the shoulder with one hand. His left shoulder broke and hung powerless from his chest. Then, another strike fell on Mu Yi’s chest. A surging force penetrated his body and destroyed everything.

   Mu Yi spewed out a mouthful of blood again. His vision went dark and his strength faded.

   The six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm in his mind also collapsed under the force of the blow.

   An unprecedented cold wrapped around Mu Yi. He knew that he was in a really dangerous situation this time, and he might pay the price of death for this arrogance.

   Mu Yi’s body flew backward, but the fierce ghost followed him like a shadow. It didn’t care about the Nanming Li Fire. It wanted to kill him.

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