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Chapter 308 Strength


  Mu Yi only felt unprecedented peace, as if death was not so terrible, but it was impossible for him to die easily. Even if he died, he would be dragged to it.

   Mu Yi’s eyes flashed with a cruel light, and he was waiting to detonate the Xin lamp in his mind. As long as Nanming Li fire burst, he believed that would be enough to kill the fierce ghost.


   When Mu Yi was about to detonate the Xin lamp, a familiar voice sounded in his mind suddenly. Then, a figure stood in front of him and collided with the fierce ghost.

   Mu Yi was thrown to the ground by a gust of wind. He was powerless and could only watch the two figures tremble together. The fierce ghost continued to roar, but he couldn’t beat the figure in white.

   It was Leng Yu. She was the only one in Cangzhou City who had the strength to stop the fierce ghost.

   She held a pearl in her hand, and the waves rolled behind her like a boundless sea. The pearl in her hand felt familiar to Mu Yi like the Xin lamp. There was no doubt that this pearl was the magic weapon of the Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag.

   Compared with Mu Yi’s Xin lamp, the pearl was more powerful. The Qi it emitted was enough to resist the aura of the fierce ghost. Using the pearl was comparable to the fierce ghost using the secret art, so her strength was far beyond Mu Yi’s imagination.

   I’m afraid when she was in King Xian’s tomb, she didn’t show her real strength or use magic weapons. Otherwise, she would have gotten more than one bamboo slip.

Mu Yi had underestimated the heroes in the world. He thought that his strength had increased greatly, and he had the strength to do whatever he wanted. Now, it seemed that it was ridiculous. It was right that Leng Yu scolded him for being a fool.

   If Leng Yu hadn’t arrived in time today, his life might have been lost.    

He had a trump card, but others also had a trump card. No matter the fierce ghost in front of him or the old monsters. When they were young, they were peerless talents. When Xu Hai was young, he was such a hero. Who believed that he had no trump card?

   Moreover, those old monsters were so intelligent and unpredictable that Mu Yi couldn’t guess their thoughts, but their every move must have deep meaning.

  Leng Yu was winning, and Mu Yi took out a rejuvenation charm. He had been unwilling to use it, but he couldn’t care so much now. His heart was almost crushed. If he didn’t cure it right now, even if he could survive, he would become a useless person.

 Mu Yi felt that the strength of the earth and the sky had penetrated his body and made his body exude vitality. The rejuvenation charm turned into a hot flow of energy that flowed around his heart. Gradually, there was a little red halo on his face, as his heart healed. There was also a feeling of crispness and numbness in his left shoulder as the bone healed quickly. The charm was amazing. 

Mu Yi’s fatal injuries were healed. Although he had not completely recovered, he could use half of his strength at least.  The battle between Leng Yu and the fierce ghost was still going on, but the fierce ghost kept retreating.

Mu Yi stared at Leng Yu’s constantly flashing figure, and couldn’t help thinking that Leng Yu’s strength was inherent to her.  After all, if she wanted to activate the magic weapon, she had to have enough strength.

It was hard to imagine what kind of strength she would exert when she reached the top again and opened all of her chakras. She would definitely be the best in the third difficulty. Mu Yi had grown a lot and grown stronger, but he still was not sure that he could beat Leng Yu when he reached the peak of the second difficulty.

  There were many reasons for strength like that beyond raw power such as spells, moves and even cultivation formulas.

   Only when you really knew yourself could you see the road ahead.

  He understood why he failed in his previous search. He was too far behind. He needed more experience and more understanding.

“Ah, do you really want to fight me?” The fierce ghost couldn’t defeat Leng Yu. The time of the secret art was coming to an end. 

“So what? You are just a fierce ghost.” Leng Yu sneered.

“Aren’t you afraid that my ghost soldiers will destroy Cangzhou city?” The fierce ghost threatened.

“Since you know Cangzhou city is my territory, you came to die. Believe it or not, I will destroy your unmarked common graves.” 

“Shit!” The fierce ghost was very angry. Obviously, he had dealt with Leng Yu many times, so he knew it wasn’t an empty threat. He thought he could kill the Taoist, but she was protecting him.

“If you don’t become a ghost emperor, you will stay here. Otherwise, I don’t mind killing you,” Leng Yu said.

“Well, as you wish. The day when I break through is when I will destroy Cangzhou City.”    

Its body turned into countless black shadows and flew into the depth of the unmarked common graves. Leng Yu watched it go.

   After the fierce ghost left, Leng Yu went to Mu Yi, looking at Mu Yi up and down, she asked in surprise, “Rejuvenation charm?”

“Yes, thank you for your help.” 

“The rejuvenation charm is a good thing. I don’t even have it in stock. I saved your life this time, so could you give me some rejuvenation charms to make up for it”

Mu Yi nodded without hesitation, “Yes, but the rejuvenation charm is against the natural law. It’s not suitable to draw a lot of them.” 

 Leng Yu thought for a moment and said, “Three, then do one more thing for me.”

“No problem!” Mu Yi agreed readily.

“Don’t you want to know what I want you to do?”

“I believe that you will not let me do something that may endanger my life. Why not agree?” 

“You are smart but just a little clueless. How do you feel?”

Leng Yu turned around and looked at the unmarked common graves. It seemed that the fierce ghost was still watching them.

“I am arrogant and underestimated the heroes of the world.” 

   Leng Yu glanced at Mu Yi and said, “You don’t need to look down on yourself. Among the young generation, your strength is already the top. As for those old monsters who have reached the second difficulty early, you are still too young to beat them, even Ning Wuque. You are not his equal now, and he just reached the top of the second difficulty. He is the weakest of the older generation.”

   Mu Yi nodded. If it was before, he would not agree. He felt that with the help of the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm, he could fight Ning Wuque. But now, he knew better.

   He had a way to enhance his strength, but Ning Wuque also had a way. Unless Mu Yi could defeat Ning Wuque without using the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm, he could not consider himself stronger.

He still had a long way to go.

“If I’m not wrong, you should have opened four chakras now.”Leng Yu glanced at Mu Yi and seemed to see him through. Then she continued, “The seven chakras of the human body are seven treasures. Different chakras have different powers. Although you have only opened four chakras, you have such strength, enough to be proud of, and only a little weaker than my repaired chakra. If you can open five chakras, you will be at the same level as Ning Wuque. At six chakras, you’ll defeat him. At seven you’ll be the best of those at the peak of the second difficulty. “

   Mu Yi listened to Leng Yu carefully, but didn’t correct her. He had only opened three. According to her words, he was only a little weaker than her now with only three open life chakras. If he opened four chakras, he would be the same as her, or stronger.

   With this conclusion, Mu Yi was filled with pride. He suppressed it immediately and continued to question.


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