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Chapter 309 Refining the Bamboo Tree of Life

Mu Yi felt Leng Yu was becoming more and more unpredictable other than her strength. There might be many secrets hidden in Cangzhou City. However, Mu Yi didn’t intend to ask about these secrets. Cangzhou City was Leng Yu’s territory.

After he was done in Fucheng and Cangzhou City, he would find a place to have closed-door cultivation, then go to the south to find the old Taoist’s body and take it back to Funiu Mountain for burial. After that, he didn’t know yet.

“How many chakras have you opened now?” Mu Yi asked.

“Why? Not convinced? “Leng Yu stared at Mu Yi with a faint smile.

“No, I just want to take you as the target. After all, you are the strongest person I have ever met.” 

Mu Yi looked at her without any sign of weakness.

“It’s okay to tell you I’ve only opened five chakras,” Leng Yu said with a smile.

“Five?” Mu Yi was stunned. He had thought that she had already opened six chakras. By opening five chakras, she could suppress the ferocious ghosts equivalent to a person at the top of the second difficulty. She should be proud.

But according to what she just said, she was barely comparable with Ning Wuque in strength with the five chakras, but the ferocious ghost just now had been stronger than Ning Wuque. So even though they had both opened five chakras, was Ning Wuque much weaker than Leng Yu?

“Do you think I am cheating you?” Leng Yu took a look at Mu Yi as if she had seen him through.

“Of course not.” Mu Yi shook his head.

“Chakras are not the only standard to measure strength. For example, you have only four chakras now, but your strength is no less than some people with six chakras opened. You haven’t been cultivating long. Otherwise, you’d be much stronger.

“A person’s strength also depends on how much power he can draw out. It has a lot to do with religious tools, techniques and the perceptions of Tao. Although I have reopened only five chakras, the original perception is still here, which can help control the power of heaven and earth and bring the power of the magic weapons into play. Therefore, one’s strength can’t be judged only on open chakras. When you’ve opened the seventh chakras and start to find your own perception of Tao, you will realize how ridiculous you are now, ” said Leng Yu lightly.

“Thank you for your instruction,” Mu Yi said. No one had ever told him about these things, so he could only grope for the information by himself. With no one leading the way, his path was doomed to be more difficult than others even if he could acquire a deeper understanding.

“You’re welcome. After all, we are allies. If you have any questions, just ask me.” 

It was once in a blue moon for Leng Yu to be so nice.

“By the way, do you know the ferocious ghost just now?” Mu Yi asked.

“Of course, I knew him. He could be called a ghost of fortune. He used to be a general and was framed. His body was thrown to the unmarked common graves. Later, he became a ghost by fluke and gradually grew stronger until he became the king of the unmarked common graves. Although he is powerful, he is also under restrictions. He can not go farther than a hundred meters from the unmarked common graves over a hundred meters. I have dealt with him several times before,” Leng Yu said.

“How can you let others snore on the side of your bed? Haven’t you wanted to destroy him?” Mu Yi asked.

“Why? Isn’t it better to keep him?” Leng Yu looked at Mu Yi eloquently. Obviously, she had her own plan regarding the fierce ghost.

“Your wisdom is as deep as the sea. I’m far behind,” said Mu Yi.

“Well, it’s late. I’ll go first. If it’s not necessary, try not to provoke that fierce ghost, or I might not be able to save you next time.” 

Leng Yu disappeared in a flash.

After Leng Yu left, Mu Yi took a long look at the unmarked common graves and still felt a rage hovering over the place for a long time.

The main purpose of Mu Yi’s coming to the unmarked common graves was to catch ferocious ghosts. Now that his goal was achieved, he wouldn’t make more trouble.

Mu Yi turned around and left.


Back at his residence, Mu Yi sat on the bed with his knees crossed and placed the Bamboo Tree of Life on his knees. Then, his consciousness poured into the Bamboo Tree of Life.

At this moment, inside the Bamboo Tree of Life, there were clouds and mist, forming a vortex in the center. At the bottom of the vortex, there was a thin figure.

It was Nian Nuer. Nian Nuer had woken up after the Bamboo Tree of Life had devoured several fierce ghosts. The little girl was condensing her body with the power transformed by the Bamboo Tree of Life. It was also a rare opportunity for her.

She was endowed with wisdom which was a gift from nature. As long as she had enough strength, she could reach the peak of a fierce ghost. However, it was not good for her to increase her strength too much in a rush. Only by continuous honing could her foundation be stable.

That was why Mu Yi kept letting her fight.

This time, the little girl had almost died again, but she was integrated with the Bamboo Tree of Life, so to some extent, as long as the Bamboo Tree of Life was not destroyed, she was immortal. With her talent and innate wisdom, her future was boundless.

Among the unmarked common graves, Mu Yi had captured seven fierce ghosts in total. Even the weakest of them had opened one chakra. Although the seven fierce ghosts had only been partially absorbed and transformed by the Bamboo Tree of Life, it was a lot of power.

If the little girl could swallow all of it and refine her body, she would break through at least one or two levels in strength, and the power of the Bamboo Tree of Life would increase a lot.

“Just take this opportunity to refine the Bamboo Tree of Life.”

Mu Yi transmitted his thoughts to the little figure, and the Bamboo Tree of Life lit up as if responding to him.

“It will hurt. Just bear with it.”

His hands were covered with a light blue flame, and he put it into the Bamboo Tree of Life. All of a sudden, the Bamboo Tree of Life was wrapped in the Nanming Li Fire. Countless spells surged up, and the Bamboo Tree of Life seemed as if it were melting. The green light was constantly flowing.

Last time, Mu Yi had refined the Bamboo Tree of Life in a rush. The refining hadn’t been thorough. Last time, it had been refined with his blood, which only made the Bamboo Tree of Life his exclusive weapon, without improving the quality.

This time, Mu Yi was ready to use this opportunity to improve its quality. After all, the Bamboo Tree of Life was Nian Nuer’s foundation. The higher quality it was, the greater Nian Nuer’s potential would be. Moreover, after experiencing the mystery of magic weapons, Mu Yi also had the ambition to refine the Bamboo Tree of Life into a magic tool.

A religious tool and a magic tool were totally different. A magic tool could be put into his owner’s body, and only this advantage could surmount a religious tool. Moreover, magic tools had a wealth of other miracles, which were also not available in religious tools.

Although the Xin lamp had not been completely restored, it had performed many miracles. 

Mu Yi’s strength had been increasing, but the Bamboo Tree of Life had gradually declined in his hands. If it continued, it may become just habitat for Nian Nuer, which was absolutely not in line with Mu Yi’s plan.

However, it was also very difficult to upgrade a religious tool to a magic tool. If he didn’t have the Nanming Li Fire, Mu Yi would not have considered it. He was not good at refining tools.

For now, he just intended to improve the quality of the Bamboo Tree of Life.

The Bamboo Tree of Life was endowed with spiritual power and innate spells, so even by the most stupid method, it would continue to evolve.

As the Nanming Li Fire burned, Mu Yi felt Nian Nuer quivering. The vortex almost collapsed, which worried Mu Yi. Fortunately, the little girl didn’t let him down. She persisted shakily, and the vortex gradually stabilized.

The young girl needed to bear a lot of pain when being tempered in the Nanming Li Fire. Mu Yi had experienced this pain before. If it had not been for his firm mind, he wouldn’t have made it. Although the situation should be better with his control this time, it wasn’t better by much.

As time passed, the Bamboo Tree of Life seemed to have melted, sizzling constantly. Some gray materials flew out and turned into ashes in the Nanming Li Fire. The Bamboo Tree of Life was becoming more and more crystal clear, like a clear jade.

The green was moving and full of spirit.

Moreover, the spells became more and more complex under the tempering of the Nanming Li Fire. It seemed that these spells could absorb the power of the Nanming Li Fire and continuously improve and evolve. Even the connection between Mu Yi and the Bamboo Tree of Life seemed to be closer.

The vortex began to shrink, and the little figure below became more and more substantial until he could see her clearly.

The little girl’s face was full of pain, but she persisted. It seemed that she would not give up. Her aura was recovering and growing stronger than before.

“Nian Nuer, hang in there. I believe you can make it.”

Encouraged by Mu Yi, the little girl persisted, and her strength continued to rise.

Outside, Mu Yi was surprised to find that the Bamboo Tree of Life started to grow again. Originally, there were 14 sections of the Bamboo Tree of Life, but now, there were 15. This discovery made Mu Yi’s heart pound. Did it mean that the Bamboo Tree of Life needed to grow if it was to become a magic tool?

How many sections were needed for the Bamboo Tree of Life to become a real magic tool?


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