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Chapter 310 Get Ready


When the 15th section was fully grown, the whole Bamboo Tree of Life suddenly shined brightly, dying everything green in the house. At the same time, a strong aura emanated from it and a figure came out.

It was Nian Nuer. She had re-condensed her body and reached the fourth grade of the first class, which was equivalent to having opened four chakras. 

Her strength couldn’t be compared to Mu Yi. As Leng Yu had said, a person’s realm did not represent their strength.

At least among ordinary people, her strength was strong enough to hold herself and help Mu Yi.


As Nian Nuer greeted Mu Yi, the green light full of the room disappeared. Bamboo Tree of Life returned to its ordinary appearance again. 

Before Mu Yi stopped being surprised, Nian Nuer waved her hand and turned the Bamboo Tree of Life into a stream of light which disappeared into her body. Nian Nuer seemed to have taken an important step. She looked alive. Although she also had looked real, there had been no vitality in her.

If the little girl went out, no one would suspect that she was a fierce ghost unless she met someone with a higher realm than hers.

Mu Yi was very happy, but it felt even better to regain his lost sister.


It wasn’t until Nian Nuer called again that Mu Yi came to his senses. Looking at Nian Nuer, he couldn’t help extending his hands and touching her little head, “Nian Nuer, you finally woke up. How do you feel now?”

“Brother, I feel so strong now, and I got another skill in this deep sleep,” Nian Nuer said proudly, eager for Mu Yi’s praise.

“Oh, what skill did you get? Tell me.” Mu Yi said as the little girl expected though he had already guessed what it was.

“I can integrate with the Bamboo Tree of Life now, so I don’t need to hide in it any longer, and I’m not afraid of the sun now.” Nian Nuer looked at Mu Yi seriously, but her expression was asking for Mu Yi’s praise.

“Can you stay outside all the time?” Mu Yi asked.

“Yes, I can stay out as long as I don’t get hurt.” Nian Nuer nodded.

“That’s great. You can stay with me all the time,” Mu Yi said happily. In fact, he was indeed very happy. For him, as long as Nian Nuer was always happy, it would be enough.

“Well, I will never be separated from my brother again,” said Nian Nuer as she  threw herself into Mu Yi’s arms and tightly clasped his neck. She had been scattered and fell into a deep sleep, which made her scared that she would never see Mu Yi again.

“I’m sure that no one can separate us in the future,” Mu Yi held the little girl. She was like his sister. He would not let her be hurt again.

Even when he had been chased by Ning Wuque, he had never thought of relying on the little girl to escape. It was her decision to confront Ning Wuque. When he had wanted to stop it, it had been too late.

He regarded the little girl as his only family member, and she was willing to sacrifice herself for him.

The next morning, when Mu Yi woke up from meditation, he heard the shouting outside, accompanied by the laughter like a silver bell ringing.

It was Nian Nuer urging Big Slave to practice with Mo Ruyan beside her. The three seemed to be having a good time.

Mu Yi checked his physical status. The battle last night and the refining of the Bamboo Tree of Life had consumed a large amount of Xin lamp’s power. It would take at least a month for Mu Yi to recover to the previous state. During this period, he needed to nourish his mind and spirit, but it didn’t matter. As long as Nian Nuer could wake up, it was worth it.

Although his injuries had not completely recovered, he was strong enough to endure it. He was still under the sequela of using the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm. Although the rejuvenation charm could heal the injuries, it could do nothing about the sequela.

Mu Yi still had a period of weakness to go through, but as long as he didn’t encounter any existences at the peak of the second difficulty, self-protection would not be a problem.

Mu Yi got up and went to the yard. When Nian Nuer saw him, she immediately jumped up and hung on him. 

“Brother, Big Slave is much stronger now, but he is still not my match.”

Even if Big Slave wasn’t more powerful than you, he could beat you. 

“Yes, but don’t be arrogant. In the future, you should continue to urge Big Slave to cultivate so he won’t fall behind.”

“Don’t worry, brother. I won’t let the Big Slave get lazy.” Nian Nuer clenched his fist and promised.

“That’s good.” Mu Yi nodded and looked at Mo Ruyan beside her. When he had been speaking, her expression seemed a little gloomy. Mu Yi wondered about it and figured it out.

She felt she was weak as she couldn’t even beat Big Slave now, let alone Mu Yi. She had  always been proud. It was inevitable that she couldn’t accept it.

“I’ve got fist consciousness by coincidence. Let’s exchange some blows later. Maybe it will help you,” Mu Yi said.

“Fist consciousness?” Mo Ruyan’s eyes brightened, and she agreed happily. 

Thereafter, Big Slave and Nian Nuer became the audience. Mu Yi and Mo Ruyan began to fight. His fists collided with the spear, making a gust of wind blow through the yard. Mu Yi could suppress Mo Ruyan even if he was not at full strength. However, he only matched her strength to hone her skills.

After the fierce battle, Mo Ruyan had gained a lot, and Mu Yi was more skilled in controlling the fist consciousness.

After refreshing himself, Mu Yi began to draw charms. In the morning, he drew four Five thunders charms and one six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm for backup. He waited to draw the rejuvenation charms because they need to devour the surrounding vitality. In this small yard, there was not enough vitality and he would fail. It was best to draw them in the woods or some other place with a lot of plants.

Then, he found a carving knife and divided the lightning struck peach wood into two parts. He carved one of them into the shape of a woman, similar to Yan Qing though his wood carving skills weren’t great.

He had been out for a long time, so he needed to return to Fucheng in the afternoon to prepare the body for Yan Qing. He’d found the lightning struck peach wood and believed Yan Li would not let him down for the rest.

Originally, Mu Yi had intended to leave Nian Nuer, so as not to rush back and forth with her since he planned to return immediately. However, Nian Nuer insisted on following him.

Mu Yi had no choice but to bring the clingy little girl with him. As for Big Slave and Mo Ruyan, they would stay in Cangzhou City to avoid drawing attention. 

Although Mu Yi didn’t show up in public, some people’s interest in the key to the Yellow River’s ancient road had only grown. They just hadn’t found him yet. If he dared to show off with Big Slave, he would run into trouble.

He didn’t care about ordinary experts, but if he encountered people of Hell or Ning Wuque, he might not be able to elude them with his injured body. Because of this, he hadn’t left the small yard since he arrived.

Mo Ruyan went out and bought two bamboo hats. Mu Yi and Nian Nuer disguised themselves then he left the city quietly, heading for the Yan Clan.

Their clothes did not attract attention. It was difficult for others to recognize Mu Yi at once because he didn’t even wear Taoist robes or bring the eye-catching Big Slave with him.

Outside the city, Nian Nuer got very happy, running and laughing in front of Mu Yi all the way.

Although Nian Nuer could have come out to play in the past, she could only do this in the evening. It was the first time travelling with Mu Yi like this, so she was extremely happy.

They arrived at the Yan Clan manor before evening.

Yan Li had been restless for a long time and had sent people to wait at the gate of the city. Mu Yi had said it would be at most two days, but Mu Yi had not returned until now. He had been afraid that Mu Yi would never come back and had grown uneasy.

Seeing Mu Yi finally return, he burst into tears of excitement. Although he also saw the little girl following Mu Yi, he didn’t ask anything, but Xu Caiwei fixed her eyes on Nian Nuer.

She was such a beautiful girl. It was the first time for her to see such a girl full of spirituality. She didn’t know why, but she felt something different in this extremely beautiful girl, but she couldn’t figure out what it was.

Later, her attention was focused on Mu Yi again because Mu Yi had already begun to prepare for Yan Qing to condense her body. It would determine whether Yan Qing could stay in the world, so she was also a little nervous.

When Mu Yi was ready, it got dark. Yan Qing’s courtyard was locked down. Yan Li and Xu Caiwei couldn’t be there. Only Nian Nuer stayed with him.

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