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Chapter 311 Transform to be a human

Nian Nuer was curious. Yan Qing was full of anxiety. They all looked at the little peach wood woman on the table. The peach wood originally belonged to Yin, the favorite type of energy for ghosts, but thunder belonged to Yang. When thunder bombarded the peach wood and yin-yang collided and balanced, there was a chance to form the wood most suitable to house ghosts.. Yan Qing wanted to stay in the world and could do so only with the help of the lightning struck peach wood.

However, living in the lightning strike wood would keep her in the world, but she would suffer from backfire. One option was that she would be burned by fire. The other was that her soul would be broken after death.

However, there was always something beyond the law, everything had a thread of life. If Yan Qing devoted herself to practice, she might become a ghost emperor. At that time, all the backfires would dissipate, but her chance of becoming the ghost king was one percent of that of other ghosts.

Regardless, helping Yan Qing was enlightening, hence why he was trying so hard.

At the beginning, in Thousand Sound Temple, Liao Fan had no choice, the ghost emperor had no choice, he also had no choice but to do his best because they all had their own wills.

Because of that Mu Yi decided to give Yan Qing a chance to choose. All of this was the result of following his heart. 

There were seven nails in the head of the little peach wood woman, sealing the seven orifices of the figurine. On the chest of the figurine was a charm where the eight characters of Yan Qing’s birthday were written with Yan Li’s blood. Beside it was a bell. Although the bell was not a magic weapon, it was an ancient thing. Without Yan Li, it would have taken a long time for him to get it.

“Later, I will cast a spell to let you live in it, but there will be some pain in the process. Try to be patient. The longer you persist, the more benefits you will get.” 

“Yes, I see. Thank you very much, Taoist Priest,” Yan Qing said.

“You don’t have to thank me. To help you is actually to help myself.” Mu Yi shook his head, then picked up the bell on one side, and the power of mind rushed into it.

With a slight shake, the bell suddenly made a pleasant sound that would make people unconsciously want to look at it. It was for this reason that Mu Yi asked Yan Li to leave with Xu Caiwei.

Although Yan Qing was a ghost, her strength was too low. She was immediately attracted when Mu Yi shook the bell.

Mu Yi shook the bell again, and Yan Qing’s eyes were more dazed. She seemed to forget who she was and everything else. Her consciousness was all attracted by the bell in Mu Yi’s hand.

“The imperial edict of the Supreme Lord, surpassing your solitary soul, ghosts and spirits, and all living beings are in favor,” Mu Yi said loudly. 

His voice caused vibrations and made the bell ring continuously. Yan Qing’s expression turned devout.

“The eight characters are the guide, and the blood is connected. If you don’t cross at this time, when will you go?” Mu Yi shouted. 

The paper on the little peach wood woman’s chest suddenly ignited, and a bloody line linked it and Yan Qing.

In the mist, Yan Qing’s soul lurched towards the little peach wood woman and seemed to sink into it, but the closer she got to it, the harder it was as if something in the middle prevented her from doing so.

“My pardon, this soul will not enter the underworld,” Mu Yi yelled as she drew close and stopped.

 His voice seemed to break some rules. Then, he saw Yan Qing’s soul  falling into the little peach wood woman. It was filled with light.

The iron nail that sealed the seven orifices of it retreated under this light, but at this time, Mu Yi pointed to the center between its eyebrows.

A flash of thunder and lightning burst from the little woman, forcing Mu Yi’s fingers away, then more and more thunder and lightning came out, and soon wrapped the little woman.

Yan Qing cried out from within it. The lightning was refining her soul. The pain was no different from that of a thousand cuts, but it was also a chance. Only by enduring the lightning could she avoid being inhaled into the underworld.

Every day when Yin and Yang met, Yan Qing had to bear the pain of burning her body inh fire, which was inevitable. At first, she could only live in the dark, but with more times she endured the burning, she would gradually be transformed, and she could live like a normal person in the future.

No one could say whether Yan Qing had earned it or suffered for, but since it was her own choice, at least she wouldn’t regret it.

“Brother, is she going to be ok?” Nian Nuer pulled Mu Yi’s sleeve as Yan Qing cried out.

“Don’t worry, although she is soft and weak. Her will is amazing. Otherwise, she couldn’t be sealed in the painting for more than a year and keep sane. If she were a normal person, she would have gone mad,” Mu Yi said.

He could have led the lightning out of the sky and Yan Qing wouldn’t need to suffer, but Mu Yi didn’t want to. This was not only a test, but also compensation. As long as she could hold on, the future harvest would be beyond imagination.

The screams continued. Mu Yi didn’t care, he also paid close attention to her situation. If she couldn’t hold on, he would reach out and help her. However, the screams from inside seemed to be much weaker as time went on.

Mu Yi smiled with appreciation. She was enduring and her soul was improving rapidly under the influence of lightning.

“Well, this sister’s soul is growing.” 

“Yes, she seems to have survived. This is also her rebirth.” 

Mu Yi nodded. Originally, he thought it would take Yan Qing a year or two of practice to be stable even if she was integrated with the little peach wood woman. But at present, he thought it was only one month at most.

This was the first time he’d ever used this skill. Without any reference, he could only conclude that Yan Qing’s qualification was beyond imagination.

The nails on the mouth of the figure flew out and fell on the table. Then, the nails in its two nostrils, ears and, finally, from the eyes.

When all the seven nails left, the thunder and lightning on the little peach wood woman suddenly disappeared. Then, it suddenly mophed and refined into the image of Yan Qing. She was wearing a long skirt and had a trace of indifference on her face.

“The Taoist priest is very kind and virtuous. I will never forget it. If you have a job in the future, don’t hesitate to let me take it,” Yan Qing turned around and bowed to Mu Yi.

“No, it’s okay you just practice. Unfortunately, I don’t know ghost cultivation, so I can’t teach you it.” 

Although she still had some ghost spirit, she wouldn’t be noticed by ordinary experts after a long time. He didn’t need to worry about righteous people who did justice for heaven attacking her.

“Brother, I know it,” Nian Nuer said.

“You do?” Mu Yi was stunned for a moment. He didn’t pay attention to this problem. He just thought that Nian Nuer didn’t need the skill, as long as she swallowed the ghost Qi, she could be promoted. Now, it seemed that this was not the case.

“Well, I don’t know who gave it to me. I just know.” 

“Well, if it’s right, you can teach it to her, but don’t force it.” 

“Okay, brother,” Nian Nuer nodded, then suddenly pointed out her finger.

After integrating with the little peach wood woman, Yan Qing felt that she was strong. However, she didn’t expect that she couldn’t dodge a child’s finger.

Nian Nuer seemed to send out a kind of repression she couldn’t evade. She could only watch the finger point in her eyebrow.

Then, she felt a roar in her mind, as if there were a lot of things coming in, but for a while, she could not remember anything. Her mind expanded.

“Well, when you are stable, you can see those things,” Nian Nuer said happily. Her nature was pure and she was very happy to help others. Of course, the main reason was because of Mu Yi. Otherwise, even if she was close to another person, she couldn’t teach the other skills.

“Thank you.” 

Yan Qing opened her eyes and finally knew the real identity of Nian Nuer. Some things needed to be taught by people, but some things needed to be taught by nature, so she naturally understood.

“You are welcome, elder sister, but you should cheer up and try to help elder brother soon,” Nian Nuer looked at Yan Qing and said.

“Yes!” Yan Qing said respectfully, and she was even more respectful to her than Mu Yi.

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