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Chapter 312 The second visit of Hell

Yan Li and Xu Caiwei were in another room. They were worried, especially Yan Li. They looked restless. They waited for Yan Qing. If there was an accident again, they couldn’t forgive themselves anyway. He could only wait for news here. He hated it. Even in a high position, he couldn’t protect his daughter. What was the meaning of being an official?

Yan Li had already had a thought of resigning from office, but it was just an idea, and he was not stupid. He knew that without the official clothes, it would be very difficult for him to live in this chaotic world with his daughter, let alone lived at ease.

Just as Yan Li was waiting anxiously, he suddenly heard a call.


He turned his head and saw his daughter. His eyes were wet and his lips trembled, but he could not speak. Yan Qing looked no different from a real person.

Seeing his daughter like this, he knew that Mu Yi had succeeded and that his daughter could stay with him. Thinking of the pain she would suffer and her never being able to reincarnate, he felt pain in his heart.

“Dad, your daughter is back.” Yan Qing said.

“Daughter, my dear daughter,” Yan Li was already sobbing. He staggered up to hold Yan Qing in his arms for fear that his daughter would disappear once again. 


They hugged each other and wept. Xu Caiwei was also in tears. She was really happy for Yan Qing.

“By the way, daughter, how about the Taoist priest? Dad must thank him very much.” 

“The Taoist priest and Nian Nuer have left,” said Yan Qing.

“Gone?” Yan Li was shocked. 

He spent so much effort, but didn’t ask for anything in return. What was the purpose? Of course, he didn’t neglect her mention of Nian Nuer.

“Daughter, who are you talking about?” Yan Li couldn’t help but ask, he was very clear about his daughter’s character. If she didn’t mean to, she would never call someone respectfully.

“Father, don’t ask. In a word, thanks to the Taoist priest, your daughter survived this time. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to repay such kindness.” Yan Qing sighed.

After Nian Nuer passed on her merits, she realized how ridiculous her thoughts had been. She didn’t know how long she would have to wait to help Mu Yi with her strength. Moreover, Mu Yi never wanted something for saving her.

“Don’t worry, my daughter. If I meet the Taoist priest again in the future, your father will repay his kindness for you.” 

She was very clear that even if her father’s occupation was very important, it was nothing to Mu Yi, but appreciated his words.

“Sister Qing, although I haven’t known the Taoist priest for a long time, I also know that he is a good man and definitely won’t want anything but gratitude,” Xu Caiwei said.

“I know the Taoist priest is a good man.” Yan Qing nodded, then took Xu Caiwei’s hand. “Sister Xu, without you, the Taoist priest would not save my life. Thank you.”

“You don’t need to thank me, sister.” 

“No. Friendship is friendship, and kindness is kindness. It cannot be confused.” 

Yan Qing shook her head.

Xu Caiwei smiled wryly. She had wanted to save Yan Qing to make her relationship with Yan Li better and gain some control over Yan Li’s political affairs, but it was different, she believed that even if Yan Li was strict, he was grateful. It wasn’t in vain and she really cared about Yan Qing.

  • ·············

Mu Yi and Nian Nuer took advantage of the dark and left the city.

Although Yan Qing asked them to stay again and again, Mu Yi declined. After all, he was injured and couldn’t delay. It was better to return to Cangzhou City early, then close the door and practice. He didn’t want to be repaid for saving Yan Qing.

In the evening, there were no pedestrians on the official road, so Mu Yi didn’t need to worry about attracting people’s attention. He took Nian Nuer’s small hand, sped up and walked quickly.


Halfway through the forest, Mu Yi suddenly pulled Nian Nuer back, and his consciousness spread out. He felt the fluctuation around him.

“Brother, what’s the matter?” Nian Nuer was puzzled, but she stopped obediently.

“It’s dangerous.” Mu Yi said.

Although the danger was very slight, he dared not to be careless, especially in this wild suburb.

Hearing Mu Yi’s words, Nian Nuer was on guard. Although she didn’t feel it, if Mu Yi said there was danger, there must be danger.

“Come out,” Mu Yi said, looking into the forest.

He said it, but there was silence in the woods.

Seeing this, Mu Yi sneered, “Nian Nuer, let’s turn around and not go here.” 

He took her and floated to the other side.

Mu Yi left. A dark light suddenly appeared in the distance. It quickly came to Mu Yi and blocked his way. Mu Yi looked at the other’s black clothes.

“People from Hell?”

“Yes, you are Mu Yi? You do have some abilities.” The man admitted his identity without hesitation, and his eyes remained in Mu Yi.

“What’s your ranking in the ghosts?” Mu Yi asked. Since it was the people from Hell, this person should be one of the top three at present.

There was a light aura on the other’s body, even if Mu Yi was powerful, it was hard to determine the cultivation of the other. According to his words, the other was undoubtedly powerful. After all, how could he be brave to assassinate Mu Yi alone?


“Oh, only the third. Do you think you can kill me?” Mu Yi stared at him. Even if he was injured, his strength at the moment was equivalent to the six grade of the first class. Was it possible that the people from Hell were so powerful? 

“I’m not your opponent under normal circumstances, but when you’re injured, and you are going back and forth. How long can you defend yourself?” Ghost Three smiled, as if he would win.

“You can tell if you try.” 

Mu Yi looked at him indifferently. If the other thought that he could take advantage of his injury, he didn’t mind giving him a big surprise.

“Well, I don’t want to try again.” Ghost Three said, and after that, he disappeared. Mu Yi could only vaguely feel his presence, like he was integrated into the darkness or turned into a shadow.

“What a great art of concealment.” 

Mu Yi’s eyes narrowed slightly. If it wasn’t for his amazing intuition, it would be hard to find the trace of his presence and he would have fallen to a sneak attack.

“Brother, he seems to have left,” Nian Nuer said.

“Well, the assassin of Hell has always been cunning, and he will not give up easily. At the moment, maybe he turned invisible and will attack at any time.” 

“Villain.” Nian Nuer said angrily.

“Well, let him alone, let’s keep going. If he dares to come out, your brother will clean him up.” After Mu Yi finished, he led Nian Nuer on.

Ghost Three had come to test him. Maybe he didn’t feel sure, so he left for the time being. However, Mu Yi didn’t believe that the other would give up so easily. Mu Yi led Nian Nuer and remained on guard. People from Hell were always mysterious and unpredictable.

  When Mu Yi was about to step out of the forest with Nian Nuer, a faint light suddenly exploded from the shadow of the tree and attacked Nian Nuer.

“How dare you!”

Mu Yi was furious. The other had realized his weakness. Instead of  attacking him, he chose Nian Nuer. However, Mu Yi didn’t care that he was angry. If Ghost Three touched her, he would die.

He almost didn’t think. Mu Yi pulled Nian Nuer and punched at the shadow at the same time.

When he punched, the shadow couldn’t escape and exploded. Unfortunately, the punch didn’t kill it. Ghost Three’s cloak blocked it. Although it split, Ghost Three took the opportunity to escape from his fist.

Mu Yi heard a murmur of pain. He’d hit him, even if he only grazed him. 

Before Mu Yi could search for the other’s trace, a faint light broke behind him faster and fiercer, aimed at Mu Yi.


There were two assassins. And the second attacked with the intent to kill.

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