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Chapter 313 White Wuchang


Nice try! 

He had begun to doubt when Ghost Three came out. As an assassin organization, Hell was well-informed. It must have known that Ning Wuque wanted to kill him. If he couldn’t kill Mu Yi, sending Ghost Three alone would be useless.

  Therefore, Mu Yi has been alert in his heart. This attack seemed to be full of hate, but it had some reservations. Sure enough, the other side had restrained and attacked secretly.

 Mu Yi avoided the attack and clenched his fist.

 The person behind him was stronger than Ghost Three. In the face of Mu Yi’s counterattack, he was surprised, but not panicked. The dagger in his hand continued to stab Mu Yi.

 Mu Yi flicked his middle finger against the dagger. The dagger flew out of his hand and into the nearby tree trunk.

 Nian Nuer had disappeared when Ghost Three retreated to retaliate against him,

 Ghost Three took a punch and got hurt, so Mu Yi didn’t worry about Nian Nuer. Nian Nuer was a little weaker than Ghost Three, just enough to hone her skills.

 Mu Yi fists continued flying and were wrapped in a pale blue flame, lighting up the night.

 The shadow retreated from the fire in a flash of light. Mu Yi used Yu’s Steps to follow the shadow, still aiming his fist.

 The shadow didn’t expect that Mu Yi would be so terrible and unmatched even when he was injured.

The shadow crushed the jade plate in his hand. Suddenly, the jade plate suddenly burst into a strong light and collided with Mu Yi’s hand with a bang.

 As the sound fell, the light scattered. Mu Yi felt a strong force breaking out from it, making him step back.

The shadow took the opportunity to escape into the forest, blending in with the darkness.

 On the other side, Ghost Three trembled for a while when he found that he couldn’t hurt Nian Nuer, so he ran away. It seemed that he was afraid that Mu Yi would hit him again. Although he was fierce, he was far from Mu Yi. Hell despised Mu Yi, so next time they would send stronger people to kill him.

 He didn’t know if it was Ghost One or black and white Wuchang.

Nian Nuer went back to Mu Yi and said with some unhappiness, “Brother, those two villains have run away.”  

Ghost Three attacked her, but she failed to subdue him.

“Don’t worry, they will come again. When I recover, I will subdue them,” Mu Yi said, but in his mind he was thinking about the jade plate the shadow had. The power that erupted from the jade plate was enough to prevent him from using the Nanming Li Fire.

 It was absolutely a good choice for protecting his body. If Mu Yi didn’t read it wrong, the jade also used the power of charms. He hadn’t seen the full make up of the plate, but people who could make that kind of jade charm weren’t weak.

 He didn’t know who made the jade charm: the lord of Hell or someone else?

 If the assassins from Hell could use this jade charm, the danger was much greater than he thought. Mu Yu had to be careful.

 It was also for this reason that he didn’t kill two people recklessly and let them leave, so as to set aside enough time for him to recover. As long as the injury was not serious, even if the assassins from Hell came back, he was not afraid. He could have someone to practice on.

“Well, next time I must catch the villain,” Nian Nuer said angrily.

Mu Yi was going to lead her on, so he started to walk but suddenly stopped. His eyes were fixed on the figure who was ten feet ahead. He did not know when the figure appeared.

 The figure was dressed in white with a mask on his face and hands behind his back.

 When Mu Yi looked at him, he also turned his head and looked at Mu Yi. After a while, Mu Yi felt that his eyes were burning. Subconsciously, he wanted to move away, but he held on and chose to look straight.

“Eh, no wonder ghosts are so embarrassed. You have some abilities.” The man in white gave a light sigh and said.

“Who are you?” Mu Yi looked at him and kept on guard. The man in white was dangerous. He wasn’t as strong as the ghost emperor, but he was at least as strong as Ning Wuque. 

“The White Wuchang of Hell,” the man in white said.

 Although he had guessed, when he heard this from the other side, Mu Yi still felt his heart skip a beat. If he weren’t injured, he might have been able to escape, but now, he had little hope of doing so.

 Moreover, the assassins of Hell were mysterious. No one knew what means they had. If not necessary, no one was willing to offend the Hell.

“I didn’t expect that the White Wuchang would come here. You really think highly of me,” Mu Yi sneered at himself. 

 In Hell, under the lord were the Black and White Wuchang. Mu Yi felt that they were using cattle knives to kill chickens.

“You don’t need to belittle yourself. With your strength, no more than five people in Hell can beat you. I was just nearby, so I came to have a look,” White Wuchang lightly said, as if talking to an old friend.

 However, Mu Yi knew that since the other party appeared, he would not show no mercy. He wanted to kill him before he got any stronger. 

“In that case, I’ll have to learn from you.” Mu Yi also knew that if he didn’t fight, he couldn’t escape. Although the other side was very strong, Mu Yi didn’t give up hope completely. Often, it was bravery that gave him the chance to survive even when there was little hope.

“Nian Nuer!”

 Mu Yi looked at Nian Nuer. Although he didn’t say all the words, they understood each other. Nian Nuer knew that the situation was critical, so she didn’t say anything. Her body disappeared in a flash and the Bamboo Tree of Life appeared in Mu Yi’s hand.


 White Wuchang startled again and stared at the Bamboo Tree of Life. “I didn’t expect to meet spirit stuff this time. It’s really good luck. Little Taoist, give me the bamboo stick, and I’ll let you die happily.”

 White Wuchang obviously took a fancy to the Bamboo Tree of Life, and there was a strong fierce ghost in it. If it was cultivated carefully, it might grow to be a ghost emperor. Even for him, it was a rare help.

“If you want the Bamboo Tree of Life, it depends on whether you have the ability.” When Mu Yi spoke, he stepped out and used Yu’s Steps to cross the distance. He punched in the air with fist consciousness.

“Fist consciousness? A small skill.” White Wuchang didn’t care about it at all. 

His own punch only seemed to be ordinary by comparison. In Mu Yi’s eyes, there was a trace of the power of heaven and earth.

The two fists collided with a loud sound and sent Mu Yi flying back while White Wuchang just shook a little then followed Mu Yi like a shadow.

Mu Yi  took out a five thunders charm and activated it. The lightning fell, attacking White Wuchang.

 In the middle of the sky, White Wuchang suddenly twisted and disappeared. The lightning fell and didn’t hit him.

 Mu Yi had expected that it wouldn’t hit White Wuchang, none of the people at the peak of the second difficulty were simple. Because they controlled a little power of heaven and earth, they could easily avoid the five thunders charm.

Unless Mu Yi could make him stand still, he’d never hit him with the lightning.

 Mu Yi saw White Wuchang disappear and waved his hand again. Several white lights shot out from the evil spirit slaying charm. Although White Wuchang couldn’t be hurt with it, as long as he could delay a little, that was enough.

 However, White Wuchang’s movement was even better than he imagined. After escaping from the lightning, he appeared  behind him and hit him.

Mu Yi only had time to block with the Bamboo Tree of Life. His fist hit the Bamboo Tree of Life. The Bamboo Tree of Life suddenly gave out a ray of light, trying to resist the fist. However, after a stalemate, the green light was finally broken, and the fist of white Wuchang hit him on the chest with the Bamboo Tree of Life.

 Mu Yi only felt that a strong force penetrated into his chest, like a knife, and cut through his body. By then, White Wuchang had already attacked again with the intent to kill him.


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