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Chapter 314 To Escape

Leng Yu had saved him at the critical moment before, but she wasn’t coming now.

   He could feel that Nian Nuer wanted to come out of the Bamboo Tree of Life, but he restrained her firmly. He wouldn’t let her nearly get herself killed again.

   Therefore, Mu Yi chose to use the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm again. The sequelae had not been completely eliminated, so he should not use it again, but he would die if he hesitated. He might sustain more injuries, but he might survive.

   With the use of the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm, Mu Yi once again felt a substantial and powerful force. Facing White Wuchang, he waved the Bamboo Tree of Life to fight him.

   White Wuchang didn’t think that Mu Yi had a trump card at this time, but he didn’t care much because, in his eyes, Mu Yi was doomed to die today.

   But he didn’t expect that the power of the Bamboo Tree of Life was even greater than he imagined. There was a strange power on it that made his body numb and slow down.

Mu Yi seized this chance and  used a five thunders charm again. The lightning suddenly fell and swallowed White Wuchang.

Mu Yi clearly saw that a layer of light appeared on White Wuchang and blocked the thunder. The light was the same as the jade plate used by the shadow, but it was several times more powerful.

There is still the light. Mu Yi activated the remaining two five thunder charms again, the lightning struck, completely consuming White Wuchang.

   In the loud noise, Mu Yi heard a scream from White Wuchang of suffering.

   When the lightning disappeared, his figure appeared again. He’s is clothes were ragged. The mask was gone, revealing a thin face. His eyes were small, narrow, long and made him look insidious.

It seemed that he was only in his forties. However, in such a state, his physical potential had been fully aroused, and his age couldn’t be judged by his appearance alone. He could have been in his fifties or sixties.

HIs hair hung loose and he was embarrassed. White Wuchang stared at Mu Yi, showing his intention to kill him.

“Little Taoist, your fate is going to be worse than death,” White Wuchang said.

“I’ve heard that so much. Come kill me if you can,” Mu Yi said. 

 White Wuchang was injured. Although he was not as seriously injured as Mu Yi, it also gave Mu Yi a chance, so he didn’t waste time and rushed at White Wuchang.

   White Wuchang couldn’t believe that Mu Yi was arrogant enough to attack him. White Wuchang was angrier and punched Mu Yi.

   Mu Yi didn’t give in, confronting him calmly. He could see the slightest disdain on the corner of White Wuchang’s mouth, who seemed to be laughing at himself. However, Mu Yi was calm without any panic.

   When the two fists were about to collide, Mu Yi’s fists suddenly burst into a raging fire of a dark color.

Before, Mu Yi had not used the Xin lamp to lead White Wuchang into a false sense of security.

   This time, Mu Yi didn’t reserve anything and activated the Xin lamp. The Nanming Li Fire rose against the wind and wrapped White Wuchang’s arm.

   White Wuchang didn’t expect Mu Yi to have such skill. When he reacted, his right hand had been swallowed by the Nanming Li Fire. However, White Wuchang was too extraordinary to be panicked in the face of danger. At the critical moment, he cut off his right hand and watched it tur to ash before it fell to the ground.

The Nanming Li Fire was formidable. It would have burned him to death if he hadn’t cut his arm off.

White Wuchang was in a cold sweat from fear.

   However, Mu Yi took advantage of this opportunity to attack again. If he wanted to kill White Wuchang, it was better to destroy him, leaving no chance for revival. Otherwise, he would be remembered by another person at the peak of the second difficulty. He’d never eat well or sleep soundly.

   Even if he didn’t care about his own safety, he still had friends. Mo Ruyan and Big Slave wouldn’t survive an attack.

Mu Yi had to kill him. Unexpectedly, White Wuchang turned around and ran away. He used his full speed and left Mu Yi behind.

   He disappeared into the blackness.  Mu Yi hesitated for a moment, but didn’t chase him. After all, he was using the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm at the moment. There was a time limit. If he didn’t kill his enemy, he would be killed when he was weak.

“It’s a pity,” Mu Yi said. 

This time he took advantage of his unpreparedness to hurt him badly. Next time, when he was ready, he would never have the same chance again. Moreover, all people in Hell would know and be prepared for his Nanming Li Fire.

   He was not afraid of ordinary experts, but he had to be careful when encountering Black Wuchang or other experts of his level. According to White Wuchang’s strength, there were several experts in Hell who could surpass him. He could not be careless.

   Mu Yi looked at the place where White Wuchang disappeared then turned around and left. He was not going to Cangzhou City because he would only be a burden to Mo Ruyan and Big Slave. It was also too far to go so Mu Yi turned back.


   After Mu Yi left, White Wuchang returned to where they battled again. His face was twisted with the intent to kill, but he could not find which way Mu Yi went. He could only leave with his hatred. Originally, he thought it was an easy task, and he could get a spirit object, but he failed miserably in this very easy task and almost lost his life.

   He seldom suffered a great loss during his life, especially at the hands of a younger man. If people found out, he would certainly become a joke.

“Mu Yi, I hope you won’t fall into my hands again soon,” White Wuchang said to himself then disappeared. He lost an arm, but he could regenerate it. It was near impossible unless he chose to refine his body or get some kind of natural materials and earth treasures. They would be hard to get, but there was a chance.

He was weaker now, so the most important thing would be how to keep his position. There was always a fight in Hell, and many people there looked down upon him. His strength enabled him to deal with those people, but if they knew he was injured, they would attack him. The lord of Hell was unable to interrupt the battle, so he had to depend on himself.

   Black and White Wuchang were the same as ghosts and the lord of the Hell in terms of the permanence of their position. If someone’s strength exceeded that of the lord of Hell, then they could be replaced. However, although Black Wuchang and white Wuchang were changed occasionally, the lord of Hell never changed because he was powerful beyond imagination, enough to suppress everything.


   Mu Yi activated a godly movement charm. After fleeing for more than ten miles, he undid the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm. After a while, the power disappeared like a tide. An irresistible weakness spread through him, adding to the previous sequelae and nearly putting him in a coma.

   Fortunately, he was a man of strong will, so he didn’t faint, but it was hard to suppress the injury, and he cough up several mouthfuls of blood. The force White Wuchang had forced into his body raged through his body unchecked by the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm.

“It was a pity I didn’t have time to draw a rejuvenation charm.” 

 If he had one now, it wouldn’t cure the injury in an instant, but would heal most of it so it wasn’t near fatal.

He only brought the charm paper and brush, but it was impossible to draw them in his current state. It seemed that he would have to prepare two more of them in the future and pay the price for it.


   When Mu Yi spat blood, Nian Nuer flew out of the Bamboo Tree of Life,  integrated with it, and quickly held Mu Yi up.

“I’m fine. It’s dangerous here. Let’s get out of here first,” Mu Yi said.

“I will carry you on my back,” Nian Nuer said. Although she was short, she was also a fierce ghost, so it was so easy to carry Mu Yi.

Mu Yi didn’t try to be brave and let Nian Nuer carry him on his back. Since he could not run fast due to the injury. If White Wuchang caught up with him, he would have died.

   They escaped all the way to the Thousand Sound Temple to heal safely as he was sure that Liao Fan wouldn’t turn him out.

   As expected, when Liao Fan saw Mu Yi was seriously injured, he took Mu Yi to the secret chamber without saying anything. After checking him, he gave Mu Yi a pill.

   When Mu Yi ate the pill, the pill turned into a heat flow in his chest. The energy was lost then and  stabilized his injury. Mu Yi nodded to Liao Fan gratefully then began to settle down.


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