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Chapter 315 Recuperation


   For three days in a row, Mu Yi’s injury healed slowly. It would take some time to recover completely.  Unless he used rejuvenation charm, he could not recover in a short time. Mu Yi was not pedantic. He knew that drawing the rejuvenation charm could hurt him, but he had to. After all, all things were born naturally and had their rules of life. The rejuvenation charm was also determined by nature. If he did many charitable things in the future to accumulate merits and virtues, it may offset the charm’s harm.

   Three days later, Mu Yi walked out of the secret room and saw Liao Fan smile. “Thank you very much for taking me in.”

Mu Yi had no idea when he would come back. He hadn’t expected it to be so soon to seek refuge.

“You honor me. You are the most distinguished guest in the Thousand Sound temple. Even if you live here all the time, I will only be happy,” said Liao Fan.

“The enemies I offended this time are too strong. Staying here will cause trouble to the Thousand Sound Temple. When I get better, I will leave.” 

White Wuchang would not let him go, and Hell would not be merciful.

   The reason why Mu Yi had not been found in these three days might be that he had not been tracked down, or that his enemies were afraid of the strength of the Thousand Sound Temple and dared not act rashly. However, no matter what the situation was, Mu Yi was doomed not to stay here for a long time.

“I believe that I can solve some troubles for you. You are seriously injured this time. You’d better take care of the injury first,” Liao Fan shook his head and firmly said. The Thousand Sound Temple was in Mu Yi’s debt. Maybe one day, disaster would come and the Thousand Sound Temple would be destroyed, but Liao Fan would probably lose his life in the process.

   Therefore, in the eyes of Liao Fan, it was also reasonable to prevent disasters for Mu Yi.

   Mu Yi did not say anything more, seeing Liao Fan’s firmness. At least before he recovered, everything could remain a secret. Even if he wanted to leave here, he needed to recover first, or he may find it difficult to resist the countless assassins from Hell.

“Well, thank you very much. Did I leave any cinnabar here?” Mu Yi asked. 

“Yes. I have been keeping them for you. I believed that you may need them in the future, but I didn’t expect that day would come so soon.” As soon as he said that, he asked people to bring it to Mu Yi.

Mu Yi was relieved. His strength was limited without his charms.

The five thunders charm and the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm were his punch. The rejuvenation charm was more important for him to recover quickly after being injured.

   At present, except for some basic charms, the rest had been used up. He could draw more charms during the period of healing. The only regret was that the five thunders charm couldn’t be drawn too many times, otherwise it would cause chain reaction and  explode.    

Next, Mu Yi chose a lush place on the back of the mountain and drew two rejuvenation charms. When he finished painting, the plants in the ten square feet radius were dim. It seemed that these plants would die soon. The plants in the hundred square feet radius were affected. The leaves were withered and yellow, like they were diseased.

   The hegemony of the rejuvenation charm scared Mu Yi a little in its directness and cruelty. It made him reluctant to use it.

   But for now, he had to use it.

   After drawing two rejuvenation charms, Mu Yi used one. The effect of rejuvenation charm was still magical. Just one charm made Mu Yi recover half way and his chest was fine.

  The rest of his injury was from the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm. The key factor of its sequelae was soul power. Although the rejuvenation charm was magical, it was only effective for the body and had little effect on the soul.

Mu Yi could only recover slowly, but fortunately, he still had the Xin lamp, which could help. With the continuous burning of the Xin lamp, his soul power slowly became broader, stronger, and more pure. Because of this, he had not suffered irreparable injury.

   At the same time, Mu Yi also found that when he drew the rejuvenation charm, the Bamboo Tree of Life also quietly absorbed the vitality of the surrounding plants. If it were not afraid that he would go too far, Mu Yi would have used the rejuvenation charm for Bamboo Tree of Life to see the effect.

   Unfortunately, he was in the Thousand Sound Temple now. If the damage was too serious, it would be hard to explain. After all, in the eyes of Buddhists, all plants and trees were life.

“The rejuvenation charm is really magical.” Liao Fan sincerely praised after seeing that Mu Yi was in a good mood and recovered from most of his injuries after using one rejuvenation charm. Although he knew some alchemy skills, even the best pill in the Thousand Sound Temple was far less effective that the rejuvenation charm.

   However, the rejuvenation charm was not suitable for Buddhism for it damaged the balance of nature.

Mu Yi didn’t hide it from Liao Fan. After hearing about this charm, Liao Fan stood stock still for a long time, saying ‘Amitabha.’

   The reason why Mu Yi drew two charms was that he wanted to give one to Liao Fan and return the favor of giving medicine.

   After knowing the effect of the rejuvenation charm, Liao Fan refused it. If such precious charm was spread to the world, it would inevitably cause crazy competition. In the end, Liao Fan was unable to dissuade Mu Yi and accepted it.

   After another seven days, Mu Yi’s injuries were completely healed. After this serious injury, he found that his mind and spirit became purer, his Qi increased significantly, and his strength increased slightly.

   In the process of recuperation, Mu Yi had been paying attention to the chakras in his body, and gradually discovered some strange things. For example, during recuperation, the three chakras continuously emitted radiance like a drizzle, falling into his body then the radiance was absorbed. Then his body became stronger, but the process was too slow to perceive. Mu Yi would not have realized it if he had not been injured.

   Obviously, there were still many functions of chakras in the body that had not been explored. In addition, Mu Yi had never had a good master. Most of the time, he could only explore by himself. Unfortunately, his promotion time was too short, and he did not have enough time to explore this potential.

   This injury also strengthened Mu Yi’s desire for closed-door practice. After ending the practice, at least another chakra should be opened, because according to Leng Yu, as long as he opened another chakra, his strength could be compared with Ning Wuque and was comparable to the peak of second difficulty. Although it was only the weakest level of the peak of second difficulty, it was still much stronger than the average experts.

When Mu Yi reached that point, he could wander the world again without being chased all day long. Even in the face of Hell, he had the power to fight. He didn’t have the arrogance to think that he could fight against all of Hell. The lord of Hell could kill him easily.

   However, Mu Yi was not discouraged. In fact, he had only opened three chakras. When he opened his fourth chakra, it would be equivalent to the peak of second difficulty. After the fifth, sixth and seventh chakras were all opened, how strong would he be then?

   It was hard for him to guess. Maybe at that time, he could be called the invincible one of the second difficulty. He would be able to fight for one or two moves even in the face of someone of the third difficulty.

 Mu Yi didn’t naively think that the second difficulty could defeat the third one. The disparity between the two was like an impossible gap to cross. Even a genius couldn’t do it. This was the difference between heavenly men and average people.

   But an invincible one in the second difficulty was enough to make people crazy. The number of people who reached the third difficulty today was less than ten. Becoming the 11th in terms of strength would be incredible.

   However, being the invincible one in the second difficulty was not the ultimate pursuit of Mu Yi. He wanted to step into the third difficulty, and even the legendary fourth one. Even if the road was rough, he would not give up.

   These days, Mu Yi had not been idle. He began to study the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu. Now he had two skills, which was enough for him to practice for a long time. The Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu seemed to be easy, but it was difficult to really get started.

   In addition, Mu Yi had constantly fought with and discussed Taoism with Liao Fan. Liao Fan deserved to be the top genius of Taoism. After a discussion, Mu Yi would benefit a lot. Therefore, Mu Yi had not missed such a good opportunity. As long as he had time, he would look for Liao Fan to discuss Taoism and share experience. Although Mu Yi had gained much, Liao Fan also learned a lot because Mu Yi was proficient in charms and had the Xin lamp. What’s more, Mu Yi was better than Liao Fan in terms of mind and spirit power.

   The two men discussed Taoism with each other, which made Mu Yi reluctant to leave.

  Buddhism thought that method, fortune, partner and place were important for practicing, and in Mu Yi’s path of practicing, Liao Fan was this partner.

  Partners on the road helped each other and went forward together.

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