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Chapter 316 Vajra Glaze Body


 Eventually, it was time to leave. Mu Yi knew that he was going to leave, but he had too many things to do, and a person in Cangzhou City was waiting for him. In this period of time, he asked someone to send a message to Tingyu Building to tell Mo Ruyan that she didn’t need to worry, but it was still not good to be at the temple for too long.

   Moreover, his injury had healed, and he was embarrassed to stay. The men in Hell had disappeared, but Mu Yi still felt that the enemies had not given up, and they were waiting for an opportunity.

   In Thousand Sound Temple, there were Liao Fan and the Thousand Clock Array. Even men in Hell were not willing to provoke.

   Maybe they were waiting outside for him.

   But even if he knew that, he still had to leave.

   When Mu Yi left, he had a roll of silk on his body. It was a special skill for body training that belonged to tantra. Liao Fan obtained it by chance and had given it to Mu Yi.

   The skill was called the Vajra Glaze Body. It was said that when you practiced to the highest level, you would have a Vajra Glaze Body, and your body would be immortal. Even if you were dead, the Vajra Glaze Body would last forever. The greatest ability of the Vajra Glaze Body was that it was hard to be hurt by anything.

   However, according to Liao Fan’s words, no one had ever cultivated the Vajra Glaze Body to perfection. There were ten levels of this skill. Even Liao Fan had just passed through the fourth level, and he was far away from perfection. 

   Mu Yi’s aptitude was extraordinary, but he dared not say that he could surpass Liao Fan. He was not as good as Liao Fan, but he had more adventures than Liao Fan.

Liao Fan found that Mu Yi had achieved golden muscle and jade bone. With Mu Yi’s repeated consultation, he presented this magic skill to him, which made Mu Yi feel embarrassed to accept. Now he knew that every top skill had a characteristic, that is, the more people practiced, the more difficult it was, and even some of the legendary skills were unique, that is to say, only one person could practice this skill. Once someone had managed it, the others would not succeed. Only when that person died would there be a chance.

   It was a pity that this kind of magic skill was legendary and rare.

   The Vajra Glaze Body had also been seen by Mu Yi. It was more profound as the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu because the body would be immortal after it was complete. As for the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu, it was just to condense the mind and open the five gods. If the seven methods had a magical ability, it was lesser than the complete Vajra Glaze Body.

   Therefore, the Vajra Glaze Body was very precious. If more people attained it, it would lead to a bloodbath inevitably. In the face of this top-notch skill, no one would give it up.

  Mu Yi was very grateful, and he wanted to leave the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu as a reward, but Liao Fan rejected it. In his words, he practiced Buddhism and the afterlife, the five Qi in and the five gods were not his pursuit. To practice this kind of skill would be a hindrance to him.

   After hearing this explanation, Mu Yi stopped.

Although the Vajra Glaze Body belonged to Buddhism, it did not hinder Mu Yi’s practice, and his foundation was very good. In addition, the Nanming Li fire could help him. If he worked hard, he would progress quickly.

   But Mu Yi needed to endure unimaginable pain, and he would be killed if he was careless, so Mu Yi also hesitated and he dared not to be reckless. He needed to practice for a long period of time. 

   As for the Vajra Glaze Body, Liao Fan didn’t withhold anything, and he told all his experiences to Mu Yi, which would undoubtedly save Mu Yi a lot of time.

“Brother, let’s go. It’s not fun here at all.” 

When he left the Thousand Sound Temple, Nian Nuer came out of the Bamboo Tree of Life. In the Thousand Sound Temple, Nian Nuer spent most of her time hiding in the Bamboo Tree of Life because she didn’t like the aura there. Even in the Bamboo Tree of Life, she felt uncomfortable in the face of the vast aura of Buddhism.

   If it was not for Mu Yi, she would have left already.

   Buddhism had the same effect on ghosts as lightning. Otherwise, it was impossible to seal a ghost emperor. Nian Nuer was a fierce ghost and had the Bamboo Tree of Life, but she still didn’t want to stay in such a place, so once she left the Thousand Sound Temple, she felt a lot better.

“Yes, it’s not fun here. Only a group of older monks, but I got great benefits there.” Mu Yi looked back and looked at the Thousand Sound Temple.

   This time, he really got a lot. He not only cured his wounds, but also got a body training skill finally.

Leng Yu had given a book of body training skills to Big Slave. It was magical, but it was not suitable for Mu Yi. It looked like it was made for Big Slave specially. Mu Yi was hesitant about whether he should practice it or find another better body training skill.

   While he was in Thousand Sound Temple last time, he had some ideas, but in the end, he didn’t put them into practice. This time, Liao Fan presented the body training skill to him. He admired Liao Fan because of his state of mind.

“Really? I might like it then,” Nian Nuer nodded seriously, as if her preferences were all based on Mu Yi.

“Ha ha, yes, Nuer should like it. When Nuer becomes a ghost emperor, let’s come again. Maybe you can get great benefits,” Mu Yi laughed and said.

   That was what Liao Fan said upon seeing Nian Nuer.

   As for the benefit, Mu Yi could guess some of it. After all, there was a ghost emperor under the Thousand Sound Temple. The great benefits would fall on the ghost emperor obviously.

“Well, I’d like to have great benefits, too,” the little girl said and giggled. What she was happy about was not the benefit, but the joy of Mu Yi.

   His laugh was vigorous and powerful, and her laugh was clear and melodious. They reverberated constantly between heaven and earth. As the two figures walked away, their laughter also dissipated gradually.


   On the way back, Mu Yi didn’t worry too much. He played with Nian Nuer. Of course, he didn’t forget Hell and was on guard, but he didn’t encounter anyone on the way. Mu Yi was a little confused.

   He played with Nian Nuer this time to compensate her. In the Thousand Sound Temple, she could only stay in the Bamboo Tree of Life. She only came out a little in the evening then went back to the Bamboo Tree of Life. Every time she came out, she looked pitiful.

   After leaving the Thousand Sound Temple, he wanted to make it up to her naturally. Moreover, after returning to Cangzhou City, Mu Yi planned to close himself up and practice. Since he would not come out for a long time, he played with her now.

   The girl had a clear mind. She seemed to have noticed this, so she cherished this time. However, even though Mu Yi walked slowly, they still arrived in Cangzhou City two days later. It had only been half a month since he left in a hurry. In the past half a month, Cangzhou City had not changed. If there was any difference, it seemed that there were many people from all over the world who came to Cangzhou City. It seemed that something was going to happen.

He wanted to go to Tingyu Building and ask Qi Yu.

   What’s more, Cangzhou city was Leng Yu’s territory . There was nothing that could be hidden from Tingyu Building. 


Mu Yi wasn’t wearing a Taoist robe, and there was only Nian Nuer with him, so when he entered Cangzhou City, no one recognized him.

   Mu Yi led Nian Nuer into the city and found that there were many guards in the city. In the middle of the way, a group of elite soldiers were wearing iron armour and holding spears rumbled by. In front of the group, a strong man on horseback rode, looking majestic.

   It was only after the troops left that the streets were restored to order, and some people dared to talk about it. Through these discussions, Mu Yi learned that those elite soldiers were protecting an important man from the capital. Now, the man lived in the city lord’s mansion of Cangzhou City.

   However, no one knew the identity of the man. The only thing that could be confirmed was that his identity was noble; otherwise, there would have been no need for such an elite guard. The great man was said to come to Cangzhou City for a certain event.    

When Mu Yi arrived at the yard, he didn’t find Mo Ruyan and Big Slave. However, there were some people of Tingyu Building. After seeing Mu Yi, they told Mu Yi to go to Tingyu Building to find them, so Mu Yi took Nian Nuer to Tingyu Building.


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