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Chapter 317 Wounded Big Slave


   On the way to the Tingyu Building, Mu Yi wondered why Mo Ruyan and Big Slave were in Tingyu Building. Had they been attacked? Otherwise, they would have stayed in the former yard. What had happened that they could only live in Tingyu Building now? The enemy had to be very powerful if even Leng Yu had to retreat temporarily.

 Hell? Ning Wuque?

   Neither of them was possible. Hell was powerful, but it was only an assasination organization, and it would not do such a thing. Ning Wuque was not enough to make Leng Yu retreat. As long as Leng Yu spoke, he would not even enter Cangzhou City.

Mu Yi remembered the group of elite soldiers he saw on the road and the great figure who came from the capital. Only such a powerful person could make Leng Yu retreat temporarily.

   It was not that he was afraid, but he was not willing to cause trouble. After all, when one’s power reached a certain level, he had great deterrent power. His own strength was not very good, but the strength he represented could not be underestimated.

   There were thousands of troops. If Leng Yu killed him in anger, Tingyu Building would become a ruin in an instant. Even if Leng Yu was strong enough, she couldn’t kill the whole Manchu.

   Even when Mu Yi killed the son of a left servant before, he was chased for a while. If he didn’t leave there early, he would not be as smart as he was today.

   When he came to Tingyu building, Mu Yi was led in. Behind Tingyu building, there was a connected yard. This was the first time that Mu Yi had entered the yard. He saw Mo Ruyan and Big Slave, but Big Slave was wrapped in bandages and smelled of herbal medicine.

Mu Yi was furious. Although Big Slave seemed to be stupid, he had been his partner for a long time. Big Slave was hurt, so the person who attackedhed had to be stronger than him.

   Mo Ruyan’s arm was also wrapped, and her face was a little pale. She seemed a little more beautiful.

“Sister Yan, Big Slave, who hurt you?” Seeing their appearance, Nian Nuer did not wait for Mu Yi to say anything, and she was angry.

   Mo Ruyan pulled Nian Nuer with her other hand then looked at Mu Yi. At last, there was a trace of relaxation on her face, “You are back.”

“I’m back. Don’t worry, believe me. No matter who hurt you, I will avenge you,” Mu Yi looked at Mo Ruyan and said solemnly.

“No.” Mo Ruyan shook her head and then went on, “It’s just that I didn’t take good care of Big Slave, and he was injured because of me. Look at him first. Although there is medicine given by the Landlord Leng, his injury is serious..”

“How are you, Big Slave?” Nian Nuer was even more worried. She went to the bedside and almost fell on his body.

   The eyes of Big Slave were dim at first, but when he saw Nian Nuer, his eyes lit up immediately, and he grinned. It seemed that as long as he saw Nian Nuer, it didn’t matter.

   Mu Yi did not hesitate, and he came to Big Slave, and began to check his injuries. The expression on his face grew colder and colder.

   The main injury of Big Slave was in the chest, where he had been penetrated, and it was close to his heart. If it had deviated a little bit, he would have died. Besides the chest injury, his limbs were also broken. The enemy seemed to have tortured him first then penetrated his chest to kill him.

   Mu Yi didn’t know why it missed. Mu Yi didn’t believe that a person who could defeat Big Slave would make such a mistake. 

“Shit,” Mu Yi said coldly. He would find the person who did this and pay them back using the same methods.

“Brother, please save Big Slave,” Nian Nuer said.

“Don’t worry, Big Slave will be fine.” Mu Yi affirmed. The reason why Big Slave was still alive was not only because his vitality was strong, but also because Leng Yu had given him the elixir of vitality. Otherwise, he would have died from such a serious injury.

   Leng Yu knew that he had the rejuvenation charm, so she also believed that as long as he came back, Big Slave would be fine.

Hearing Mu Yi’s promise, Nian Nuer was relieved and comforted Big Slave.

   Mu Yi signaled at Mo Ruyan to go to the yard with him.

“Tell me, what happened.”

“It’s really because of me.” Mo Ruyan gave him a wry smile.

“No matter who he is. IThis revenge cannot be avoided. Is it related to the man from the capital?” Mu Yi asked, looking at Mo Ruyan.

“Have you heard about it?” Mo Ruyan looked at Mu Yi accidentally.

“In Cangzhou City, almost no one could beat Big Slave easily. Even if there is, it is impossible to hurt Big Slave without considering the face of Tingyu Building. It could have only been outsiders. When I entered the city, I saw a group of elite soldiers and heard many rumors,” Mu Yi said lightly.

   He guessed, but it was not the truth. It was not as clear as Mo Ruyan could say, so he didn’t urge her. He just stood there and waited.

“Well, since you already know, I won’t hide it. But you have to promise me not to act rashly. The identity of the man is very important, even Landlord Leng is not willing to provoke him.” 

Mo Ruyan looked at Mu Yi with worry, and she was afraid that Mu Yi would not be rational and do something wrong.

“Don’t worry, I won’t die on purpose.” 

“Well, two days ago, when I was shopping in the street, I happened to meet the man from the capital. After he saw me, he had an evil intention. Although I escaped, he sent someone to follow me. That evening, two experts broke in and wanted to kidnap me. They were too strong.They were fourth-grade at least. Big Slave fought hard, but he was cut down. I was robbed of my spear in a few moves. At last, the man wanted to kill Big Slave with my spear. If Landlord Leng didn’t arrive at the critical moment, I’m afraid that Big Slave would have died. Then, Landlord Leng drove the two people away and got me and Big Slave here.” 

Although she said it simply, Mu Yi could imagine the anxiousness at that time. At the same time, he was afraid. After all, Big Slave almost died. If Mo Ruyan was captured, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“The man is so unbridled. I’d like to see how capable he is,” Mu Yi said with a cold snort.

Leng Yu must have left them alive so he could take his revenge.

“You should also be careful. Those two were very strong. And I heard from Landlord Leng that there is a eunuch beside him, who is stronger. Landlord Leng said to advise you not to provoke him for the moment,” Mo Ruyan continued.

“A eunuch? Is the man the brother of the emperor?” Mu Yi didn’t think that he was the emperor. The emperor couldn’t leave the palace. Besides, there was an old Buddha, and now the emperor didn’t have a son, so the only one who could take the eunuch was a brother of the emperor.

“Yes, he is the younger brother of the current emperor, King Chun.” 

“King Chun? Why did he come back to Cangzhou?” Mu Yi frowned. The identity of the emperor’s younger brother couldn’t be underestimated. The emperor had no son. Once he abdicated, even if he didn’t pass it on to his younger brother, he might pass it on to his nephew.

   Therefore, King Chun could not easily leave the capital, but he came to Cangzhou City secretly. People in Cangzhou City knew that there was an important person coming from the capital, but they didn’t know the real identity of King Chun. Cangzhou City’s geographical location was not special, and nothing was set to happen in the near future. A king of the Qing Dynasty chose this location, and Mu Yi felt it was not that simple.

   As for the identity of King Chun, Mu Yi would not be afraid.

“I don’t know. Landlord Leng told me. Maybe she wanted me to tell you,” Mo Ruyan said. 

In fact, after knowing the identity of King Chun, Mo Ruyan lost the idea of revenge. Even though there was no strong man around him, she could not afford to offend him because of the identity. There was Mo Ruyan Express, her parents and younger brother. Even though she was not afraid of death, she did not want to involve her family.

   Once he was assassinated, whether successful or not, her family would disappear. Moreover, it might implicate the nine generations of her family.

“Well, I know what she means, and it should be considered carefully, and we should not be rash.” 

Mu Yi nodded. He knew that it was irrational to revenge right now, and there was a man at the peak of the second difficulty at his side. He had to be patient. After he broke through again, or King Chun left Cangzhou City, and returned to the capital, he would choose the opportunity for revenge.

   At that time, King Chun would not think of Mo Ruyan. After all, there was more than one person who wanted him to die. As long as Mu Yi was careful, King Chun would never find out.

If he reached the third difficulty now and went to kill King Chun at once, the old Buddha in the Forbidden City would weigh whether it was worth killing him. 

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