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Chapter 318 Trouble Coming


Mu Yi wanted to kill him but he could only suppress his anger. The most important thing was to cure Big Slave. Since he really wanted revenge, he would take his time to prepare. He didn’t rest at all. After taking paper and a brush, he snuck out of Cangzhou City with ease even though it was now heavily guarded.


Once outside the city, Mu Yi started walking hurriedly. He was going to an area where there were several barren mountains with many trees. A place like that was the most suitable for drawing charms. As he expected there was no one there when he arrived.


Mu Yi found a clean spot and immediately started drawing charms. He drew five charms, but only three of them were a success. He didn’t force himself to continue. Three back to life charms were enough. Even though Big Slave was seriously injured, back to life charms would be enough to cure him. As for the three charms he owed Leng Yu, he would prepare them next time.


Mu Yi took a look around him. In order to be inconspicuous, he had changed places each time he drew a charm. Some of the vegetation had been affected anyway, in the central area things had been seared. The area might remain like this for the next year, which was a consequence of drawing back to life charms.


When Mu Yi got back he found Qi Yu in the yard. Mu Yi didn’t speak and went straight to Big Slave’s bed and used a rejuvenation charm. Big Slave’s body glowed and his wound began to heal. He had been injured too severely and treatment had been delayed for two days, so the back to life charm couldn’t help him fully recover.


There was still vitality in the body of Big Slave that hadn’t been absorbed. Big Slave’s life was no longer in danger so Mu Yi didn’t use another back to life charm. Mo Ruyuan felt relieved and Nian Nuer smiled.


Qi Yu was amazed. She was clear how bad Big Slave was injured. In order to keep him alive, her master had used a precious pill. It had been too difficult to help him recover. The injury was large and close to his heart.


She still remembered that her master had said that it was a pity that Mu Yi was not there. If he was as long as Big Slave could draw a breath, no matter how serious the injury was, it could be cured. At first, she hadn’t believed it. How could there be such a powerful thing in the world? She was convinced now. It seemed the power of charms was far beyond her imagination.


Nian Nuer watched the color come back to Big Slave’s face and heard his breathing become stable. She knew the magic of the back to life charm could be trusted. Big Slave would recover soon so she urged Mu Yi.


“Brother, Big Slave is getting better. You should continue.”


“Don’t worry, he’s ok now. There’s still a lot of vitality in his body that hasn’t been absorbed. After three days, I will use another charm and he will recover completely,” Mu Yi said.


Nian Nuer nodded and said to Big Slave, “Don’t worry, Big Slave. You will be okay since my brother is here. You will rest for another three days and then I will take you to get revenge.”


Big Slave grinned. Even Qi Yu smiled at the words.


“Taoist priest, Master asked me to tell you that Prince Chun wants the key to the Yellow River’s ancient road. Don’t throw yourself into a trap,” Qi Yu said.


“The key to the Yellow River’s ancient road?”


Mu Yi stared at Qi Yu in surprise. He had suspected there was a reason why he had come to Cangzhou City. He hadn’t expected that he had come for him. When he first arrived in Cangzhou City, he hadn’t hidden. If someone cared about the key to the Yellow River’s ancient road, they would know that he was in Cangzhou City.


“Yes, his men saw Big Slave. They suspect that Big Slave is the giant that was following you. If it weren’t for my master, I’m afraid that this place would have been discovered long ago,” Qi Yu said.


Big Slave was practicing the technique given to him by Leng Yu. He had made great progress, so his body had shrunk a little. He was still much taller than ordinary people, which was suspicious. Mo Ruyan was being chased too. Once they knew her real identity, the consequences wouldn’t be good. Mu Yi looked at Mo Ruyan. 


Mo Ruyan simply said, “Relax. I disguised myself when I went out. Even if they had my portrait, they couldn’t identify me. Don’t worry.”


“Please give my thanks to Leng Yu. I’ll be careful. As far as I know, there is a key in the Forbidden City. Why did Prince Chun come here for my key?” Mu Yi asked.


He had also heard about the items in the Yellow River’s ancient road, mostly about the legend that there was a true dragon’s Qi there. Whoever could get it could become an emperor. Did Prince Chun have such ambitions?


“The key in the Forbidden City was stolen.” Qi Yu said.


“Stolen? Who could steal things from the Forbidden City?” Mu Yi asked curiously.


When the key in the Forbidden City had been lost, Prince Chun had thought of him first. It was clear that he thought he would be the easiest one to deal with.


“It’s said that it was a woman, but the master said that it might not be true.”Qi Yu said.


“Since the master said that, then the thief can only be someone else.” Mu Yi thought for a moment and said. 


He believed in Leng Yu’s ability to gather information. After all, the previous Ear Group had specialized in collecting information. Since Leng Yu had said so, it was clear.


“Maybe, but the woman also caused trouble in the capital. They say she looks very beautiful. It’s a pity that I didn’t get to meet her.” Qi Yu shook her head disappointedly.


She was an admirable woman because she had dared to break into the Forbidden City alone. Whether she had succeeded or not, it was respectable that she could still flee afterwards. It was not surprising that Qi Yu admired her as well.


“Sister Ruyan is beautiful and she is also a first-class expert but was encumbered by her.” Qi Yu said.


She looked at Mo Ruyan in sympathy. Mo Ruyan didn’t respond and wore a disdainful expression.


“It seems that God wants me to stay inside and practice for a while.” Mu Yi said, changing the topic.


After all, Mo Ruyan and Big Slave had been more or less affected by the unexpected disaster caused by that woman. Obviously, Mo Ruyan would be upset when they talked about her.


“Yes, that’s what the master intended. You should settle down for a while. You don’t have to worry about Hell. You won’t be in trouble in such a short time period. Moreover, this is Cangzhou City. Even the people of Hell must act accordingly.” Qi Yu said with a proud expression on her face.


Leng Yu and her already regarded Cangzhou City as their own territory. Leng Yu made it impossible for Prince Chun to find Mo Ruyan and Big Slave. Mu Yi could see her control over Cangzhou City from just that.


“Please tell the master when you’re back that I will settle down. The three back to life charms I owe her and that matter can only be postponed for a while.” Mu Yi said.


Qiyu looked at Mu Yiwith a slightly strange expression, but nodded, “I will tell the master.”


Qi Yu stayed for another half hour and left after Big Slave went to sleep. The injury in Mo Ruyan’s arm was treated with medicine for knife wounds received from Leng Yu. Big Slave was also getting better. Three days later, Mu Yi used another back to life charm to finish his treatment. The tendons in his hands and feet also recovered so his future practice would not be hindered.


Mo Ruyan was practicing more arduously during this time. She spent half of each day practicing the spear technique. Mu Yi was worried that her mind would collapse so he lent her the Xin lamp. Big Slave was able to get out of bed and walk soon after. Even Nian Nuer seemed to have matured and started to practice. She even exchanged blows occasionally with Mo Ruyan in the yard.


After confirming that there was nothing wrong with Big Slave and that Mo Ruyan had no psychological injuries, Mu Yi finally started closed-door practice. He felt that the closed-door practice this time would take a while so he had gone to see Leng Yu and ask some questions before he entered the secret room under the courtyard.


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