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Chapter 319 Closed-door Practice


There were four difficulties: the difficulty of moving, the difficulty of sense, the difficulty of getting out of the body and the difficulty of meeting God. Mu Yi was in the second level of difficulty. Sense was the ability to perceive the seven chakras in the human body, and then turn them on one by one. Mu Yi would then become immortal.


The Heavenly Curse was actually a disaster from heaven. It was said that in ancient times, there had been no Heavenly Curse. When people had been born, the seven chakras appeared. They absorbed Qi and practiced to become immortals. However they needed to devour a huge amount of the power of heaven and earth to do so. Heavenly curses had been created to counter this.


It became nearly impossible to become immortal by absorbing Qi. There is always a way out of trouble. The way of the mind and spirit cultivation was still left. The mind was infinite, so as long as the power of the mind was strong enough, the Heavenly Curse could be cut off. People slowly regained the opportunity to become immortal.


Mu Yi had suffered a lot and only opened three chakras. The chakras in his body were solid, especially after being tempered by the Xin lamp. This made his chakras a degree higher than Leng Yu’s that had been broken up and rebuilt.


Once the chakras of the human body were opened, they should be slowly developed. In this world, only Mu Yi refined chakras like fire refining gold. It was the greatest fortune that Mu Yi had received when he had entered King Xian’s grave, despite it costing him so much.


Are the seven chakras really that simple?


Mu Yi had first thought this when he had been healing up in the Thousand Sound Temple. As his cultivation continued to increase, he had become more and more curious about the seven chakras. The seven chakras were hidden in the deepest part of the body and it was very difficult to sense them. Only when they were sensed could they be turned on.


At present, the three life chakras he had turned on were Mūlādhāra, Svādhiṣṭhāna and Manipura. Among them, Mūlādhāra controlled the vitality of the human body, Svādhiṣṭhāna was in charge of the energy and Manipura administered the Qi. They were connected somehow but did not interfere with each other.


Mu Yi wanted to figure out the connection this time so that it would be easier for him to turn on chakras in the future. After Mu Yi entered meditation, a glass lamp with a light blue flame appeared over his head. The flame flickered seeming to push him deeper into meditation.


There were several levels of meditation. Although he had been able to meditate easily in the beginning, it was only a shallow meditation with a trace of mind and spirit outside just in case. Although he had avoided danger, this kind of meditation could not contribute a lot to his cultivation.


The second level was deep meditation. In this case, the mind and spirit were all drawn into the body, simulating a return to nature. A person would get twice the result with half the effort. The biggest disadvantage was that if there was someone approaching, you would not notice. Unless in an absolutely safe place, people would not choose to enter the deep level.


The third level was the unity of heaven and man. The whole mind and world were integrated into one, so one could contemplate the meaning of heaven and earth. Even immortals were in the third level. Luckily, Mu Yi had entered it once or twice before.


In deep meditation, the outside world seemed to have nothing to do with Mu Yi. In his mind, there were only three circles of light blocking the sky. These three circles of light were the chakras in the depth of his body. The three chakras were almost overlapped, hidden between the clouds and fog. They couldn’t be seen clearly. Only their brilliance, as if it was eternal, was constantly shining.


Mu Yi didn’t know why he suddenly thought of the Vajra glaze body from Liao Fan while looking at them. It was probably because the huge chakras were like a circle of light behind a Buddha.


“Bhagwan lives in a world of colored glaze, and there are the glazes, buddha, enlightenment and completeness.”


“This glaze, with its blazing light, shines on the boundless world. It is clear inside and outside. It is pure and spotless. The flame is larger than the sun and the moon. All beings in the world are enlightened by it.”


Slowly, the rays of the Mūlādhāra became brilliant, surpassing the light of the other two chakras. The light shined on Mu Yi’s body. It made him feel warm and full of power.


Mu Yi’s body started to glow. Behind him, a circle of light appeared. Mu Yi looked solemn and dignified like an eminent monk. A noise started low and gradually grew louder. It sounded like monks were chanting sutras. Mu Yi’s expression became peaceful as if all his rage had been dispelled.


A portion of the flame in the lamp suddenly fell on Mu Yi. His body started burning, but his clothes were not damaged at all as if the fire were just illusory. However, Mu Yi could feel the fire and was suffering. It hurt so much that he almost blacked out.


To hone Vajra glaze body, he needed to temper his body. He couldn’t generate anger with his heart and had to use anger as fire to meet the requirements of the entry-level. However, Mu Yi had Nanming Li Fire. Before he could generate his anger, the Nanming Li Fire dropped a part of it’s flame to make his body burn. The more brilliant the Mūlādhāra in his body was, the more blazing the flame became.


Namo bhagavatti, phishashe, luoluxueliul, Bolapoo, heluozheyueh, pheataduoyhe.


Mu Yi forced himself to endure the pain of his body. According to the information Liao Fan left behind, cultivating the Vajra glaze body required the person to endure unbearable pain. The more pain, the faster the progress. There was a limit for the human body when it came to pain though. If the limit was exceeded, the body would collapse. Therefore, he had to be careful. Otherwise, he would be paralyzed or die.


Mu Yi had once suffered from this kind of pain, so even though it was intolerable he persisted. After all, the longer he practiced, the greater the harvest. Mu Yi was not willing to give up such a good opportunity. Moreover, Liao Fan had also said that because of this he had reached the realm of golden muscle and jade bone early. So in the early stages of cultivation, he could progress faster than others. Mu Yi didn’t doubt what Liao Fan had said. 


Mu Yi’s will was extremely firm. The Xin lamp continuously provided fire, and the light of the Mūlādhāra was suppressed eventually. After that, the Svādhiṣṭhāna began to shine. The weakened flame began burning more fiercely and the Xin lamp added more to the fire.


His body trembled slightly because of the pain. The more pain his body was in, the more peaceful his expression became as if his body and his mind had been separated. After a while, the Manipura finally burst into light and joined the fight.


The Xin lamp replenished the fire again. It was suppressing the light of the three chakras and keeping them from leaving the body. At the same time, the pain Mu Yi was experiencing had reached a new level. Under the burning of the Nanming Li fire, the light of the chakras began to integrate.


Mu Yi had already forgotten his body. He was only thinking of persisting. His body was becoming transparent, his bones were becoming jade-colored, and his flesh was tinged with gold. His body seemed to have shrunk into skin and bones. His glowing form was pure as it integrated with the light of the three chakras completely. However, the Xin lamp was dim. Even the Nanming Li Fire seemed a little quiet.


His bones and muscles were like jade crystals. His viscera were surrounded by the light condensed by the chakras. They had not been burned to ashes by the Nanming Li Fire. The biggest change was the Seed of Tao in his heart, which seemed to have absorbed the light of the three chakras.

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