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Chapter 320 Rapid progress


“Sister Ruyan, why hasn’t my brother come out after such a long time? “


Nian Nuer had been on alert ever since Mu Yi went into closed-door cultivation. He hadn’t been out and even the food sent in had not been eaten, which made her worry. After all, Mu Yi still needed to eat and drink water. Almost half a month had passed since he went in there.


She could feel that the secret room was still there and even tried to get in from the secret way several times to check on Mu Yi. She remembered that Mu Yi said unless he went out, he would not let himself be disturbed, so she could only endure.


“Don’t worry, he will be okay.” Mo Ruyan said.


Her tone was uncertain as if she didn’t believe her own words. Even though she knew that Mu Yi had all sorts of incredible abilities, she was also worried. She hadn’t been able to practice well in half a month.


Big Slave had been practicing hard, as if he was possessed by the devil, unless Nian Nuer said something. He didn’t have a lot of thoughts taking up his mind so his speed was far faster than other people. He naturally made rapid progress. Although he had not yet reached the third level, his pure light was fleeting and his strength was not far from the third level.


Mo Ruyan was being left behind all of them. She also realized this, but she couldn’t calm down. Forcing herself to practice wasn’t helping.


“Yes, my brother is the best. I’m sure it will be okay.” Nian Nuer said, waving her fist hard.


Qi Yu came to visit from time to time to see if Mu Yi had come out. She also came to tell them news about Prince Chun. Prince Chun still had no intention of leaving. On the contrary, Cangzhou City had become more guarded. A few days ago, Prince Chun was attacked but the assassin fled.


As the actual controller of Cangzhou City, Qi Yu naturally knew the identity of the assassin. It was the strange woman who had entered the Forbidden City and stolen the key to the Yellow River’s ancient road. She had come to Cangzhou City and was the enemy of Prince Chun.


As for her motivation, that was a little confusing. After all, according to Leng Yu, the key to the Yellow River’s ancient road in the Forbidden City had been changed to a fake one. Prince Chun was the person in charge of it. He sent people to chase and kill her, so was it revenge?


Fortunately, Mo Ruyan hadn’t gone out, otherwise she would have been found.


  • ··············


In the quiet chamber, a strong sound erupted, like thunder. Mu Yi breathed out with the sound. His shriveled body quickly recovered as he breathed. There was a sheen of gold on his body, but then it disappeared.


Mu Yi felt like he had been sleeping for several years when he woke up. His mind and spirit soon cleared and he was able to understand everything. During the process, he could not bear the pain and his consciousness almost collapsed. Mu Yi’s consciousness slipped into the seed in his heart so all the pain of his body had nothing to do with him after that.


After his consciousness was immersed in the Tao seed, he couldn’t feel the passage of time. The biggest harvest of his consciousness being immersed in the Tao was that he was no longer ignorant about cultivation. He also had a comprehensive understanding about what he had learned before. He felt that his Tao of charm would soon reach the third level.


Mu Yi was also studying the Sutra of the Seven Methods of the Yin and the Fu, especially the Five Dragons Godly Skills.


‘There are five Qi in Godly Skills, for which God is the leader, heart is the shed, and virtue is the human. It all relates to the Tao. Tao and its discipline is the beginning of heaven and earth. The creation of things contains the intangible. You can’t see its shape, or know its name, which is called God. The Tao, or the source of the gods, purpose is to nourish five Qi with virtue.’


The Five Dragons Godly Skills cultivated five Qi in the chest. Although Mu Yi’s consciousness was immersed in the Tao seed, his body still worked on its own after he fully understood it. He had started to nourish the Five Spirits in his organs and even achieved initial results.


His mind and spirit power had doubled. No wonder Leng Yu said that the Sutra of the Seven Methods of the Yin and the Fu were the way of mind and spirit. If all seven skills were practiced, would his power increase seven times?


The benefits gained were not as simple as Leng Yu said. Unfortunately, he could only practice two skills at most. He knew that Xu Hai got one, Leng Yu got one, Ning Wuque got one, Qin Sanchao and Dong Chuanjiang got one together, and he himself got one. He didn’t know who got the remaining two.


Ning Wuque went out to chase him and was unable to participate in the competition for the last two bamboo slips. Among the four people left, Xu Hai was the most powerful, and should have gotten another one. Leng Yu had magic weapons to help him. He might have got another one. As for Qin Sanchao and Dong Chuanjiang, although they joined hands, Mu Yi didn’t support them. After all, one of them had been injured and their strength was lower, so it was already good to get one.


The biggest possibility was that Xu Hai had two bamboo slips, Leng Yu had two, Qin Sanchao and Dong Chuanjiang had one, Ning Wuque had one and he had one. The Sutra of the Seven Methods of the Yin and the Fu were all divided up.


Mu Yi gave Leng Yu a skill and was given one back, but the other skill wasn’t mentioned. Mu Yi was satisfied that he had gotten one more skill. He didn’t have time to practice the skill though. He only practiced Five Dragons Godly Skills.


In addition to the power of mind and spirit, his will was now like iron. If he experienced the same pain next time, he could hold on longer. Even the Tao seed became more solid, which was enough to excite Mu Yi. This was the basis of the Tao seed and it was also the basis of seeking Tao. If he could use this method to make the Tao seed completely solid, he would only have to wait for success when crossing to the top of the third difficulty.


There were three obstacles to achieving the third difficulty. Seeking the Tao was the biggest one. From ancient times to the present, many talented people fell there. Mu Yi didn’t know how long it would take to fully consolidate the Tao seed. Mu Yi could only make a little progress but even that made him happy.


There was also a surprise that came from practicing Vajra glaze body. He estimated that the strength of his body alone might not be inferior to Big Slave. He was really gifted and born with supernatural power. He could catch up with him simply by cultivating Vajra glaze body and he was only at the third level of the art.


Mu Yi’s progress was abnormal considering how many years Liao Fan had cultivated and only reached the fourth difficulty. He could make such rapid progress mostly because he had a good foundation. As long as he remained stable, he might soon catch up with Liao Fan.

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