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Chapter 321 Out

The Taoist priest finally had a little growth, but the biggest return really was the change of the chakras in his body. Under the pressure of Nanming Li fire, the light of the three chakras was condensed and integrated. The chakras were no longer mysterious. Mu Yi could clearly feel the three chakras.


There was more to it than just that. As his mind moved, a circle of light suddenly appeared behind his head. If you looked closely, you would find that the circle of light overlapped. That’s because there were three circles, corresponding to the three chakras.


As soon as the chakras appeared, Mu Yi felt like a force from the underworld had been given to him, increasing his strength. Along with the surging mind power and the Vajra glaze body, Mu Yi was not any lower than Ning Wuque. In terms of strength, he was at the top of the second difficulty.


Feeling the power tumbling around in his body, Mo Yi smiled a little. The top of the second difficulty. Even if he had just started, he was a rare expert in this world. He felt more confident in his position of holding the Vermilion Bird’s Flag now.


Originally, Mu Yi intended to open the fourth chakra. Yet even without it, his strength had greatly increased. He would not be afraid to meet the people in Hell or Ning Wuque in his current state. It would take some time to get familiar with his new power. After he had full control, it would not be too late to open the fourth chakra.


Mu Yi was not in a hurry. It was more important to lay a good foundation. His situation was also a bit special. He had never heard that the chakras in his body could be integrated, so he couldn’t ask others about it rashly. He could only wait and verify it himself later.


The unity of chakras brought benefits to him, but he didn’t know how long it would last. If the benefits were active all the time that would be best but Mu Yi knew that couldn’t be possible. It consumed the power of chakras so it was absolutely impossible to keep it going all the time. It wasn’t the right time to see how long the chakras could last either.


Mu Yi knew that they were waiting for him to come out. As soon as he woke up, his mind and spirit surged out and alerted them. Although he didn’t know how long he had been in the room this time, it couldn’t be short. If he didn’t eat or drink for such a long time, they would be worried. Mu Yi got up and prepared to go out. He paused for a bit and took stock of his body.


It’s worthy of being a Vajra glaze body. If I had such a body when I was facing White Wuchang last time, even if he slapped my chest, there would be no damage.


Mu Yi opened the door and a figure burst in, jumping into Mu Yi’s arms.


“Oh, brother, I thought I would never see you again.” Nian Nuer said, holding Mu Yi tightly.


“Don’t cry. How could your brother have any trouble?” Mu Yi smiled bitterly and patted Nian Nuer’s back.


He also thought he would wake up once every two or three days, eat something, and continue in that way. After all, it was impossible for him not to eat or drink. However, he didn’t expect that his consciousness would escape into the Tao seed. The Nanming Li fire and the three chakras provided everything the body needed so that he didn’t die. This kind of situation was not ideal. One mistake could lead to him starving to death and becoming a joke.


“Is brother really okay?” Nian Nuer raised her head and looked at Mu Yi.


“Not only am I okay, but my strength has increased.” Mu Yi said with a smile.


“Really? My brother is too good.” Nian Nuer said happily.


Mu Yi nodded, then looked at Mo Ruyan behind her. Although she didn’t speak, he could see the concern on her face.


“How long have I been inside this time?” Mu Yi asked directly.


“My brother has been shut up for half a month. My sister Ruyan and I were very worried about you.” Nian Nuer said.


“Half a month? Did anything happen during that time?”


Mu Yi was still worried about Prince Chun. Although his strength was low, the power he represented wasn’t to be underestimated. There was even an old eunuch at the top of the second difficulty around him.


“Prince Chun never gave up and continued to look for us, but we had Leng Yu’s support. So far, nothing has happened. A few days ago, someone attacked him. I was the woman who stole from the Forbidden City, but her attempt failed. Prince Chun is furious, and now the city is a mess.” Mo Ruyan explained softly.


“Oh, she not only dares to steal in the Forbidden City, but also to attack Prince Chun. She’s really a strange woman.” Mu Yi nodded as he walked out.


Although the assassination attempt failed, she was able to escape from the old monster who was at the top of the second difficulty. This level of strength should not be underestimated. Based on her actions, it was clear that she wanted to seize the key to Yellow River’s ancient road.


Mu Yi didn’t understand. Mu Yi didn’t keep thinking about it. Mo Ruyan’s revenge couldn’t be delayed. Although he couldn’t kill Prince Chun, those two couldn’t be forgiven. If he could force Prince Chun away that would be even better. Otherwise, he would not be free.


“I admire that sister too.” Nian Nuer said.


Prince Chun sent people to nearly kill Big Slave, and Mo Ruyan got hurt. The little girl hated him. She was naturally happy to hear about his misfortune. She even liked the strange woman she hadn’t met.


“Just don’t make trouble for me. I’ll wash up first and go meet Leng Yu. We’ll talk about it.”


Mu Yi put down Nian Nuer and went to bathe. Although he didn’t eat or drink for half a month, he didn’t feel any discomfort. His body was full of energy. Even if he fought for three days and three nights, he would not be tired.


Later, Mu Yi entered the Tingyu Building from the back. Qi Yu seemed to know that he was coming. She waited for him at the stairway, and then took him to Leng Yu’s room.  Leng Yu was sitting inside. A pair of bright eyes looked at Mu Yi through the mask. It seemed that she wanted to see through him. Mu Yi sat for a long time before she spoke.


“It’s obviously because of great strength that your eyes are bright, but I can’t feel your opened chakras. Your physical strength seems to have increased. Have you cultivated some kind of magic? Your mind and spirit strength has increased as well. You must have practiced Five Dragons Godly Skills. In just half a month, you have surprised me.”


It seemed as if she knew everything about Mu Yi, like those eyes could really see through everything.


“The landlord’s eyes are like torches. This time, I cultivated and had an epiphany, so I gained great strength. As for my body training skill, it was given by a good friend of the Buddhist Taoist. It’s called the Vajra glaze body. The mind and spirit power is exactly as the landlord expected. It’s due to the Five Dragons Godly Skills.” Mu Yi said directly.


Mu Yi didn’t hide anything. It didn’t matter if he told Leng Yu about these things, because his real secret was the Tao seed in his heart and the combining of the three chakras. Exposing Vajra glaze body didn’t matter. They could trust each other more this way.


Vajra glaze body? It’s a wonder that this magical skill hasn’t been heard of before. Since it’s a unique secret skill, it’s a good chance for you.” Leng Yu’s voice was a little strange, “But your, a Taoist, practicing the Buddha’s magic. I don’t know what would happen if you were found out by your master.”


“My master died long ago. Who stipulated that Taoists could not learn from Buddhism? As long as we can enhance our strength, why can’t we learn? ” Mu Yi asked casually.


“You are so bold.” Leng Yu shook her head.


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