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Chapter 322 Seeking for the Way


 Looking at Leng Yu, Mu Yi realized there must be something more to it. So he decided to ask her directly


“I don’t understand what you’re saying.”


“Didn’t your master tell you about the taboo of cultivation?” Leng Yu said.


“Taboo? If I am a Taoist, I can’t practice Buddhism?” Mu Yi asked. 


He immediately thought about the Vajra glaze. Did Liao Fan deliberately try to harm him? It was probably that he didn’t know anything about it. After all, although Liao Fan was powerful, he was still of the young generation and his teacher died early. He never had thoughts of anything except Buddhism and Taoism, so it was normal that he didn’t know things.


Leng Yu was an Envoy of the Ear Group ten years ago. Her strength had reached the top of the second difficulty. She knew many secrets that others didn’t know. Therefore, Mu Yi didn’t doubt her.


“You can. If it’s a common method, there is no harm in it. Have you ever heard that an eminent monk, Taoist or immortal suddenly changed his cultivation and fell into the other side’s camp?” Leng Yu said directly.


“No. Is there a reason?” Mu Yi asked.


“Of course. You need to know that Buddhism and Taoism are two different ways. They have different ideas. Although there are thousands of different ways to achieve the same goal, you are at a critical moment. Even the way has not been found and you have started learning a combination of Buddhism and Taoism, aren’t you looking for death?” Leng Yu said directly.


“A combination of Buddhism and Taoism isn’t okay?” Mu Yi said.


“Everything is not absolute, but at least before you find your own way doing such things could lead to death. If you want to achieve something, you need to constantly study its essence. If you want to find your own way, you need to first understand the true meaning of Taoism. If you just want to seek one path it’s fine, but you also want to cultivate Vajra glaze body. You must study the essence of Buddhism as well. Do you think that in this case, your original mind can be firm and keep the true meaning of Taoism? How arduous is the journey of seeking Tao? A little deviation can have large consequences.” Leng Yu said as if she had pity on Mu Yi.


Leng Yu’s words felt like a basin of cold water being poured over him. All the previous joy was gone, even his heart was in disorder now. She had made him think about the final result of the incompatibility of the two ways. It could end in death, but he was extremely reluctant to give up. After all, Vajra glaze body enhanced his strength.


He looked at Leng Yu with hope and asked, “Has there never been success by cultivating this way?”


Mu Yi still held confidence that he was a bit different from others. As long as others could succeed, he could succeed. Maybe the combination of Buddhism and Taoism could help him achieve more.




Leng Yu could guess Mu Yi’s thoughts. After all, anyone practicing such a magic skill would be thrown off by what she had said. It would obviously be hard to accept.


“No one has succeeded?” Mu Yi’s heart skipped a beat.


“Maybe you still feel like you can but I want to tell you that you should get rid of these unrealistic ideas as soon as possible. No one in the world is guaranteed to succeed. Of course, you may have the slight chance of success in the future.” Leng Yu said with a smile, “But is that really what you want to hear?”


Mu Yi shook his head. He was not the kind of person who deceived himself.


“Can I keep the Vajra glaze body?” Mu Yi asked. 


Although it was only at the third level, he had already realized the extraordinary power of this magic skill. He had greatly enhanced his strength and he didn’t feel any discomfort. Others didn’t know that he had a rudimentary Tao seed in his heart, but he knew. When he cultivated, there was no response from the Tao seed. Couldn’t that mean something? He knew Leng Yu didn’t lie, which made it difficult for him to decide whether to listen to Leng Yu or to believe in his own feelings.




Mu Yi thought Leng Yu would definitely say no, but she said it was okay. He couldn’t help looking at her with a puzzled expression.


“Your life is your own and it has nothing to do with me if you die. You can rest assured that there will be no danger when you seek for the way, at least before you reach the top of the second difficulty. Unless you have the courage to cut down your own future and never go for the third difficulty, you may be able to save your life. Are you willing?” Leng Yu said.


“Not willing.” Mu Yi simply shook his head and said, “Can’t I just discard Vajra glaze body before I go to find the way?”


“Although Vajra glaze body is used to cultivate the body, in the process of cultivation, your heart has already been stained with the true meaning of Buddhism. Do you think that even if you discard Vajra glaze body at that time, you can erase it? Once something starts, there will be no turning back. It’s about your future road. This is all I have to say. As for whether you listen or not, it’s up to you.” Leng Yu  said finally.


“I take it for granted. Thank you for your help.” Mu Yi smiled wryly.


He no longer pressed the issue. In fact, Leng Yu had made it clear that it was about whether he was willing. Everything else was his decision. Leng Yu nodded when she saw that Mu Yi seemed to actually understand. As she said just now, unless Mu Yi was willing to give up the third difficulty, there was no way to find. 


“By the way, I don’t know anything about seeking for the way. I wonder if the landlord is willing to help me out?” Mu Yi asked, thinking of his Tao seed. 


The formation of his Tao seed was before the cultivation of Vajra glaze body. The reason why he felt unimpeded was because of this, right?


Leng Yu was stunned. It seemed that she didn’t expect Mu Yi to ask this question. Then she shook her head gently. Mu Yi thought she was refusing.


“Although it’s a little too early to talk to you about seeking the way, you will experience it sooner or later. It’s okay to tell you in place of your master.” Leng Yu said.


“Thank you very much.” Mu Yi rejoiced.


Leng Yu had reached the top of the second difficulty early. If she didn’t have a certain understanding of the third difficulty, Mu Yi wouldn’t believe it. If the other side was willing to teach him, he could definitely avoid many detours. Maybe the opportunity he wanted could be found here.


“You’re welcome. To seek Tao is to seek one’s true intention, but in fact, true intention is too illusory, and this is only a disguised statement. How can true intention become Tao? In fact, what we really want to seek for is our life’s practice.”


“There are three levels of Tao. The first is the illusory true intention, also called the way of the self, which is just a legend that no one can find. The second is the natural way of earth and sky. What we are looking for is the way of earth and sky. It’s a pity that there is the heavenly curse, locking the chakras of the human body and making the road of cultivation very difficult. How can we open the way to the earth and sky? So now the way of earth and sky is specious. It seems to be there, but it’s just a mirror image. In the end, it’s just a void. So this road is a deadend.”


“The third is the last hope of practitioners. What we are looking for is the way of practice. Since ancient times, there has been the theory of practice. So the third difficulty is called both Godly Man and true man. The truth here is the true meaning of practice. The true meaning is pure and different. The Taoist is quiet and inaction and the Buddhist is blissful in the West. This is the true meaning of Taoist and Buddhist. Do you think the two can be integrated? Once the true meaning is no longer pure, the search is doomed to failure.”


“Since ancient times, there has been only one result when failing in seeking Tao. That is the cultivation will be abandoned and the individual will be a useless person for the rest of his life. There will be no hope left.” Leng Yu said.


Since ancient times, this cultivation and seeking for Tao have been so cruel that no one could have wavering minds. Only then could they succeed and become Godly Man.


“Is the way of self really just a legend?” Mu Yi couldn’t help asking.


“I knew you couldn’t resist asking.” Leng Yu looked at Mu Yi with a smile.

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