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Chapter 323 Meet Master


Mu Yi couldn’t conceal his thoughts in front of Leng Yu. When the way of heaven and earth was cut off and the way of cultivation required a man to sacrifice himself, the only hope was the legendary way of pursuing self. Obviously, Mu Yi still hadn’t given up and wanted to pursue it.

Originally, in Leng Yu’s eyes, Mu Yi had good qualifications and acted meticulously. He may be able to go a step further and become an expert of the third difficulty in the future. Now, she was a bit disappointed in him and didn’t think he would be able to accomplish it. How could a person who could not even distinguish what he should give up and what he could gain overcome the final difficulty?

“Please give me some advice.” Mu Yi said.

He was a junior to Leng Yu. He should call her master, so he didn’t have to feel embarrassed about this. Especially since, this matter concerned his future and was of paramount importance.

“Since you want to know, I will tell you.” Leng Yu nodded her head, and continued, “The way of conscience was also called the way of the original self. The reason why it was thought to be the great truth was because peoples thoughts varied and their desires would not disappear even if they became saints. The actual self was insubstantial. So we have to first believe that we are insubstantial, then we can find the actual self. “

 Leng Yu finished and looked at Mu Yi. She wanted to hear his thoughts.

“Is this the way of the actual self? Should we believe that we are insubstantial? But then is the world real?” Mu Yi said.

“The way of the actual self is too illusory, but we can pursue the way of cultivation. Can’t we then get a seed of Taoism in advance and let it grow slowly. That way I can improve myself through cultivation then find the great truth.” Mu Yi said quietly.

“If your master was still alive, I’m afraid he would be angry with you.” Leng Yu sighed and shook her head as if Mu Yi was an idiot.

“Please help me out, master.” Mu Yi said.

“Master?” Leng Yu was so stunned that she stood up. “I was one of the Envoys in charge of the four flags with your master, so you can call me master. You have to understand that if you still want to step into the third difficulty, you should discard the Vajra glaze body. Without it, you can still retain 70-80% of your physical strength.”

“As for what you just said, it’s just nonsense which will only be laughed at by others. If you want to find it, you should know that there are no shortcuts to obtaining the seeds of Taoism.” Leng Yu looked at Mu Yi and said.

“Nonsense?” Mu Yi was a bit frightened by that.

At least he could be sure that his situation was a special case. The seed of Taoism was already in his heart and would grow slowly. Since Leng Yu didn’t know about the seed of Taoism, her predictions may not come true. Vajra glaze body didn’t need to be discarded at this time.

He had two unique skills of Taoism and Buddhism, one for spiritual cultivation and the other for physical cultivation. This typical internal and external cultivation could help him find the way to the great truth. In this way, his strength would definitely be enhanced greatly. Mu Yi knew he could not be careless if he practiced the Vajra glaze body. He should be cautious, if there was an unusual action in the seed of Taoism, he would discard Vajra glaze body.

He was greedy, but he still had sense. Compared to the third difficulty, a Vajra glaze body could be given up completely. The reason why he hesitated was that he wanted to figure out the seed of Taoism and his own situation first. If there was a way to keep both sides, he would.

“As you call me master, I’ll find a proper method for you to practice. It’s not as good as Vajra glaze body, but good enough for you to use.” Leng Yu said.

“Thank you very much, master.” Mu Yi sincerely thanked her. 

Leng Yu was apathetic all the time, while still being sincere to him. Otherwise, she didn’t need to teach him anything.

“Not at all. If your master was alive, he would teach you these things. If you call me master, I can’t let you go astray. So you can’t practice the Vajra glaze body again.” Leng Yu said directly.

“Yes, master.”

Mu Yi’s attitude made Leng Yu satisfied. He was now her apprentice. What’s more, Mu Yi was the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. Once he took over his organization and joined together with her, they would become the largest gang in the world.

“By the way, I asked Qi Yu to tell you about Prince Chun. What do you think of him?” Leng Yu said to Mu Yi.

“Prince Chun? He almost killed Big Slave, so I will take revenge.” Mu Yi said with hatred.

Prince Chun came to Cangzhou City for the key to Yellow River’s ancient road. He would kill him if necessary. From this point of view, he and Prince Chun were enemies. There was no reason to let him go.

“Do you know the consequences of him dying in Cangzhou City?” Leng Yu asked, staring at Mu Yi.

“I know, master don’t worry. I will definitely not kill him in Cangzhou City. It’s not too late to kill him when he returns to the capital.” Mu Yi said directly.

“It is not easy to kill Prince Chun. Be careful.” Leng Yu nodded.

“I’ll be careful, not to act rashly until I’m not strong enough.” Mu Yi said.

His strength was increased, but he was only a match to that old eunuch. He couldn’t escape unhurt after killing Prince Chun. So it was better to wait until he had absolute assurance.

“That’s good.” Leng Yu nodded her head with satisfaction.

“It’ll be time to leave for the south soon, right?” Leng Yu said.

“Exactly.” Mu Yi nodded.

He was chased by Ning Wuque and had been healing his wounds for more than ten days at Tie Niu’s home. He sealed the ghost king in Thousand Sound Temple and after that, it took about twenty days to heal himself and half a month to practice. So, there were not many days left until May fifth. He must arrive at Laosicheng City in Western Hunan Province before that and wait for Li the Cripple.

Mu Yi wanted to take revenge for Big Slave and Mo Ruyan, but Prince Chun still had no intention of leaving Cangzhou City. He could only go to the west of Hunan Province first, to find the body of the old Taoist Priest and re-bury him at Funiu Mountain. He could find another chance to kill Prince Chun in the capital at that time.

He thought that as long as the body of the old Taoist Priest was found, he could go back to Funiu Mountain and live in seclusion. However, the more people he met, the more he was gradually caught in the world, unable to escape.

“We’ll talk about Prince Chun when you come back. As for you going to the south, don’t forget what I told you last time.” Leng Yu solemnly said.

“Don’t worry, master. I’ll try my best to take the position of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.” Mu Yi said.

The Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag was in charge of the south If he could become a real Envoy, it would be easier to find Li the Cripple and the old Taoist Priest. Moreover, the Xin lamp was in his hand, he must fight since he didn’t want to give it to anybody.

“Then I can rest assured. Your strength has improved a lot and is not weaker than the top of the second difficulty, but you must be careful. His strength is not weaker than mine. He might even be a little stronger than me at this time.” Leng Yu confessed.

“The Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag?” Mu Yi asked.

“Yes. Most of your territory is occupied by him. Do you think he will let you go if he knows about your past?” Leng Yu said.

Mu Yi was looking for an opponent to test out his new strength anyway. When his state was stable, he could open the fourth chakra. At that time, even if he couldn’t beat him down, he could escape without injury.

Leng Yu stared at Mu Yi for a while before saying, “You are very brave. You can go now. Just come back to see me when you are ready to leave for the south.”

“Good bye, master.” After Mu Yi finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Unexpectedly, he came here and gained a master. He learned more about cultivation from Leng Yu this time too.

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