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Chapter 324 The Leave of Mo Ruyan


That night, Prince Chun’s two bodyguards were killed and hung at the gate of the tower. The news spread quickly around Cangzhou City. People didn’t know who the important man from the capital was at first, but after the attack last time they had figured it out. He was the brother of the Emperor, the famous Prince Chun.

No one thought that Prince Chun’s two bodyguards would be killed. It was undoubtedly a slap in Prince Chun’s face, an obvious provocation. Many people wanted to watch it play out. After all, not everyone wanted Prince Chun to stay in Cangzhou City. The cultivators who came here to seize the key to the Yellow River’s ancient road were especially against it. So many experts were under his command. If he intervened, no one could have an opportunity.

Even if Prince Chun’s strength was stronger than that of others, in front of the whole Qing Dynasty, he suddenly became powerless. Many people were overjoyed and were grateful to the person who did it.

Prince Chun was furious. For a while, Cangzhou City was in a state of panic. Prince Chun killed a group of people just to show his dissatisfaction. There was no trace of the murderer even after several days, and the only true expert left under his command was the old eunuch.

He had received news that Mu Yi appeared in the north. After considering everything, he finally decided to leave Cangzhou City and return to the capital. No one dared to fight against him there,. His safety could be guaranteed.

Although Prince Chun was ambitious, he was extremely afraid of death, which was why he must be protected by elite soldiers. More and more cultivators were gathering in Cangzhou City, which was a sign of chaos arising. If Prince Chun stayed any longer, something bad could happen to him. As soon as Prince Chun left, people in Cangzhou City wanted to set off firecrackers to celebrate. 

Others might not know who killed Prince Chun’s two bodyguards, but Tingyu Building knew and Mo Ruyan had also guessed. Mu Yi killed them. He decided to let Prince Chun go, but it didn’t mean that he would let go of the two who almost killed Big Slave. They were of the fifth grade and sixth grade respectively and could be considered as top experts in the world. In front of Mu Yi, they didn’t have any power to fight back.

“You’re going?” Mu Yi asked.

The day after Prince Chun left, Mo Ruyan also came to Mu Yi and said goodbye. Mu Yi was a little surprised and also a little reluctant.

“Yes. This time I came out without my father knowing about it. I wanted to practice my marksmanship and become a first-class master. Now I have realized my dreams. Although I’m not strong enough to take revenge for my brothers who died before, it’s time to go back.” Mo Ruyan said, deliberately not looking at Mu Yi.

“I’m going to the south in two days. I will pass by the Quyi Villa, kill Qu Yang, and avenge your brothers.” Mu Yi thought for a moment and said.

In fact, Quyi Villa was not on the way, but so what?

“No, I plan to avenge them myself. Him being there will remind me not to relax.” Mo Ruyan shook her head and said.

She was with Mu Yi and Big Slave all this time which forced her to work harder. She knew that Mu Yi’s talent was not something she could catch up to. So although Mu Yi kept improving, she only admired him. The muddleheaded Big Slave also made rapid progress, even the little girl Nian Nuer made continuous progress in a short time.

She was the only one who had been making no progress. It wasn’t because she didn’t work hard, but because she couldn’t catch up with Mu Yi no matter how hard she tried. The gap between her strength and Mu Yi’s became wider and wider. It made her desperate but when she calmed down and thought about it carefully, she finally understood the problem.

Her talent wasn’t really poor, but she lacked a sense of urgency. She didn’t know what Mu Yi was fighting for, but she knew that he must have his reasons for pushing forward. Big Slave, after his life-threatening injury, started to advance by leaps and bounds.

When she was apart from Mu Yi, she continuously challenged famous experts. During that period, she also made rapid progress, until she met Mu Yi. She felt safe and so her cultivation speed slowed down. It also had something to do with her breaking through the first-class realm and being in a stabilization period, but she couldn’t deny that her progress would surely be faster without Mu Yi.

Mu Yi was going to the south. It was a very dangerous trip and he would have to face many powerful opponents. If she went along with Mu Yi, she would become a burden. Mo Ruyan, as the young escort leader of Mo Ruyan escort agency, was naturally proud. How could she be willing to become a burden? She decided to leave Mu Yi and wander alone, only this way could her strength improve rapidly.

Mo Ruyan’s action were her way of forcing herself, but without this kind of determination her future achievements would stop here. Mu Yi looked at Mo Ruyan and sighed seeing the light in her eyes. If he forced her to stay, maybe she would, but he didn’t want to force her. Everyone had to find their own way.

He was very happy these days. He had no friends before. Mo Ruyan was walking into his heart and becoming his friend. As for the faint love between them, he didn’t even realize it yet.

“Well, since you have made up your mind, I won’t object. If you have some time in the future, please contact me. I’m sure you’ll be able to find me.” Mu Yi was silent for a moment and then said.

Mo Ruyan and Qi Yu were sisters. As long as she sent a letter to Qi Yu, no matter where he was, he would get the news. Mo Ruyan’s body trembled slightly. She didn’t know why she felt she was losing something, maybe because Mu Yi didn’t ask her to stay.

“I will.” Mo Ruyan nodded, then turned away.

Looking at her back, Mu Yi opened his mouth, but didn’t say anything. He didn’t know what he should say. Should he say take care of yourself, don’t go or see you later? The words on the tip of this tongue turned into a sigh.

Nian Nuer was the saddest when Mo Ruyan left. She had regarded Mo Ruyan as her older sister since a long time ago. She asked Mu Yi to make Mo Ruyan stay, but Mu Yi didn’t do anything but let Mo Ruyan. This little girl got angry with Mu Yi which was like a miracle.

She came to Mu Yi again soon after but she still looked unhappy. After all, Mo Ruyan shared one life with Mu Yi before and had lived with them for a long time. Her position in Big Slave’s mind was no less than that of Mu Yi now so even he was affected.

“Brother, will we see sister Ruyan again?” Nian Nuer asked timidly, lying in Mu Yi’s arms.

“Of course, your sister Ruyan just went home. We can still meet her in the future. When we have a chance, I will take you to see her.” Mu Yi comforted Nian Nuer.

“Okay. We’ll find sister Ruyan later.” Nian Nuer said seriously.

“Brother assures you.”

 After receiving the guarantee from Mu Yi, Nian Nuer reluctantly let it go. Qi Yu scolded Mu Yi for not being a man, and left angrily when she found out. Mu Yi smiled bitterly. He went to his room and began to draw charms. Mo Ruyan was leaving so he gave her the last back to life charm he had and some other useful charms. Mo Ruyan silently accepted them as a parting gift.

Mu Yi still had to give Leng Yu three back to life charms before he left the city so he went to meet her. They stayed together for several hours. When Mu Yi left Tingyu Building, it was already dark outside. However, the debt of three back to life charms had been paid off. Mu Yi even had two left.

More places in the barren mountain area withered. Those places made Mu Yi feel a bit bitter and disappointed. Mu Yi thought about whether he should give up on using the back to life charm. However, the back to life charm was tantamount to a life at a critical moment. In the face of this temptation, no one would be willing to give it up.

“Ah, I can only do more charitable things in the future and accumulate some merits.” Mu Yi said quietly.

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