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Chapter 325 Sparrow Organization


The day before they left, Big Slave broke through and reached the third-grade of first-class. His body shrank again. Some people may be surprised by his size but he definitely wouldn’t be associated with the giant following the Taoist priest anymore. Big Slave was nearly a foot tall before. Mu Yi couldn’t reach his chest when standing in front of him but now Mu Yi was about to reach his chin. It would save them a lot of trouble.

Big Slave’s strength increased a lot as his body shrunk. Big Slave also had abnormal defense abilities, now even Nian Nuer couldn’t defeat him. He could now be of real assistance to Mu Yi. They left Cangzhou City by carriage not knowing when they would return.

“You could have gone with him.”

There were two figures standing on the city gate. One of them was shrouded in a broad cloak. The other was dressed in a long pale yellow dress. It was Leng Yu and Qi Yu.

“No, I just want to serve you all my life.” Qi Yu shook her head and said.

“I hope you won’t regret it in the future.” Leng Yu said.

“I will not regret it.”

Qi Yu looked in the direction of the departing carriage, but it was long gone. There was a dimness to her eyes. What she was thinking about was not Mu Yi, but the words that Mo Ruyan said to her before she left. He was such a cold man.


Laosicheng, the King City of the Tu people, ushered in Mu Yi and his group who endured a long journey. The day they left Cangzhou City, they were attacked. Although the enemy’s strength was not great, Mu Yi knew that his travel plans had been revealed. If he took a carriage again, he would inevitably find trouble. He made a quick decision to just walk through the wilderness. They finally arrived at Laosicheng on the second day of May.

Even with Mu Yi’s strength, it was hard to avoid feeling fatigued. Not to mention how tired Big Slave and Nian Nuer were. They stood out upon entering the city due to their clothing. The city was located in a remote place. Therefore, few outsiders would visit and when they came, most of them wore clothing of the Tu people.

“Brother, how strange their clothes are!” Nian Nuer said, taking Mu Yi by the hand as her eyes wandered.

“I made some mistakes this time. We should have changed in advance so that we wouldn’t attract much attention.” Mu Yi said.

He had quickly realized how much they stood out. He frowned but it was too late now. They had to find a place to settle down first.

“Where should we go now?” Nian Nuer asked.

“There should be an inn here. Let’s find it.” Mu Yi said.

They walked around and finally found an inn. Later, Mu Yi asked them to stay in the inn and he went out on his own. When he came back, he brought back three sets of clothes. After changing, they looked like the Tu people. As long as they didn’t speak, it would be difficult for others to distinguish them from the local people.

They didn’t go out and stayed in the inn. Mu Yi seemed to be waiting for someone. A moth flew into the room from somewhere, whirled around the oil lamp on the table several times, then fell into the fire and put out the flame. The room was left in complete darkness.


“Why do you hide now that you’ve come?” Mu Yi opened his eyes and said.

A small spark flashed in the darkness. The oil lamp on the table lit up again, illuminating the room. There was one more person in the room now. The visitor was dressed in a black suit, even his head was wrapped, only his eyes were visible.

“Stranger, since you called me here, you should know the rules.”

The man in black had a hoarse voice. His age couldn’t be discerned and he had a bad attitude. By figuring out Mu Yi’s identity, he was undoubtedly telling Mu Yi that your plans are well within my control, so you’d better not play tricks. Mu Yi was not surprised. He was rather relieved about the arrival of the man in black.

Leng Yu told him a lot about the Ear Group, especially about their ways of contact. Mu Yi didn’t just come to find the old Taoist Priest, but he also wanted the position of the envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. Laosicheng was the King City of the Tu people. Naturally, the Ear Group had power here. However, it belonged to the envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. 

Therefore, Mu Yi left a contact mark when he bought clothes in the morning, which could only be recognized by the Ear Group. Someone came as expected. For Mu Yi, as long as someone came, even if it was with hostility, it was better than having no one come.

“Look at Huai river by Vermilion Bird bridge!” Mu Yi said.

“Open the door to the lush mountain!” The man in black instinctively replied, after replying, he looked at Mu Yi surprisingly, “Which hall of the Vermilion Bird organization are you from?”

In the past, the Ear group was known for having one Lord, four envoys, twelve floors, twenty-four roads and seventy-two halls. Therefore, every flag envoy had three floors, six roads and eighteen halls. The line recited by Mu Yi represented the power of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. 

Therefore, the man in black asked which hall Mu Yi belonged to. Mu Yi didn’t speak. He took out a red token and tossed it gently. It was caught by the man in black.

“This is?”

The man in black looked at the token in his hand and his eyes sharpened. On the token, there was a phoenix bathing in fire. A word meaning bird was engraved below.

“What? Don’t know it?” Mu Yi said.

He used his mind power to take control of the token. It flew out of the man’s hand and into the air. Then a flame appeared on the token, which looked like a living Vermilion Bird circling around the token. When he saw the vision presented by the token, the man in black had an excited look in his eyes.

He knelt on the ground without any hesitation and said in an excited and devout voice,”I belong to the Sparrow Organization, and I have seen you, the flag envoy.”

The four flag envoys of the Ear group all had their own tokens and a set of special stimulation techniques. They were only understood by the flag envoys or the people who worked on behalf of the flag envoys. There was a rule in the group that tokens were tantamount to people and people holding this token represented the flag envoy.

Before Mu Yi left, Leng Yu gave this token to him. As for the reason why the token was in Leng Yu’s hands, only the old Taoist Priest and Leng Yu knew. From the moment Mu Yi took the token, he represented the flag envoy. The real symbol of the position of the flag envoy was the Xin lamp. Mu Yi’s holding the token didn’t guarantee the position.

The token that represented the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag had disappeared for a long time, so the other side didn’t recognize it at the beginning. In addition, the Ear group was split up before, many people had abandoned their identities. Most of the 72 halls had disappeared.

The envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag hadn’t appeared for so many years, their area was in a state of fragmentation. Most of it had been occupied by the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag. However, according to the expression of the man in black, he was still loyal to the envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. This was probably because Laosicheng was located in a remote place and had little connections with outsiders.

“Gui San, how many people are still loyal to the envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag?” Mu Yi asked.

He didn’t directly say he was the flag envoy because it was not the right time. He didn’t want to alert the enemies because he wasn’t prepared to compete with the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag until the old Taoist Priest was found. The reason why he summoned this person was so he could find Li the Cripple and the old Taoist Priest with ease.

“There used to be 120 people working in the sky and 240 people working in the ground. There are less than 100 people now. Sparrow Organization has declined over the years. Thanks to the insistence of the old leader we still have people. He believes that the flag envoy will come back.” Gui San respectfully said, kneeling on the ground with no intention of getting up.

“Less than a hundred?”

Mu Yi pondered for a moment. Compared to the 360 people in the peak period, Sparrow Organization was a lot smaller but the number actually exceeded Mu Yi’s expectation. He didn’t think that there were so many people left in the Sparrow Organization.

“Is your old lead E Gui?” Mu Yi asked directly.

He had gotten the name from Leng Yu. As an envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, he had to know something about the people under his command. Otherwise, he would be laughed.

“It’s leader E.” Gui San replied.

“Well, take me to see him.” Mu Yi said directly.


 Gui San didn’t show any hesitation about obeying Mu Yi’s orders because the token couldn’t be faked. As an older member of the Sparrow Organization, although Gui San hadn’t seen the real token before, the first thing that every member remembered after entering the hall was the name of the flag envoy and everything about the flag envoy. They had been waiting for this day too long.

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