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Chapter 326 The Power of Ear Group



   Mu Yi followed Gui San to a garden on a nearby mountain. It was old but well-maintained. It felt like it had a history. From a glance it could be seen that the architecture of the Tu people was not so different from the Han people. 

  Gui San ushered Mu Yi into a special room for visitors before hurrying off to find E Gui. Mu Yi sat down in a chair and waited quietly. He wasn’t in a hurry. He wasn’t worried about being in danger either so he had left Nian Nuer and Big Slave behind.

   Mu Yi hadn’t been sitting long when he heard someone rushing over. E Gui entered followed by Gui San. He looked to be in his fifties. Gui San’s excitement was obvious but E Gui was calm. He looked at Mu Yi and didn’t speak for a while. Mu Yi also observed the man quietly. As the silence stretched, Gui San looked like he wanted to speak but remained silent.

“Where is the token of the Envoy of the Flag?” E Gui said finally.

He watched Mu Yi closely. His face was calm, but his hands were shaking.

“Here you are.” Mu Yi said and threw out the token.

The token displayed the same vision from earlier and remained suspended in the air in front of E Gui. After seeing the token, E Gui’s calm expression broke. He reached out his hands and bowed his head.

“The leader of the Sparrow Organization, E Gui will receive the order.”

   As he spoke, the token fell into his hands. E Gui held the token reverently and knelt down. Gui San knelt down behind him. Since the old leader had confirmed it, the token was real. The man in front of them was the real Envoy of the Flag.

“E Gui has seen the Envoy of the Flag.”

“Gui San has seen the Envoy of the Flag.”

   They were not addressing or worshipping Mu Yi but the person behind the token. Mu Yi was too young to be the Envoy of the Flag. The fact that he was an emissary with his strength and age was hard enough. It didn’t matter to Mu Yi what they thought. He didn’t intend to reveal his identity. The position of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag could only be obtained slowly.

“It seems that you haven’t forgotten your identity.” Mu Yi nodded and said.

“I have not forgotten my identity. I have been waiting for the return of the Envoy of the Flag every day.” E Gui said excitedly.

“Very well, your loyalty will be rewarded. I have a task for you.” Mu Yi said directly.

“I will try my best.” E Gui said.

“The man in this picture will come to Laosi City on the fifth day of May. He might be hiding there now. You must find him, no matter the cost.” Mu Yi said.

He took out the picture he had someone draw of Li the Cripple. It was similar enough that as long as the man appeared, he would be recognized.

“Received!” E Gui said without hesitation.

“You can stand up. I know you have a lot of questions. I can answer some of them.” Mu Yi said, handing over the portrait.

He took back the token. It was a valuable asset and had undoubtedly saved him a lot of unnecessary trouble. With the help of the Sparrow Organization, Mu Yi believed that Li the Cripple would have no escape.

“Emissary, where is the Envoy of the Flag now?” E Gui asked excitedly.

“You don’t need to know!” Mu Yi replied. 

 He used the power of his mind and spirit as he stared at E Gui. E Gui felt as if he was being stared at by a crowd of beasts. The air around him was still and he could barely breathe. He was frozen in fear. The feeling quickly vanished as it was only a warning.

  E Gui, as the leader of such an organization, was not weak. Even though the Tu people practiced witchcraft, so strength was not easy to judge, he was a first-class expert. He had felt in that moment that his life wasn’t within his control. His heart was still racing but he wasn’t offended.

   Gui San obviously hadn’t felt anything. He was left wondering why the leader of the organization was trembling and breathing uneasily. He would have to ask the leader about it later.

  “Please forgive my blunder.” E Gui said.

“It’s the first time, so it’s okay. You don’t need to worry, the new Envoy of the Flag will lead us.” Mu Yi looked at E Gui and said.

   E Gui thought about that phrase, the new Envoy of the Flag. Most likely the Envoy of the Flag was not the same one. E Gui had expected that. The Envoy of the Flag would not have been absent for so many years if there hadn’t been an accident. The Sparrow Organization was loyal to the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, but their real master was the leader of the Ear Group.

   However, the leader of the Ear Group disappeared mysteriously a long time ago. A war had followed that caused the disintegration of the Ear Group. The Ear Group had been waiting for an opportunity to rise again. The chaos in the current world was a chance for them. Laosi city was in a remote place, but still had contact with the world. The Tu king was also a minister to the current emperor.

“Sparrow Organization is waiting for the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag to call anytime.” E Gui said.

“It won’t be long. Remember the task I gave you. When you receive news, let me know immediately.” After Mu Yi finished speaking, he disappeared.

E Gui and Gui San stared at each other. E Gui called out to Mu Yi but he didn’t respond. Only then were they sure that Mu Yi was really gone.

    “Lord, is that emissary true?” Gui San couldn’t help asking.

“He must be true. He had a token.” E Gui glared at Gui San.

He sat down in the chair. His face held no trace of his earlier excitement.

“Then we can…” Gui San started, but he didn’t dare to finish.

“Gui San, you are also an old member of the Sparrow Organization. Did you forget the original oath?” E Gui said coldly.

“I dare not forget. I have been in the Ear Group for my whole life.” Gui San said in a hurry.

“Then you should remember. The Ear Group is split, but that is just on the surface. Do you know why no one has dared to betray the Ear Group for so many years? Some people have left, but if one day the Ear Group needs them, they will return without hesitation.” E Gui said slowly.

“I don’t know.” Gui San shook his head.

“The Ear Group has seventy-two organization’s spread across the world. This is the surface of the Ear Group, but there are also twenty-four ways in the Ear Group. This is the secret power of the Ear Group and the real elites.”

“The seventy-two organizations are responsible for information and the twenty-four ways are used for killing. There is a mysterious power around the leader of the Ear Group according to legend. Anyone who dares to betray the Ear Group will be killed, no matter where they hide. The loyalty of people to the Ear Group was never simple.”

   E Gui shook his head. Gui San’s face filled with fear.

“The Envoy of the Flag has been missing for so many years. It is said that the Envoy of the Flag is dead. Otherwise, the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag wouldn’t dare take the power of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.” Gui San said.

“The previous generation’s Envoy of the Flag may have died, but the token has appeared. Do you know what that means?” E Gui said.

“There is a new Envoy of the Flag?” Gui San’s eyes widened.

“The dynasties have changed. It would have been nice if the Envoy of the Flag appeared three years earlier.” E Gui said with a sigh.

“Is it too late now? ” Gui San asked in bewilderment.

“It is too late. The Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag has gotten so strong. Unless the leader of the Ear Group reappears, it will be hard for the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag to regain his power.” E Gui said.

“So what? We don’t deal with those people very much anyway.” Gui San said.

“It’s not so simple. I’m afraid that it will no longer be peaceful from now on.” E Gui said and handed the picture to Gui San. “No matter what happens later, the Envoy of the Flag has given an order, we are going to work hard to finish it. We should use all the dark lines and find the man before the fifth day of May.”

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