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Chapter 327 The Holy Spirit


“Yes, Lord.” Gui San said, taking the picture. He turned around to leave but remembered something, “Lord, I don’t know if I should speak about this.”

“Speak up if there is something.” E Gui looked at Gui San and said.

“When I saw the emissary for the first time, I remembered that he called himself the seat.” Gui San said cautiously.

   He was an ordinary person, but he knew there was something special about this phrase. If he was just an emissary, he would just say that. If he remembered correctly, only the leader and the four Envoys of the flags were qualified to be called the seat.

“Are you sure?” E Gui stood up immediately and stared at Gui San.

“I’m sure.” Gui San nodded.

“The Seat and the emissary of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag? What could be their relationship?” E Gui got up and paced back and forth in the living room, “I remember you said before that the emissary was dressed as a Taoist?”

“Yes. There was a big man and a little girl beside him. They didn’t change their clothes until after they entered Laosi City.” Gui San said.

“A Taoist?” A flash of recognition crossed E Gui’s face.

“Lord…” Gui San asked cautiously.

 “Did you forget the rules? Don’t overstep.” E Gui snorted coldly. “Forget everything we discussed.”

 Gui San trembled in fear and turned to leave, “I said nothing and heard nothing.”

“Ah, what an eventful day.” E Gui said.

He sat down again once Gui San had left. His face was full of melancholy. All his thoughts and guesses only made him feel more troubled. E Gui never noticed the shadow at the door that didn’t disappear until after their conversation ended.

   There were less than a hundred people in the Sparrow Organization, but they were all formal members. The Ear Group was good at finding information. However, the really terrifying thing about the Ear Group was that your friends, the other half in your bed, and even your parents might be a secret line of the Ear Group. All of their secret lines formed a big net that covered the whole world. In this way, they could claim that everything could be known.

   Therefore, when the forces of the Sparrow Organization were launched to find one person, they wouldn’t be able to escape. Two days later, Mu Yi received news of Li the Cripple. He had just arrived and had appeared on the east side of the city. He was alone and no one was following him.

“What is in the east side of Laosi City?” Mu Yi asked.

   Mu Yi figured the reason Li the Cripple had come to the city had something to do with revenge. After acquiring the old Taoist Priest’s body, he would definitely try to improve the strength of the old Taoist Priest by any means. Mu Yi had learned that Laosi City was the ancient capital of the king for nearly 800 years. It was a very prosperous place.

   There were also mysterious places in the area and most of the people believed in witchcraft. However, Mu Yi was not sure what methods Li the Cripple would use. E Gui might be able to understand better since he was also a native of Tu.

“In the east, there is only a wasteland. It’s full of all kinds of poisonous insects and miasma. In Laosi City, it’s famous for being a dangerous place.” E Gui said.

“Anything else?” Mu Yi asked.

For zombies, these things couldn’t enhance their power. Qu Yang wouldn’t be afraid of any poisonous insects and miasma, unless Li the Cripple was just kicking up a cloud of dust. Mu Yi had come here too quietly for that to be the case. So, the answer could only be found in that wasteland.

E Gui frowned, before saying, “There was an army buried there.”

“An army?” Mu Yi said, looking at E Gui.

“When the Qing army came, the Ming army was defeated. There was a general named Lin Xi in the south. He knew he was not the opponent of the Qing army, so he led his troops away. His army ended up stationed in the east of Laosi City.”

“Lin Xi was a man of little talent with a lot of greed. The prosperity of Laosi City attracted him and he prepared to seize it. Unfortunately, the king of Laosi City was a great talent. When he realized Lin Xi’s plan, he deceived Lin Xi’s army into digging for treasures in the wasteland.”

“In one night, all the poisonous insects and miasma in the wasteland killed Lin Xi and his eight thousand soldiers. It is said that the king of Laosi City also died less than a month later while driving the Holy Spirit. Since then, few people dare to enter the wasteland.” E Gui said.

“Eight thousand soldiers buried in a wasteland, I see.” Mu Yi nodded.

   He had already guessed Li the Cripple’s plan. The wasteland was an extremely gloomy place. The resentment of eight thousand soldiers would be even higher than that of one hundred thousand ordinary people. It was a treasure land for raising zombies. However, more than 300 years had passed since the event. No one could be sure what kind of dangers it contained now.

“Have you ever been there?” Mu Yi looked at E Gui and asked.

“I haven’t been in the area. If ordinary people go in, they may come out alive. If experts go in, they will die. There has never been an exception. So for us, the depth of the wasteland is no different from the forbidden area.” E Gui replied with a flicker of fear in his eyes.

   It seemed that the wasteland couldn’t be entered. It was better to stop him outside and take back the corpse of the old Taoist Priest. Mu Yi had confidence in his ability to do so. Since Li the Cripple hadn’t gone to find Qu Yang, who was of the fifth grade, it was obvious that he was not strong enough to defeat him. Mu Yi was at the top of the second difficulty which was equivalent to the strength of the seventh grade.

“By the way, you just said that the king could drive the Holy Spirit. What is the Holy Spirit?” Mu Yi asked.

“When a poisonous insect grows up to be a holy poisonous insect, it will be called the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will be worshiped by the kings of the dynasties and will also guard the king’s blood line. The reason why the chieftain kings have held the position for so many years is because of the existence of the Holy spirit.” E Gui said.

“Can a holy poisonous insect live for eight hundred years?” Mu Yi was surprised, such a thing was scary.

“The body of the holy poisonous insect is a jasper silkworm, which has a very long life. In addition, it sleeps most of the time. Plus, the kings of the dynasties will continue to sacrifice their lives to it, so it can live.” E Gui said.

“What is the strength of the holy poisonous insect?” Mu Yi asked.

“The holy poisonous insect can be said to be in the third difficulty in half step.” E Gui said.

Mu Yi was shocked again. It was unexpected that a poisonous insect had such strength. Witchcraft could not be looked down upon. Fortunately, the holy poisonous insect was sleeping normally. Mu Yi had planned to explore the palace after finding the old Taoist Priest. Now he had realized that only the ignorant are fearless. The world was so big that it couldn’t be underestimated, even a small city had such strength. He couldn’t be arrogant.

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