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Chapter 328 finally meet


After E Gui left, Mu Yi was unable to calm down for a long time. He was surprised by the powerful Saint Insect and he was about to meet the old Taoist Priest again. The old Taoist Priest’s body had not been found before so Mu Yi could not rest. Seeing that he was about to fulfill his goal, he could not help being nervous.

“Don’t worry, old man. No matter who tries to get in the way, I promise that I will take you home,” said Mu Yi firmly.

Tomorrow was the fifth day of May. Mu Yi did not know why Li the Cripple had chosen this day at first. After getting the news about Lin Xi and his 8000 soldiers, he understood Li the Cripple’s intentions.

The fifth day of May in the lunar calendar was the day of the Dragon Boat Festival. According to the formula of twelve branches, may was also called the noon month. The noon month was also known as the Yang Period. So the Dragon Boat Festival was also called the Duan Yang and Duan meant the beginning period.

In midsummer, the sun went up to the highest point of the sky. At noon, Yang Qi was especially powerful so much so that Yin Qi was weakened. Usually at this time, all ghosts were dormant. That was the reason why Li the Cripple chose the fifth day of May. He was fearless. He knew it was extremely dangerous but he still wanted to achieve his purpose. 

However, Mu Yi wouldn’t allow others to exploit the old Taoist Priest’s body as a tool to kill people. That was a blasphemy against him. It was best for the old Taoist Priest to be buried on Funiu Mountain.

Early the next morning, Mu Yi waited for Li the Cripple at the edge of the forest. In order not to be detected, he hid in a tree and let Nian Nuer and Big Slave hide in another place. No matter which way Li the Cripple came from, it was impossible for Li the Cripple to escape.   

Mu Yi had been in the tree for almost four hours. The sun had risen higher, but there was no sign of Li the Cripple. He would have doubted whether Li the Cripple was really coming but he trusted E Gui. A figure finally appeared in Mu Yi’s sights, wearing the  Tu nationality clothes.

Mu Yi recognized the man after he got closer. He was the clerk in the coffin shop. He came to the edge of the forest and walked around for a while. When he didn’t find anything or anyone, he took out a whistle and blew it hard.

Two other people wearing Tu clothes appeared in the distance. The man in front was limping, and the one following him walked mechanically. It was Li the Cripple and old Taoist Priest. Mu Yi could barely contain his excitement. The old Taoist Priest seemed to be completely different from a few months ago. His body looked burlier and he was bald. His face was expressionless.

He took a deep breath. He couldn’t wait to kill Li the Cripple in order to let the old Taoist Priest’s spirit rest in peace. He knew that now wasn’t the time. What he needed was a sure bet, he definitely couldn’t let Li the Cripple escape. Mu Yi decided to sit tight until Li the Cripple got near.

“Sir, this place is remote and secluded. Do we need to be so careful?” The clerk complained.

“I can’t tell why my eyelids have been jumping since I woke up this morning. I always feel like this when something bad is going to happen. I can’t be careless.” Li the Cripple shook his head and said.

He was scowling and obviously worried. He let out a breath in a relief when he looked around and saw no one.

“You don’t have to worry, sir. We have fighting zombies. They are strong. They can easily kill any enemy who finds us.” Li Cang said. 

He wasn’t bothered. He was done with hiding. Besides, he knew how powerful the fighting zombies were. Li Cang wasn’t happy with Li the Cripple’s cautiousness.

“You know nothing at all. Our family has fallen into decay. Almost everyone sees us as enemies. We have to be careful. Raising zombies is a critical job for us. As long as we can get through this, we can gain a foothold. At that time, I will go destroy the Quyi village. I will make that bastard kneel in front of me and repent. Then I will rebuild our family,” said Li the Cripple, glancing at Li Cang.

“Sir, you said that the fighting zombie absorbed the power of those dead soldiers. Can we really get the second breakthrough?” Said Li Cang.

Li Cang stared at the fighting zombie behind him. He was well aware of the difficulty of obtaining a second breakthrough. In the world, all the small sects never had a chance to make a second breakthrough. When a sect got a second breakthrough, it would be the same as reaching the top of the second difficulty.

“It’s true that the fighting zombie was trained by the founder in this way. It’s a powerful zombie which can get the second breakthrough.” Li the Cripple said with a bright face.

His expression suggested that he had imagined the picture of terrorizing the world with fighting zombies in the future.

“That’s great. Let’s do it. As long as we finally create the fighting zombies, we won’t have to hide anymore.” Li Cang said excitedly.

“Okay, but it’s too dangerous for you to stay here alone. You can’t be careless just because today is the Dragon Boat Festival. “Said Li the Cripple.

“Sir, please let me go with you. I want to experience it.” Li Cang said immediately.

“No, it’s too dangerous for you.” Li the Cripple shook his head.

He attached great importance to Li Cang so he did not want this disciple to be in danger. They got closer to the forest as they talked to each other. The fighting zombie behind them stopped suddenly and looked ahead. It was staring at a big tree in the forest.

Li the Cripple hid behind the fighting zombie and shouted vigilantly, “Who is there?” 

“Li Ji, go to hell!” A cold voice said.

Mu Yi jumped out in front of them. He was so fast that Li the Cripple wasn’t able to react at all. Li Ji was Li the Cripple’s real name. Over the years, even Li the Cripple had almost forgotten his real name.

“Who are you?” Li the Cripple asked.

He stared at Mu Yi. He wasn’t afraid of being raided. What really surprised him was that this man knew his real name. He was sure that this man had bad intentions.

“Who am I? How could you forget!” Mu Yi smiled coldly, then took off his hat.

Li the Cripple stared at Mu Yi for a long time before something came to him. He was astonished and frightened. Mu Yi was not quite the same as a year and a half ago but he was still recognizable. Mu Yi’s Taoist hairstyle helped him remember this young Taoist he had met before.

Li the Cripple looked at Mu Yi and then looked at the fighting zombie. He realized the reason why Mu Yi was there. He never thought that even though his enemy hadn’t found him yet, a young Taoist could. He also seemed to be very powerful. How had this happened? At the beginning, he thought Mu Yi was just a young Taoist who knew nothing of martial arts.   

Li the Cripple was still able to breathe a sigh of relief. He believed that Mu Yi had become much stronger than before, but he would not be stronger than his fighting zombie. As long as the man wasn’t an enemy like Qu Yangqing, he didn’t need to worry.

Although Mu Yi had gotten famous in the past six months, Li the Cripple thought he was unknown. He didn’t even know Mu Yi’s name. If he had known about Mu Yi’s reputation, he would not have relaxed.

“Li Ji, you tricked me and turned my master’s body into a fighting zombie. I’m going to get my revenge today.” He said coldly.

“Young Taoist, are you bored of life? If it hadn’t been for your master who turned into a zombie and remained, you would have been killed that night,” said Li the Cripple viciously.

“I bet that you will regret that decision.” Mu Yi laughed.

He now understood why Li the Cripple let him off that night. When the old Taoist Priest had just been transformed, he couldn’t be completely manipulated by Li the Cripple. However, he was going to regret not letting his disciples kill Mu Yi.

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