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Chapter 330 Li the Cripple 


“What? Aren’t you going to let me go?” 

He said this just to upset Mu Yi.

“It’s impossible to let you go, but I can make you suffer less,” said Mu Yi lightly.

“Suffer less? Well! I, Li the Cripple, have suffered all my life. Kid, although I ended up in your hands, you’d better give up expecting me to beg for mercy,” Li the Cripple snorted, acting as a man of character.

“Even if your soul is pulled out and gets burned and your flesh is hacked to pieces, you are still not afraid?” Said Mu Yi.

“Well, I will not surrender no matter what,” said Li the Cripple.

“Really? Don’t you want revenge anymore? Don’t want to kill Qu Yang?” Mu Yi sneered.

“You have investigated me?” Li the Cripple’s expression immediately became gloomy. 

“Not only have I investigated you, but I’ve also been to Qu Mortuary and met Qu Yang. Now he is living well, and his strength has reached the fifth grade. I’m afraid you can’t ever get revenge,” Mu Yi said lightly as if he hadn’t seen Li the Cripple’s gloomy expression.

“By the way, I have met an interesting person with Qu Yang. Her name is Bei Ming.” Mu Yi looked at Li the Cripple.

Li the Cripple shivered all over and showed a trace of pain on his face. Then, the pain turned into horror and his hatred bloomed in his expression.

“It seems that Bei Ming is very important in your heart. What if I killed her?” Mu Yi was like a devil. The smile on his face made Li the Cripple feel cold to the bottom of his heart.

“What do you want?” Li the Cripple finally chose to give in. He could give up his own life, but he could not ignore Bei Ming, who had been turned into a living zombie by Qu Yang.

When Mu Yi had felt that Bei Ming might have a lot to do with Li the Cripple when he first saw her. Qu Yang’s attitude had confirmed his guess. Now Li the Cripple’s reaction made him even more certain.

Mu Yi guessed that Li the Cripple and Qu Yang might have been like brothers and fell in love with the same woman. 

“Tell me how to make zombies,” Mu Yi said.

“No way.” Li the Cripple refused without any hesitation. 

“As far as I know, you necromancers have few disciples, right? Anyway, you can’t survive this time. Why don’t you hold on to this tenet? If you tell me, maybe necromancers could continue to exist in the future,” Mu Yi persuaded. 

He didn’t want this method of making zombies for his own cultivation but to find a way to thoroughly solve the problems of the old Taoist Priest. He wouldn’t be looking to find disciples for him. Necromancy should become a lost art.

“Hum, if you want the method of making zombies, you’re barking at the moon. Even if I die, I won’t give it to you.”

“It seems that Bei Ming is not important enough to you. In that case, I will kill both her and Quyang. It is also revenge for you. Don’t worry, I will bury her with Qu Yang after her death,” said Mu Yi, shaking his head.

“How dare you!” Li the Cripple shouted in a hoarse voice.

“Why can’t I? Anyway, you will be dead then. It will have nothing to do with you.” 

Li the Cripple glared at Mu Yi. If he could kill people with his eyes, Mu Yi would have died many times. Finally, after Li the Cripple gasped violently for a while, he gave in.

“Expect my method of making zombies, you can make any other request. I will promise you everything.”  

Obviously, Li the Cripple regarded the inheritance as everything, even more important than his life.

“Well, I need you to remove the fury from my master so he can die peacefully and return to the grave.” 

“To remove the fury from your master?” Li the Cripple looked at Mu Yi in surprise. “Do you know what your master’s body means? His strength is now equivalent to the fourth grade of the first class. If I refine it with my secret method, it could enter the realm of the seventh grade. It could even become a top existence the world over, but you give up so easily?”

Li the Cripple looked at Mu Yi as if he were a madman. It seems that he hadn’t expected that Mu Yi would have such a plan. He was willing to give up such a powerful help for the peace of a dead man? Was he a fool?

This kind of behavior couldn’t be approved by Li the Cripple because it was normal to make zombies of the elder necromancers. Even before they died, those elders would be ready to become their disciples’ help.

It was the first time he had ever met a guy like Mu Yi, and it was difficult for him to understand.

People who raised corpses were dealing with corpses and all kinds of dead Qi and Yin Qi all year, so their minds were not normal. They were very indifferent without common human feelings like loyalty, yet he clung to some form of humanity with his feelings towards Bei Ming.

“You just need to say if you can do it. As for the rest, it’s none of your business,” Mu Yi said coldly. 

He would not use the corpse of the old Tao Priest even if he was weak. The best destination of the old Tao Priest was to be laid to rest.

“I can help you bury him, but it’s impossible to resolve his fury,” Li the Cripple said.

“If you can’t get rid of the fury from him, how can you call it peace?”  Mu Yi said coldly.

“Even if you learned my method of making zombies, you would not be able to dispel your master’s fury because it is irreversible. Unless you are willing to destroy your master’s corpse and turn his bones into ashes, you will never succeed,” said Li the Cripple, shaking his head.

After Mu Yi heard his words, his expression became more and more gloomy. However, he asked, “Can eminent monks release his soul from purgatory?”

“No, from the moment he became a zombie, the fury was integrated into his bones. It can’t be removed. The only one way we have is to destroy the body, and the way to be laid to rest has never existed,” Li the Cripple said, shaking his head.

Mu Yi stared at him, trying to find a sign that he was lying. Reason said that he wasn’t.

“In fact, you don’t have to persist in letting your master be buried in peace. As far as I know, people in some places burn the bodies of the dead, which could resolve everything at one time,” Li the Cripple said.

“Well, it’s not a solution. If you want, I’ll do it for you.”

He would never accept this method. It had become an obsession to let the old Tao Priest rest in peace. Now although he had found his body, he realized that his simple wish could not be fulfilled. How could he feel at ease?

Such an obsession would turn into a mental demon eventually and harm him.

Li the Cripple forced a smile, but he didn’t speak. Obviously, he didn’t want to be burned to ashes after he died. Burial was preferred universally.

The first emperor of Qin built an underground palace for himself. Even after he was dead, he continued to be the most powerful man with his soldiers. The emperors of all dynasties had also built their own mausoleums, as well as the princes and nobles. Even ordinary people tended to sell their properties to buy good coffins. 

For necromancers, although the bodies were not buried underground after death, they would become the help of future generations to help them fight. It was called death, but in a sense, it was also a continuation of life.

It was absolutely unacceptable for them to have their bodies burned into ashes.

“Since you can’t help, let’s wait and see. When you die I won’t burn you to dust. At most, I will cut your body into several parts and leave it scattered in the wilderness. As for Qu Yang, since I also have a grudge against him, I will kill him in revenge for you. As for Bei Ming, I will not let her suffer and let her die with you. In this way, in the underworld, maybe the three of you can get together again and resume your friendship.”

Mu Yi took a deep breath as if he had given up getting information from Li the Cripple, but his words made Li the Cripple stare at him.

“Tell me, how can I have you let Bei Ming live? Except for the method of making zombies, I can give you anything else. I can tell you the location of several treasures and the secret of the forest.” 

“I didn’t expect you to be such an infatuated person, but the treasures you said are useless to me. As for this wasteland, do you think I will go in?” Mu Yi shook his head with a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

“I think you misunderstood something. Bei Ming is not my lover. She is my daughter. As for the forest, if you know what is in it, you would not refuse.” 

Li the Cripple had a straight face as if he had no strength left.

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