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Chapter 332 Deep in the Barren Forest

“Master, it’s true that the method of transfer is feasible, but the person who is transferred will become a half human and half corpse,” Li the Cripple said with complex expression. 

Compared with being completely dead, the result was good.

“Half human and half corpse? It will increase your strength a lot, right?” Mu Yi asked.

“Yes, but my mind will also fall into a state of madness,” said Li the Cripple.

“Don’t worry, the so-called madness is actually caused by the fact that your soul can’t bear it. Your soul is locked and protected with the ghost slave bond. If you want to infringe upon your soul, you have to break the bond first,” Mu Yi said. 

He stopped there.  Once the bond was broken, the soul of the Li the Cripple would be destroyed.

However, there was no need to tell Li the Cripple. It was good to give him a little hope when he was in despair.

Hearing Mu Yi’s words, his eyes brightened. Losing his mind was the absolutely last thing he wanted. Thanks to Mu Yi, his mind would be preserved. In the whole history of zombies, everyone wanted to overcome this difficulty and refine himself into a half human and half corpse, but almost no one could succeed. Nine out of ten people died so no one used this method.

“Thank you very much, master.”

“Well, when will your injury heal?” Mu Yi continued.

“It will take at least two or three days,” Li the Cripple said. 

If he wanted to pass on the fury of the old Taoist Priest, he would at least wait for his injury to heal. The process was not without danger. If he could not bear it, then the fury would not be completely transferred.

Fortunately, the old Taoist Priest’s fury was still under control. He could absorb it all.

“What? What else?” Mu Yi looked at Li the Cripple.

“Master, there’s a treasure in the forest. If you can get it, it’s a sure thing.” 

Li the Cripple had come to the wasteland for the treasure as well as the old Taoist Priest.

“Oh, what’s the treasure?” Mu Yi asked, but he had no interest in the wild forest. It was too dangerous. It seemed that Li the Cripple knew something about it. If there was a treasure, he could take a chance. Especially, if it would be helpful to get the old Taoist Priest to pass on his fury.

“The treasure is actually a flower called the Nether flower,” said Li the Cripple.

“Nether flower? Explain.” It was the first time Mu Yi had heard of it, but he wasn’t convinced that it was a treasure.

“Master, the Nether flower can grow only in a place where the dead Qi is extremely strong. The Nether flower blooms once every thirty years, and every time on the fifth day of May, when Yin and Yang meet, the Nether flower has the power to change the human body, so that people can have the both the Qi of life and death,” Li the Cripple said with fiery eyes.

“Life and death? It seems that the Nether flower is most suitable for your kind of refining.” 

Mu Yi understood that zombies were mostly dead bodies, but it had been a living person. In the long run, the body would be eroded by the dead Qi until it was neither human nor ghost and die shortly after. It was the reason that zombies didn’t live long.

“To be honest with my master, the Nether flower is really very important for my refining. It can greatly increase the strength of my subordinates. In this way, the chance of success will be higher if I pass on the fury,” said Li the Cripple, looking down.

“You don’t have to play tricks on me. I will get it for you. But if you fail, you should know the consequences.”

Li the Cripple quivered, and he said, “I swear on my  life. Once you have the Nether flower, you can completely pass on your old master’s fury.”

“Your life is yours. Okay, tell me about the situation in the forest. As far as I know, the forest is called a dead place. After entering it, there is no life or death and the higher someone’s cultivation is, the faster their death will be. Are you sure you don’t want to kill me?”

“I dare not.” Li the Cripple knelt on the ground. 

All dignity was bullshit. Since he was at Mu Yi’s mercy, even if he was unwilling, he could only bear it. This was a great chance for him.

At least, after joining the Mu Yi, he could use Mu Yi’s power. As long as he was obedient, he might be able to get revenge in the future.

“Tell me what you know,” said Mu Yi.

“Do you know that there was a Ming army buried there?” Asked Li the Cripple.

“Of course. It is said that King Tusi invoked the Holy Spirit to kill Lin Xi’s army in one stroke,” said Mu Yi.

“Master knows one thing, but you don’t know the other. Apart from King Tusi, zombies were involved in the incident,” said Li the Cripple.

“Are you involved?” Mu Yi was really surprised. E Gui didn’t know the news.

However, zombies had a bad reputation, so it was normal that he was not known at the beginning. However, since there were zombies in that war, Li the Cripple must know something that outsiders didn’t know. No wonder he knew that there were Nether flowers there.

“Yes, I hate that King Tusi turned his face after the event. He wanted to kill all zombies, but zombies can fake death. They escaped, and quietly changed it to become the treasure of zombies. The Nether flowers were planted by the descendants of zombies. Originally, zombies could prosper by virtue of this place, but something changed to make zombies wither from it. It is a treasured land, but it is difficult to use it, ” Li the Cripple said with an expression full of reluctance.

It was great to have this treasured land, but it was impossible to go in and use it. He thought for so many years, and Li the Cripple’s heart was also very restless.

“Why didn’t you go in before?” Mu Yi asked.

“I want to, but I can’t enter. In order to prevent people from entering, the senior staff of zombies set up  two guards that would keep people lower than the second difficulty and the third grade out.” Li the Cripple’s face was sad and indignant. It was originally the kindness of his ancestors, but it became his biggest obstacle. If he hadn’t found the old Taoist Priest and turned him into a fighting zombie, he would not have come here.

“Is it just two zombies?” Mu Yi asked. In his opinion, if there were only two zombies, it was not worth E Gui’s solemnity. Obviously, there had to be other dangers in it.

“They only arranged two, but it is extremely dangerous. In those days, King Tusi drove the Holy Spirit to attract countless poisonous insects. Some of them died, some survived and became more powerful.

“And in the place where the corpse is buried, the resentment accumulated over the years have formed spirits. If strangers enter, they will attack them together.” 

Li the Cripple continued, saying that he would not enter it easily if he did not rely on the route left by the zombies.

“Poisonous insects, evil spirits? It’s really dangerous. ” Mu Yi nodded. Two zombies of the third grade would not fear death and were even more difficult than the fourth grade. The poisonous insects would be troublesome.

As for the spirits, as long as they felt the presence of strangers, they would attack in groups. In the beginning, no one knew how many complaining spirits had formed, but there were definitely not a few. Even if he were at the peak of the second difficulty, it would be very troublesome.

It would be hard to beat Mu Yi still. He had many tools now, especially the Xin lamp. No matter how many spirits there were, they couldn’t get close to him. What Mu Yi worried about was that there may be some unknown danger among them.

“Are there any other dangers in it? After all, that place has been formed for more than 300 years. Is there a ghost emperor? ” Mu Yi asked.

“The king of ghosts? No way, not even a fierce ghost. ” Li the Cripple said definitely.

“There won’t be fierce ghosts? Why?” Mu Yi asked, as long as the dead had grievances, it would be easy to become fierce ghosts, especially with 8000 people there. If there were no ghosts, it was strange.

“Because the spirits of those people were swallowed up by the Holy Spirit, there can be no ghosts even though their resentment remains.” 

If a ghost wanted to be formed, it needed to have a soul, but a spirit of resentment was different. The resentment in =hearts and the combination of all kinds of consciousness had no divine intelligence. It was just a foggy existence, but it was very sensitive to anger. Once it detected anger, it would rush in immediately. If they didn’t swallow the anger, they would never give up.

“The Holy Spirit can devour the soul?” Mu Yi was surprised, and he was more afraid of the Holy Spirit evoked by King Tusi.

“Yes, but it’s good that the Holy Spirit sleeps all the year round. Otherwise, it would  certainly consume the life of King Tusi. Therefore, unless at the critical moment of life and death, none of them ever evoke the Holy Spirit,” said Li the Cripple.


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