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Chapter 333 Swallow gold ants

Without the threat of the Holy Spirit enshrined in the city, Mu Yi felt relieved.

Later, he took the Xin lamp away off the old Taoist Priest, and allowed Li the Cripple to refine him again. Mu Yi thought it was necessary. In order to increase the probability of success, he had to wait to gather the Nether flowers.

Once he and Li the Cripple entered the forest, there would be no one to suppress the old Taoist Priest. He couldn’t leave the Xin lamp and let the old Taoist Priest stay outside. Even if he let Nian Nuer and Big Slave guard, he couldn’t guarantee that no accidents would happen.

He had to come with them. Luckily, the old Taoist Priest was strong enough to protect himself.

As for Li the Cripple, because of the ghost slave bond, Mu Yi didn’t worry. As soon as Li the Cripple gave birth to the idea that it was not good for the old Taoist, he would immediately feel it and stop him.

As long as Li the Cripple was not bad, he would not do it. At least, he had the chance to live, even get his revenge. Li the Cripple buried his apprentice and didn’t consider revenge. At most, he sighed that his apprentice’s life was not good.

Afterwards, they went into the forest together.

Li the Cripple had something to control poisonous insects, so they weren’t harmed by most of them. Li the Cripple took the lead in killing the ones that were not affected.

Although Li the Cripple had no power to fight Mu Yi, he had reached the second difficulty, and there was no problem in dealing with poisonous insects.

Soon after Mu Yi and the others entered, the two figures arrived at the wild forest. They were E Gui and Gui San.

“Did they really go in, my lord?”

They went around for a while, but they didn’t find Mu Yi. Gui San was in a hurry.

“It seems so.” E Gui nodded expressionless.

“Didn’t the lord tell the emissary about the danger inside?” Gui San’s eyes were wide with disbelief.

“Of course, but the emissary didn’t take my words to heart. Maybe he thought he was strong enough.” E Gui looked at the forest and hesitated to enter. After all, it was too dangerous for him to enter.

E Gui had entered once when he was young and almost died. He hadn’t gone too deep, but it was enough to make him never want to enter again.

When he escaped, he felt that there was a greater danger in it. Even though he was much stronger, he didn’t have the confidence to enter.

For a long time, E Gui had forbidden his subordinates to get close to the forest. Even when Mu Yi asked about it, he warned him again and again, but Mu Yi didn’t take his warning to heart.

Even though he knew that the emissary was very powerful, he still had no hope.

“This…” Gui San didn’t know what to say. He wanted to go in and catch up with the emissary, but he also understood that he would die before he did.

“Well, since he is willing to go in, let him go,” E Gui shook his head.

“Ah, my lord, didn’t you say he could be that one?” Gui San doubted whether he had heard wrong at the moment. The hall leader brought him here in a hurry, so why didn’t he care now?

“If he can come out alive, even if he is not, he is. If he cannot come out, even if he is, he is not,” E Gui said lightly.

“What does that mean? Hall master, are you confused?” Gui San said, puzzled.

“Come on, let’s go back and leave others to watch this situation.” 

When E Gui finished, he didn’t give Gui San time to react, so he turned around and left.

Gui San pat his head and took a look at the barren forest before following his master. Whether Mu Yi was or not, it wouldn’t matter if he died in the forest.

Although he didn’t like that person in his heart, he had an expectation.


“Master, this place is less than three miles away from the center. After we cross another river, it will almost arrive.”

Li the Cripple was leading the way. Because no one came all year, it was difficult to walk in the wild forest. It was necessary to open a path. In addition to doing that, fighting various poisonous insects had made Li the Cripple breathless.

Fortunately, Nian Nuer seemed to be unable to see it so Big Slave took over clearing the path. 

Soon after, Li the Cripple met with an accident.

“Wait a minute.”

Just as Mu Yi was preparing to respond to Li the Cripple, he suddenly felt a little danger coming from up ahead. He stopped without thinking about it. Along the way, although he also felt the danger several times, it was never so strong as now.

Hearing Mu Yi’s words, Li the Cripple was puzzled, but Big Slave stopped.

“What’s the matter, master?” Asked Li the Cripple.

“Danger ahead,” said Mu Yi.

“Danger? I’ll see, master.” With the previous experience, Li the Cripple naturally did not doubt Mu Yi, so he volunteered. However, he did not pay much attention to the  warning. Although this was his first time on this road, it followed the map left by the zombies. By reason, even if there were some dangers, they could not be large.

However, after Li the Cripple turned over so many vines, this idea disappeared. A piece of red sprang up on the ground in front of him. Poisonous insects ran away like they were running from a disaster. Any insect who fell behind was immediately swallowed by the red tide and disappeared in a flash.

“This…” Li the Cripple stared, his body trembled, but before he could react, there was another figure near him.

“What is this?”

It turned out that Mu Yi was a little uneasy and followed him quietly. However, when he saw the scene in front of him, he was frozen.

“Master, run away! They are the swallow gold ants. It’s said that they swallow everything. It’s also one of the top three terrifying existences in the wild forest, even for first-class experts,” said Li the Cripple in a trembling voice.

Swallow gold ants?” It was the first time Mu Yi had ever heard of them. However, when the warning signs in his heart were constantly ringing, he knew that these things were not easy to defeat. If there were only a few or dozens of them, he could kill them with a wave, but there were enough to fill his vision. 

Even if he was strong, once he fell into it, he would be a dead man.

“Is there a way to avoid it?” Mu Yi asked quickly. It seemed that the speed of the swallow gold ants was almost as fast as that of an adult’s walking. There were also some winged swallow golden ants like vanguard soldiers. When they found prey, they rushed in and dragged it down to the ground, then let the subsequent endless ant tide swallow it.

At present, the best option was undoubtedly to avoid the swallow golden ants, but Mu Yi was not sure how widespread they were, and the roads were all drawn according to the map. Once they left the path, the consequences were unknown.

According to Li the Cripple, the swallow gold ants were only one of the top three in this forest, which meant that there were at least two other kinds of threats as strong as the swallow gold ants.

“No, we can only escape now,” Li the Cripple said.

“Do they hate fire?” Mu Yi asked.

“Fire? I’m afraid ordinary fire has no effect on these things. ” Li the Cripple shook his head and said that if the swallow gold ants were so easy to kill, they would not have such a big name.

“Ordinary fire is not useful. How about the Nanming Li fire?” Mu Yi asked. With a wave of his right hand, a flame flew out directly and threw a group of flying ants in the air.

With a roar, the flying ants immediately burned to ashes in an instant.

“It worked!” Li the Cripple rejoiced. He couldn’t help but feel a little confident. The swallow gold ant tide could be extinguished.

Mu Yi shook his head and said, “No, it’s no use.” 

“No use?” Li the Cripple didn’t understand. 

“There are too many swallow gold ants here, and the Nanming Li fire is not endless. I’m afraid I will be drained before I kill all the swallow gold ants.” 

“Let’s go.” Mu Yi then pulled Li the Cripple, and their bodies disappeared in an instant.

Just after they disappeared, the place where they had stood suddenly sank, and a dense crowd of swallowing gold ants crawled out of it. If they had still been there, they would have fallen into the ant colony.

At the same time, more flying ants spread their wings and quickly chased the two of them. 

Mu Yi carried Li the Cripple easily, only feeling a little fuzzy around him, and breathing became a little difficult.

But it only lasted for a few breaths. When he stood firm again, the two men had returned to the original place.

“Nian Nuer, get out of here first.” Mu Yi called out, and they immediately fled back down the original road. Behind them, a large group of flying ants came buzzing.

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