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Chapter 334 Escape


   Being chased by a large group of flying ants, Mu Yi once again realized how embarrassed he was. As long as he used a Xin lamp, the group of flying ants behind him could definitely be killed, but they would just continue to swarm them.

   Li the Cripple said the swallow gold ants were very vengeful. No matter how far you run, as long as it was still in this wasteland, they could follow his aura and find him.

   Mu Yi didn’t plan to continue killing the flying ants. He already had a mission upon entering the forest, it was better to not be distracted.

   Mu Yi ran fast, but his companions were lagging behind. The flying ants were flying fast and soon caught up. Mu Yi had hem go ahead to deal with the flying ants.

   These flying ants were fearless. Their only purpose seemed to be to kill Mu Yi. Mu Yi was embarrassed after killing the ants in front of Li the Cripple. He could only smack down the flying ants with his hands now. 

 The flying ants were not fragile, so they did not die after being shot down.

This method was feasible, but there were too many flying ants. Soon, a dark swarm of them gathered over his head, blocking his view of the sky. As the flying ants hovered over his head, they slowly descended, and they clearly wanted to pile themselves upon him to death.

   Just when Mu Yi couldn’t help but want to use the Xin lamp, he suddenly thought of the meditation body charm.

   For human beings, meditation body charm could be used on one person at a time, and the stronger the man was, the shorter the time of being calmed was, but this didn’t work on these flying ants.

  Mu Yi was not confident about his idea because it was just his sudden imagination. He couldn’t be sure whether meditation body charm was effective to these flying ants. However, he wanted to try it. It wouldn’t take too much time and he still had the Xin lamp 

Mu Yi quickly took out a meditation body charm then his spirit poured it into it and activated it. After a while, the meditation body charm bloomed with a dazzling light that covered all the flying ants around Mu Yi.

   The loud buzzing suddenly stopped. Countless flying ants fell from the air to the ground around him. More than a third of the flying ants above Mu Yi’s head had fallen.

   The rest of the flying ants seemed to be frightened and forget to fly.

   Mu Yi didn’t forget that he was still in danger. When he saw that the charm was effective, he took out two more charms to fight the flying ants on both sides.

   Suddenly, two groups of light burst out then the flying ants fell from the air leaving only a few that had  been out of range still in the air.

“What a pity.” There were only seven charms in Mu Yi’s pocket. He thought it was unnecessary, but it had become the key to survival. He couldn’t draw more charms. Otherwise, he could pass through the tide of the ants.

   Mu Yi shook his head sadly. He wasn’t willing to quit and come back with more charms or he would miss the short blooming window of the Nether flowers.

   Mu Yi finally took a look at the distance where there was still an endless sea of swallow gold ants. The rest of his charms were not enough to deal with the rest of ants, so it was better to leave.

Mu Yi flickered and disappeared.

Mu Yi used Yu’s Steps to move a few feet away in an instant.

   If he could reach the highest level of Yu’s Steps, he wouldn’t even need to fight. He would be able to fly with several people in tow.

   Unfortunately, it was difficult to make progress. It was normal that he hadn’t made much progress in a few years.

   Soon after Mu Yi left, a large group of flying ants came, but they didn’t go after Mu Yi. They circled they spot as if calling for something.

   Finally, one of the flying ants on the ground twitched, then flapped its wings and flew. Then, more flying ants began to fly again and gradually merged into the flying ant colony above.

   When all the flying ants were integrated into it, the group of flying ants suddenly rose up, rotated around the top of the forest, and flew back.


  Mu Yi soon caught up with them. They were a mess. Only Nian Nuer seemed unharmed, sitting on Big Slave’s shoulder  while Li the Cripple’s face was swollen. However, he was running for his life, and couldn’t care so much.


   When Mu Yi came back, Nian Nuer was most happy. She rushed into Mu Yi’s arms and let Mu Yi carry her forward.

   When Li the Cripple saw Mu Yi, he also showed a glimmer of joy. At first, he thought that Mu Yi would be in a state of embarrassment even if he could escape so many flying ants, yet he would not have caught up so soon. Obviously, the flying ants had been killed.

“Um.” Mu Yi nodded and slowed down. Mu Yi and the others returned to the original road and ran hundreds of feet away. After that, Mu Yi stopped. After a careful induction, Mu Yi was relieved. “Well, the flying ants haven’t  caught up. Let’s have a rest.”

   Hearing what Mu Yi said, Li the Cripple simply squatted on the ground, then took out the ointment from his bag and put it on his face. In a short time, his face was swollen like a big steamed bun, so that his eyes were just two narrow lines.

“Master, you killed the flying ants?” Li the Cripple asked. After all, he had seen the Nanming Li Fire. In his mind, Mu Yi could kill all the flying ants so quickly.

“No, I have used some means to trap the flying ants temporarily. I just hope those flying ants don’t come back.” 

   Hearing that he didn’t kill the flying ants, Li the Cripple breathed a sigh of relief. The ants were so far away, so they would give up, or they would endlessly follow them.

“When will the swallow gold ants go back?” Mu Yi asked.

“As long as it’s day, the swallow gold ants will continue to advance. However, that means we don’t have too much time. We haven’t reached the site where the two bodies are tempered. Once we arrive at night, the spirits will come out,” Li the Cripple said with some worry that he had planned to get there in the daytime, so he wouldn’t have to worry about encountering a spirit of resentment on the way. Then he used his means to keep his energy from spilling out, so that when the Nether flowers bloomed, he could pick them.

   However, they had been thwarted by the swallow gold ants and could only retreat. Once the time was missed, the next option would be more difficult. Even the crisis inside was more dangerous than the swallow gold ants.

“If we wait for the evening, will there be enough time?” Mu Yi asked.

“Yes, but it’s too dangerous to go in the evening. Please think twice.” At last, Li the Cripple couldn’t help persuading him. He wanted to go for the Nether flower, but it was too dangerous. It wouldn’t be worth it if he died in the process.

   Even without the Nether flower, he could absorb the fury.  The probability of success was lower, but it was better than taking risks to enter at night.

“Since we can make our way in the evening, we will not go in until the evening.” 

To be honest, he was not too afraid of the swallow gold ants. As long as he took the lead in dealing with the flying ants, the rest would be much easier to deal with. There were many trees in this wasteland, so he could pass through, but the old Taoist Priest and Big Slave would not be able to do the same. He would have to chance it.   Seeing that Mu Yi was determined, Li the Cripple no longer tried to persuade him. He knew Mu Yi’s insistence regarding the old Taoist Priest. Moreover, young people like him always felt that they were the most powerful. They were arrogant and immature.

    Li the Cripple did not know that his thoughts were all exposed to Mu Yi. 

   He knew that Li the Cripple’s thoughts were reasonable, but he had a reason to go in and Li the Cripple didn’t know his full strength.

   Mu Yi smiled, then closed his eyes and started to rest. Since he decided to go in at night, he needed to be ready for the battle.


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