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Chapter 335 Leech River


   When night came, there was a thick fog covering the whole forest. Even with his spirit power, Mu Yi could only see things within three feet. At the same time, all kinds of voices came from all parts of the forest.

   There were insects chirping, the beasts roaring, and some despairing sounds, scaring them.

   Nian Nuer, who was not scared of anything, hid in the Bamboo Tree of Life. Li the Cripple was also dignified. Only Big Slave and the old Taoist Priest had no expression and no fear.

“We can go.” Mu Yi’s body flashed, appearing in front of Li the Cripple. Mu Yi had moved forward to be sure. As expected, there were no swallow gold ants. However, the wild forest was a little more dangerous than in the daytime. Even along the way they came, he was attacked several times by all kinds of poisonous insects and snakes.

“Yes!” Li the Cripple immediately said. Since Mu Yi was the master, he could only obey whatever decision he made.

   After taking the antidote pill from Li the Cripple, they set off again. It was so dark and foggy that they couldn’t see anything clearly. Fortunately, Mu Yi’s mind and spirit power could make him see things clearly within three feet, so he didn’t have to worry about getting lost. All he needed to do was to follow the direction indicated on the map.

   They soon passed by the place where the golden ants walked in the daytime. There was no vitality, and everything was dead except the trees and plants..

“Master, according to the records, there are countless ferocious leeches living in the river. One drop of blood can cause disaster, so be careful.”

   At this time, Mu Yi and his group stood by a big river. Because of the fog, they could not see how wide the river was. However, according to Li the Cripple, the river was more than ten feet wide

  When Lin Xi led the army, many soldiers died in this river, so Li the Cripple had to warn them.

“Oh, we can’t bleed?” Mu Yi pondered and nodded. Mu Yi knew something about leeches, but these leeches were especially ferocious. They would avoid provoking them if possible.

Stepping over ten feet at once was not a problem for Mu Yi, but it would be difficult for Big Slave, the old Taoist Priest and Li the Cripple. If he took several people across the river, it was hard for him to cross ten feet at one time.

“What was your original plan of crossing the river?” Mu Yi looked at Li the Cripple and said.

“I originally planned to throw wood into the river then walk across the wood. However, it is foggy now, and I can’t even see things beyond a foot away.” Li the Cripple shook his head and said bitterly.

   His original plan was to cross in the daytime. Who would have thought that he would have been so unlucky to run into the swallow gold ants and be forced to cross at night without a plan?

“Well, this method might work. Firstly, you cut down some trees then I’ll take you across the river,” Mu Yi nodded and said. It was the only way that wouldn’t cause problems. 

   Li the Cripple had already known Mu Yi’s strength. When he heard Mu Yi’s words, he was relieved and started to cut trees. Mu Yi kept looking at the river. His consciousness wanted to enter the river, but he found that the river had a strong sense of bad luck which could pollute the mind and spirit, so he had to abandon this method.

   Although the river was calm at the moment, Mu Yi could feel the danger of the river. The closer he got, the more the hairs on his body lifted, so he dared not be careless.

   After Li the Cripple cut several pieces of wood, Mu Yi kicked one of them into the river. It splashed and made a big racket.

  Countless small black shadows in the river gathered around the wood. Just for a few breaths, the submerged part of the wood was densely covered with a large number of small things. Both ends of the small things were like fine needles, and they lay firmly on the wood. Watching this, Mu Yi was wary.

   There were a large number of leeches in such a small area. It was hard to imagine the number of leeches in such a large river. He doubted there were other creatures in the river besides the leeches.

   Fortunately, these things couldn’t go ashore, otherwise they would be more terrible than the swallow gold ants.

   Mu Yi didn’t say a word then put a piece of wood farther away. Because he couldn’t see the scene beyond three feet, he could only identify its position by listening to the sound.

“Li the Cripple, I’ll take you first.” Mu Yi grabbed Li the Cripple’s shoulder, shook his body, and stepped on the first piece of wood. When he saw another piece of wood clearly, he moved over, then repeated this action.

   According to his calculation, the river was almost 12 feet wide, and they were at the narrowest place. The widest part would have been dozens of feet, but the river had no current and had turned black and toxic over time.

“Be careful, master.”

   Just as Mu Yi and Li the Cripple crossed the river and arrived at the other side, a shadow appeared in front of Mu Yi. It was too late to intercept it with Li the Cripple’s strength, so he could only give a warning.

Mu Yi’s unhurriedly flipped, and the shadow suddenly flew back and hit a tree with a clatter. The shadow sunk an inch into the trunk, then nothing moved.

   The shadow was strange and a bit like a snake, but it only was only as long as a finger with dense teeth. It was attached to the tree now and still looked unharmed.

“Well, take care of yourself here.” Mu Yi disappeared in a flash.

   Just after Mu Yi left, Li the Cripple took out a paper bag from his bag then smashed it. He took out some pungent white powders from within it and spread it with the wind several meters around him..

Li the Cripple was relieved. Thanks to his insect repellent powder, he saved them a lot of troubles. He was alone,  so he had to be careful.

   However, he didn’t wait for a long time before Mu Yi came with the old Taoist Priest.

   Later, Mu Yi left again. However, compared with the previous two times, his coming over for the third time was a bit embarrassing. Li the Cripple couldn’t see what happened in the river on the bank, but he heard a loud noise, and there were water drops splashing onto shore. Fortunately, he hid behind a tree and didn’t suffer.

“Humph, you want to die!”

   Then, there were two more figures on the bank of the river. They were Mu Yi and Big Slave. Mu Yi was angry. After he put Big Slave down, he turned around and looked at the river, clenching his fist then lowering it furiously.

   There was another loud noise. Li the Cripple couldn’t see what Mu Yi was fighting, but he could feel that there was a sense of terror there. A dark shadow flashed over, and then the river flew up again, splashing countless black water drops.

   Mu Yi remained standing by the river. Facing the countless water drops in the sky, he just waved his right hand. Suddenly, a strong wind swept all the water drops away, and none of them fell on him.

  Mu Yi turned around, looking indifferent.

“Master, what was that?” Li the Cripple couldn’t help but ask, thinking of that horrible aura he would have had no chance against.

“It was just a leech, but its strength was not bad. If it were not for that I would be worried about causing more trouble, how can it escape?” Mu Yi said lightly.

As he had been preparing to cross the river with Big Slave, the leech suddenly attacked. Because he had Big Slave, and no power to borrow, he could only escape. The punch had been his revenge.    Li the Cripple smiled a thin quiet smile, but he did not doubt Mu Yi’s words.

“Master, we’re in the deepest part of the forest now. I guess it won’t take long to get to the zombies’ place. Then, it’s the battlefield where Lin Xi’s army was buried,” said Li the Cripple.

“Well, let’s go.” Mu Yi said.

   Then, the group continued to move forward. It was far more dangerous in the center. On average, they were attacked every ten steps. Moreover, the poisonous insects were fearless of death. Later, even the insect repellent powder didn’t work.

   The poisonous insects were like sharks at the scent of blood.

   If Mu Yi had been alone it wouldn’t have been a big deal, but the others had no way to deal with these poisonous insects. He  was really strong, but the most dreadful aspect of the poisonous insects was their speed and toxicity.

   Therefore, Mu Yi put most of his efforts on them. However, it was inevitable that he could not take care of them all . When they came to a wide place, Big Slave had been bitten several times. Fortunately, Big Slave was safe because the poison was not serious, and he had taken the antidote pill prepared by Li the Cripple.

  The old Taoist Priest was not afraid of these poisonous insects. Most of them avoided him because of his dead Qi.

“Master, we should have stepped into the territory of the two zombies. After so many years, no one knows whether the two zombies have broken through, so please be careful.”

   It was a small barren slope, on which stones lay. When they arrived, the fog disappeared as if it didn’t exist. At the same time, the bright moon illuminated this area.

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