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Chapter 336 Beheading the zombies


On either side of the barren slope  were dense woods. The trees were much taller than before. Between the trees, there were countless tough vines crawling, and the weeds were tall enough to entrap them. Even if Mu Yi wanted to pass through it, it would be quite difficult. It was too troublesome to open the road bit by bit, so it was better to pass through the barren slope in front of them, even if there were two zombies here.

   The ancestors of zombies had the foresight to leave the zombies to guard the way.

“Since you dared to come, there should be some way to deal with the zombies, right?” Mu Yi looked at Li the Cripple and said, “If we can walk through without a fight, let’s do so and not to disturb the spectre of the battlefield.”.

“I do have some methods. Because the two zombies were left by necromancers, as long as I hold this bead, I don’t need to worry about the attack of the two zombies.” Li the Cripple said and took out a gray bread.

   Mu Yi sensed that there was pure dead Qi in the bead. Besides that, he didn’t find anything, but he was sure that the bead had other effects.

“But this bead is only effective for necromancers. If you want to pass, you will still be attacked by the two zombies.” 

“Well, It’s enough that this thing can assure your safety, let’s go.” 

Mu Yi nodded and led them forward.

   When they walked on the big slope, they could feel two auras waking up underground quickly. The ground shook as they walked. Then, two earth mounds in front of them exploded, and two tall black shadows jumped out of them.

   Even without the moonlight, Mu Yi could clearly see the faces of the two figures. The two black figures were covered with gray hair and their faces looked like rocks. They were taller than everyone but Big Slave and full of dead Qi and rage. When they appeared, they looked at Mu Yi and the others.

   Li the Cripple immediately held the bead in his hand and input power. The bead covered him with a layer of light.

   The two zombies were attracted to him, and their gazes gradually relaxed, but when they looked back at Mu Yi and others, their gazes became murderous again.

“Big Slave, you fight the one on the left.” Mu Yi said then the Bamboo Tree of Life disappeared. When it reappeared, it had gone to the other zombie, and completely turned into Nian Nuer.

   After that, Big Slave rushed to the zombie on the left. In an instant, they collided with each other. However, Big Slave was at a disadvantage. Mu Yi was surprised by the strength of the zombie.

“They are two sixth grade zombies? That’s rare.”

It was difficult for zombies to become stronger, especially for zombies without a master. Even after decades of sleeping, they may not advance one grade. These two zombies had reached the sixth grade, presumably because they were close to the battlefield.

People who were sixth grade were more powerful than Nian Nuer and Big Slave. Nian Nuer’s strength was improved because of the full moon, but she was fourth grade. If the strength of the Bamboo Tree of Life was added, she was barely in the fifth grade. With the help of moonlight, she could be considered firmly in the fifth grade. However, compared with sixth grade, she was still too weak. 

   However, because the zombie just had instinct rather than reason, Nian Nuer was able to fight it by virtue of her speed. Mu Yi was relieved and didn’t intervene. After all, an opponent of this level was very rare for Nian Nuer.

Big Slave constantly collided with the zombie. Although Big Slave had been retreating, he became more and more belligerent. Originally, Mu Yi intended to help him, but when he felt the belligerence of Big Slave, he chose to stand by.

   Big Slave was about to reach the third grade, but he lacked an opportunity. This was his chance.

After another collision, Big Slave was attacked and flew away, but his Qi soared to the third grade.

   Big Slave was born with magical power. After reaching the third grade, his power soared again. Although he was still behind, the strength gap was not obvious. 

   However, if Big Slave wanted to completely suppress this zombie, he had to achieve the fourth grade. However, in terms of strength, Big Slave had already reached the fifth grade and the Qi in his body was only third grade.

Big Slave was special, so he couldn’t be judged by common sense. Anyone regarding Big Slave as a common third grade first class expert would suffer great losses.

   When Mu Yi thought that the Big Slave could do it, Big Slave roared. His body did not shrink any more, but expanded. In a moment, he recovered his appearance, even looked thirty percent bigger than before.

   When he transformed, a violent Qi spread from him. The zombie suddenly appeared small in front of him, and was knocked away easily to Mu Yi’s surprise.

   This was the first time he had ever seen Big Slave transform, and the first time since practicing the skill Leng Yu gave him. Mu Yi always thought that the skill was constantly shrinking and condensing his power. Unexpectedly, when Big Slave practiced it to its fullest, he could make his body bigger and exert more power. Between the large body and small body, his strength doubled. In addition to the magic of the skill, Big Slave enjoyed exceptional advantages.

   Although God had deprived Big Slave of some things, this kind of compensation was enviable. Mu Yi believed that when Big Slave reached the seventh grade, his strength would be unimaginable. In addition to his invulnerable body, he was definitely a rare strong person in the world except for those in the third difficulty.

   Mu Yi looked forward to it.

Li the Cripple was surprised by Big Slave’s strength. 

Nian Nuer seemed to be reluctant to let Big Slave be in the spotlight alone. Nian Nuer suddenly flew into the sky, her clothes fluttered, and her face was serious. She looked holy in the moonlight covering her.

   Then, the little girl suddenly pinched her fingers and a rune appeared in her eyebrow. Mu Yi knew the rune. It glowed then broke away from the little girl’s eyebrow, falling towards the zombie like a seal of sky.

   The zombie seemed to feel the danger as well. With a roar, he raised his fists to resist it.

   When the rune fell on the zombie’s head, it almost turned into substance and collided with his fists. After a loud noise, the zombie’s knees fell to the ground, and his hands were bent, apparently broken.

The rune also became dim and returned to Nian Nuer’s eyebrow. The little girl fell from the air, her body was dim, and her aura was also reduced.

“Nian Nuer, you just like to put on a brave face.” 

Mu Yi’s body swayed, and he caught Nian Nuer. The latter smiled at him then she got in the Bamboo Tree of Life. Mu Yi held the Bamboo Tree of Life and swung at the zombie.

   Zombie seemed to know that he was at the end of his life, and he was unwilling to die. 

   Mu Yi had no pity for this zombie and hit it in the head.

   With a slight sound, the zombie’s head exploded, but there was nothing in it, except a bead.

   Seeing this bead, Mu Yi understood the origin of the bead Li the Cripple had, but the Qi of that bead was obviously purer than this one.

   When Mu Yi killed the zombie, Big Slave forced the other to retreat many times. However, killing the zombie was hard for Big Slave. Mu Yi stopped hesitating and killed it in the same way.

Li the Cripple felt a bit relieved, however, at the same time, there was a sense of loss in his heart. After all, the two zombies were made by his master.

When Mu Yi threw the two beads to him, the pity in his mind faded away. There were always people who wanted to kill these zombies and couldn’t because of their strength. Now, he was reaping the benefits.

   With these two beads, he believed that his strength would go further. Although the Qi inside was not as pure as the one he carried, there was more Qi in them because the strength in his bead had been absorbed by his disciples for a long time, leaving only enough to use to pass through to the battlefield.

“Thank you very much, master.” 

Li the Cripple was excited.

“Well, I need you to lead the way. This time, only you and I will enter.” Mu Yi said. 

Standing on the slop, Mu Yi could barely see the battlefield. Thinking of the countless spectres, Mu Yi decided to let Big Slave and the old Taoist Priest stay behind. With their strength, even if they followed, they would not be of help. Big Slave, who had rich Qi and blood, would attract the spectre’s attention once he entered, and needed to rest after such a battle.


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