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Chapter 337 the Nether Flower


    Big Slave and the old Taoist Priest were left on the slope. There was no threat to worry about anymore. The smell left after the two zombies were killed was enough to make the poisonous insects not approach either.

   When he was close to the battlefield, Mu Yi used a technique. He had been studying the invisible charm and the soul travel three worlds charm he had gotten from King Xian’s grave. He could only understand half of them. If he wanted to master them fully, he could only wait until he reached the third or even the fourth difficulty.

   Mu Yi was still able to learn something from them. It was said that as long as a person used the invisible charm, they couldn’t be found at all. He couldn’t hide his aura completely and truly be invisible but he could control his aura and make it seem like he didn’t exist. His vitality was the same as rotten wood. 

   Li the Cripple looked at Mu Yi but he didn’t say anything. He used the thick dead air to hide the vitality of his body. It was harmful to the body, but it worked. In front of them was a desolate place. It was shocking that such a place existed on this mountain. There should have been trees but there was nothing.

   Mu Yi noticed a shadow floating in the distance aimlessly. There were bones scattered across the area that had been weathered away by the last hundred years. It was the reason why the Yin Qi was so strong here.

   A gray cloud passed by them. They waited until the gray cloud was far away before moving. The gray cloud itself contained many shadows. It was like a troop of soldiers passing by. Mu Yi also saw some shadows without heads and some shadows without shapes.

“Master, the Nether flower is in front.” Li the Cripple said, looking at Mu Yi.

   The two men’s journey was extremely smooth without any accidents. The strongest spectre Mu Yi had encountered was just reaching the second difficult. The two men arrived at a small valley soon. The place Li the Cripple pointed to was in the middle of the valley.

After entering the valley, Mu Yi noticed something strange. These people had died hundreds of years ago yet the bones hadn’t decayed at all. It seemed like a lot of Yin Qi had accumulated in the bones and nourished them. The valley would have turned into a place that nurtured fierce ghosts if the souls of the army were still around.

   This was the reason why there were always monks on the battlefield after every war in the past. They made sure that no soul stayed in the world but no one had cleaned the battlefield in front of Mu Yi. No one had buried them. There were no ghosts, but there were many spectres.

   Under the guidance of Li the Cripple, Mu Yi found the Nether flower. It was surrounded by endless Yin Qi. The Yin Qi was strong and there were three powerful spectres wandering around. The three spectres were all looking at him. Mu Yi didn’t know how strong they were but they wouldn’t be easy to deal with. 

“Master, there seems to be another spectre. According to the records, there were only two powerful spectres here.” Li the Cripple told Mu Yi.

“It doesn’t matter. When the Nether flower opens, I will attract these three spectres and then you can seize the Nether flower and leave.” Mu Yi said.

He would not be able to hide his vitality at that time and would be attacked. There would be more than the three resentful spectres to face. There were thousands of spectres in the battlefield. The three spectres were guarding the Nether flower because they knew that the Nether flower was good for them.

   The Nether flower was just a bud. It was black with a bit of purple. It was absorbing the infinite Yin Qi and turning it into nutrients. For the Nether flower to open, it needed a little Yang Qi. Therefore, it was not accurate for Li the Cripple to say that the Nether flower would open on the fifth day of May.

The opening time of the Nether flower should be during the time period from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. The Yin Qi would be extremely prosperous then. A trace of Yang Qi could be found at that time which was the intersection of Yin and Yang.

“Master, can I absorb the Nether flower here?” Li the Cripple asked.

“Here? Are you not afraid of death? “Mu Yi said.

“Master, this Nether flower was planted by my zombies’ ancestors. Since we know that the Nether flower attracts spectres, we have already made preparations. There is an array below us that can hold one person. As long as someone hides there, they can absorb the Nether flower safely.” Li the Cripple said quietly.


   Mu Yi agreed, which surprised Li the Cripple. He could still absorb the flower if they left but it was better to stay here and do it. Zombies cultivated with the help of Yin Qi. According to his original plan, the zombies he brought would resist the spectres. He would hide in the array and absorb the Nether flower while strengthening the body of the zombies with the help of the Yin Qi.

Li the Cripple could only absorb the Nether flower himself and strengthen his body as much as possible. Although he had been enslaved by Mu Yi, Li the Cripple’s ambition had not been reduced at all. He desired to become stronger. Mu Yi could not suppress this desire.

“Thank you very much.” Li the Cripple said happily.


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