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Chapter 338 Competition


   In order not to disturb the three spectres, Mu Yi didn’t move that much. They just stood there waiting. The waning moon was moving constantly as time passed. At midnight, a wind blew drawing even more Yin Qi. A whirlpool was formed above the Nether flower and swallowed.

   Mu Yi looked at Li the Cripple, “Are you sure you can bear such a huge power?”

“Master, plants are spiritual. This Nether flower absorbs a lot of Yin Qi mostly for seed production. Only in this way can it bloom again 30 years later. I only need one petal and it has twelve. The rest belongs to you. This Nether flower is also good for fierce ghosts. You can also use it to trade.”

“It’s a pity that over the years, the ancestors of my family have only been able to bring out three petals. The rest of them can only be thrown away, so that they can escape when spectres are fighting for the petals.” Li the Cripple said slowly.

   It was impossible to make Li the Cripple loyal immediately. He obviously had plans which is why he hadn’t mentioned this before. Mu Yi knewow he couldn’t take the Nether flower on his own. He was bound to tell him everything. As for how many petals he could take, it depended on his own ability.

   Mu Yi stared at him for a moment. Li the Cripple trembled and his face paled. Fortunately, Mu Yi didn’t say anything about him hiding this. After all, his life was in Mu Yi’s hand. Mu Yi turned away from Li the Cripple. Since the Nether flower was useful to Nian Nuer, he couldn’t miss out on it.

   The Bamboo Tree of Life in his hand suddenly trembled slightly. Mu Yi smiled after a moment passed and threw the Bamboo Tree of Life into the air. Li the Cripple was about to speak until he saw that the Bamboo Tree of Life was suspended in the air. It started to absorb the Yin Qi around them.

   It attracted the attention of the three spectres. However, the Bamboo Tree of Life was not close to the Nether flower and was just a stick. The three spectres decidedly ignored it and just stared at the Nether flower.

  The runes on the surface of the Bamboo Tree of Life emerged one by one. In the inner space of the Bamboo Tree of Life, Nian Nuer looked majestic. She sat with her knees crossed and the spirit rune flashed above her eyebrows. It was eventually absorbing as much Yin Qi as the Nether flower. Although he couldn’t see it, Mu Yi could feel the Bamboo Tree of Life was growing stronger.

   In Quyi Village, the Bamboo Tree of Life had absorbed a portion of the corpse mushroom which enhanced its power. After refining it using the Nanming Li Fire, the Bamboo Tree of Life had an increase in its growth potential.

   Mu Yi intended to let Nian Nuer use the Nether flower to increase her power. However, Nian Nuer wanted to enter the vortex to absorb Yin Qi. The Bamboo Tree of Life was born with Yin Qi after all. Mu Yi had even thought of letting the Bamboo Tree of Life swallow up all the Yin Qi.

The Nether flower started absorbing Yin Qi at an ever faster speed when it noticed it was competing with something. It was not easy for the Bamboo Tree of Life to get half of the Yin Qi. After all, the Nether flower was a kind of spirit.

   The competition between the Bamboo Tree of Life and the Nether flower resulted in more Yin Qi being attracted. This caused the Yin Qi in other places to thin out gradually. The spectres in those areas had no choice but to follow the Yin Qi. Before, because there were three powerful spectres, they dared not approach but even if they were afraid they had no choice now.

   Li the Cripple mouth was open in disbelief. Although he knew that Mu Yi’s Bamboo Tree of Life was a treasure, he didn’t expect that it could compete with the Nether flower.

   Mu Yi looked pleased. With this Yin Qi supplement, he believed that it would be recovered soon. In Mu Yi’s opinion, the time was too short for how much he wanted it to absorb. If the Bamboo Tree of Life could do this for several hours, a breakthrough would be possible.

   There was a slight change in the ubiquitous Yin Qi around Mu Yi as the best time approached. This was the intersection of Yin and Yang that Mu Yi and Li the Cripple were waiting for. The Nether flower shook and increased its consumption of the Yin Qi. It swept away all the Yin Qi above his head and the Bamboo Tree of Life had to return.

   Mu Yi held the Bamboo Tree of Life. He could clearly feel anger radiating from it. She still wanted to compete with the Nether flower. Mu Yi smiled bitterly while staring at the Nether flower. The Nether flower was shining and it started to blooming slowly. Mu Yi could vaguely feel that the purple bits were sinking under the root of the Nether flower and condensing into a seed.

   The petals of the Nether flower opened and a fragrance spread through the air. Countless spectres around them headed towards the Nether flower like they were crazy. Even the three powerful spectres were rushing towards the Nether flower. Mu Yi finally understood why Li the Cripple said that his ancestors could only bring out three petals at most. In the face of so many spectres, even he wasn’t sure if he should fight.

   Nevertheless, Mu Yi stepped out and stopped concealing himself. Li the Cripple only felt a gust of wind sweep by, which almost made him fall. He took a few steps back. Li the Cripple was surprised again. Although he had guessed that Mu Yi might be at the top of the second difficulty, it was only a guess.

  Li the Cripple had thought that as long as he swallowed the Nether flower, not only would his strength increase greatly, but the fighting zombies could possibly reach the top of the second difficulty. It wasn’t something he had complete confidence in but now, a living being who had reached the top of the second difficulty was standing beside him.

   He had not forgotten that Mu Yi was just a little Taoist without any accomplishments half a year ago. Yet somehow he had crossed the first difficulty and stepped up seven grades to reach the top of the second difficulty. It was unbelievable.

  Li the Cripple thought that as long as he got the Nether flower, there was a possibility of escape. This was another reason why he decided to stay here to break through. Those thoughts had disappeared now.

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