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Chapter 339 getting it


The three powerful spectres beat back the weak spectres. Only the energy of the Nether flower could make them stronger. They would obviously do their best to fight for it. Except for the three powerful spectres, all the other spectres couldn’t pose a threat to Mu Yi.   

Mu Yi had bided his time and kept quiet so that the three spirits didn’t find him. Now, the three spectres had noticed him and called the other spectres to attack. The three spectres hadn’t lost all their consciousness and maintained human shapes.

Together the spectres had great power, but alone one spectre’s strength was between the sixth and seventh grade. They didn’t have souls so they just attacked him randomly.

“Piss off!” Mu Yi shouted.

He pounded the spectres with his fist, destroying countless numbers of them. His left hand held the Bamboo Tree of Life which he used to strike the spectres making them explode. Mu Yi was soon exhausted and stopped fighting.

“These insane spectres are stronger than beasts.” Mu Yi said to himself.

He ignored them and ran to the Nether flower. He only needed to get the petals. The three spectres had used the method to hold off Mu Yi temporarily while they rushed to the Nether flower. They had gotten a head start but were unwilling to share the petals. They were still fighting when Mu Yi arrived.

They were surrounded by death Qi so Mu Yi didn’t dare approach but it was still a great opportunity. He was very agile and moved around them. He grabbed the petals quickly. They were black on one side and white on the other. When the flower was bathed in moonlight, it looked like a brilliant jewel.

The spectres wouldn’t allow him to just do as he pleased though. Mu Yi was a living being but spectres were not. Mu Yi was their natural enemy. Even if they weren’t tempted by the Nether flower, they would not give Mu Yi any chance to survive. They started to attack him again. 

“So stupid.” Mu Yi sneered.

He had already seen the attacks of the three spectres so he was confident that he would win. When the spectres pounced at Mu Yi, he stepped forward. A ball of death Qi hit Mu Yi, annihilating all the other spectres and shaking the earth but actually it had only hit his shadow.

The Yu’s Steps was a kind of Kung Fu that had the power of heaven and earth. When you understood it and arrived at the top of the second difficulty, you would be able to use it. Mu Yi was now powerful enough to use it. When Mu Yi used Yu’s steps, he felt that he was a part of nature.

Mu Yi was tempted to have a bite of the flower, but he held back. He knew that the Nether flower was a rare treasure, but it was not suitable for him to eat. There was a power that balanced life and death in the Nether flower. It was useless for him.

For some reason he wanted to cut down the flower. He lost consciousness for a moment and when he came to, he found that the Nether flower had been cut from its stem. He had been able to do it but half of his energy was lost. If it took any longer, he would lose all his energy and be unable to contend with the three spectres.

Since he had already got the Nether flower, Mu Yi simply threw some flames at the three spirits. The reason why he didn’t use the Nanming Li Fire at first was that he was afraid of hurting the flower. As the fire erupted, the three spectres fled. The fire wiped out all the other spectres immediately. The three spirits were a mess but managed to stumble out of the range of  the explosion created by Nanming Li Fire.

“Damn!” Mu Yi said. “Li Ji! Get in position!”

Li the Cripple was lying on the ground to avoid being burned by the Nanming Li Fire. When he heard Mu Yi calling his name, he jumped up. A spectre rushed out to stop them but Mu Yi used a Five thunders charm.


The spectres screamed in despair as they died. Mu Yi wasn’t surprised at all by the power of the charm but he felt like it’s power had decreased. It was because his mind and spirit power were stronger now. His opponents were also getting stronger. The Five thunders charm wasn’t as useful as it used to be even though its power increased as his strength did.

   Mu Yi couldn’t help thinking about the thunder techniques recorded in the old Taoist Priest’s Magic Figures. He had inferred that the thunder techniques were the continuation of the Five thunders charm. When Mu Yi first reached the second difficulty, he wasn’t strong enough to learn thunder techniques. Mu Yi could study it now that he had reached his current level. He couldn’t let go of the opportunity to learn such powerful magic.

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