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Chapter 340 Devouring


   Looking at the Nether flower petal in his hands, Li the Cripple trembled with excitement. He had been looking forward to this moment for so many years. Although there were some problems during the process and he had become someone’s servant, at least he was still alive. He wouldn’t have been able to come here without Mu Yi’s help.

   Without Mu Yi he wouldn’t have been able to escape when he met the swallow gold ants. There was still the black river behind them to contend with as well as the three powerful spectres in front of them. Even if he had managed to come here, he could only be buried here and become one of the dead skeletons if he came alone. 

   Li the Cripple didn’t know how those senior masters had succeeded in the past. He assumed, in the past, the people who raised corpses were very strong and the spectres were not as strong. As long as they were lucky and didn’t encounter the swallow gold ants, those senior masters were probably able to succeed.

   However, there were very few Nether flower petals that could be taken out back then because of the spectres. This time, all the spectres were being handled by Mu Yi. He had also managed to gather all the petals. Li the Cripple only had to accept the petal he was given. He expressed his gratitude before starting the array and disappearing.

   Mu Yi could not feel where Li the Cripple had gone. Only through the connection established by the ghost slave control technique could he feel that Li the Cripple was still there.

  It’s a good array. Maybe I can find a chance to learn it later.

  Right now, there were countless spectres around him so he couldn’t focus on that. Two of the spectres moved towards the one who was seriously injured by the five thunders charm. It was a rare opportunity for them to devour their companion and enhance their strength. Since it was obvious, Mu Yi wasn’t someone they could defeat even if they rushed up together.

   Mu Yi wanted to stop them. All three of them were only half a step away from the top of the second difficulty. If those two chose to fight each other once their strength increased and the loser was devoured, the strength of the final one would surely break through to the top of the second difficulty. There were already countless small spectres around, which he had to be on guard against. A spectre that could match him would make things worse.

   Unfortunately, Mu Yi could not strike out against them because he was surrounded. It was easy for him to kill one spectre but there were too many of them. There was a saying, “A group of ants could kill an elephant.” His current situation was a bit troublesome. If he was the only one here, he could just leave but Li the Cripple was also here.

   Li the Cripple’s current foundation was too low. His strength would be limited even after he absorbed the petal. At the fourth or fifth rank, one petal of the Nether flower could only let him achieve one rank higher at most. The real value of the Nether flower was its ability to change the constitution, balancing the life and death Qi of the body, allowing people to cultivate the magic of raising corpses in a better way.

   If Mu Yi left alone, Li the Cripple would become the target of the spectres and die. Mu Yi didn’t care about him but for the sake of the old Taoist priest he had to return alive. The original plan was that Mu Yi would take the Nether flower and leave first. Li the Cripple was supposed to leave this place quietly once he succeeded. Unless Mu Yi killed the two remaining powerful spectres, the plan would have to change.

  “Well, I guess you’re just unlucky,” Mu Yi said.

 He attacked again using the Nanming Li fire. In an instant, the spectres around him were all wiped out. A bitter smile appeared on Mu Yi’s face when he looked towards the area where the three powerful spectres had been. There was only one spectre now. It was bigger and had no human form. The Yin Qi surrounding it had all disappeared.

   The spectres that were left kneeled down in deference after feeling the aura of the large spectre which had clearly reached the top of the second difficulty. Mu Yi and the large spectre were the only ones still standing in the end.

   Mu Yi wasn’t sure what had happened while he wasn’t looking. The spectres weren’t intelligent but had still managed to integrate so quickly and thoroughly into the single spectre in front of him. Now he could only try to kill the spectre in front of him. The aura of the spectre frightened him but he raised his hand fearlessly, pointing the Bamboo Tree of Life at the spectre.

  “Come on!” Mu Yi said.

   The spectre rushed at Mu Yi without hesitation. Mu Yi sneered and activated the remaining three Five Thunders charms. The spectre was quickly engulfed by powerful lightning. Its aura lessened but didn’t disappear. It had only been injured by the combination attack.

   When the lightning dissipated, the spectre was already in front of Mu Yi and aiming at him with a fist. Mu Yi didn’t try to dodge the attack. He used a skill that he had learned from Mo Ruyan. The Bamboo Tree of Life was like an indestructible spear as it collided with the fist of the spectre.

   Mu Yi felt his palm shaking under the impact. He could barely hold onto the Bamboo Tree of Life. Although the collision had destroyed the spectre’s fist, spectres didn’t have bodies. It would recover from something like this in mere seconds. The spectre’s aura had decreased a little more but these kinds of attacks wouldn’t be enough to kill it.

   Mu Yi didn’t have enough skills and it became obvious in situations like these. He had used up all the Five Thunders charms and only had his trump card, the Xin lamp, left. The Nanming Li Fire was so powerful that he didn’t bother to learn other things. However, such tricks would be used up sooner or later and then he could only fight with bare hands. It would work a few times but it would get more difficult in the future to win and keep his life.

   If Mu Yi wasn’t a cultivator, then such things could be forgiven. That wasn’t the case at all though. He had all kinds of top techniques, but he didn’t cultivate them. If he cultivated the skill of thunder, the power of the Five Thunders charms and his strength would increase. He had decided not to do it because of danger. He couldn’t be blamed for not taking a risk if it wasn’t necessary.

   However, when he was refining the Xin lamp, he got a fire control technique. Once completing the first turn, the power of the fire control technique would increase greatly but he had quickly forgotten all about it. It had only come to mind in this moment when his lack of skills was so evident.

   Mu Yi had obviously advanced too quickly. For others, it would take at least a year to increase their rank. They could use the time between to cultivate all kinds of secret techniques. Mu Yi had learned many skills but it had only been half a year. He promised himself that once he got out of here he would practice the skills he had. Only if he was powerful enough could he do anything he wanted.

   Looking at the approaching spectre, Mu Yi called out to the Xin lamp with his thoughts and it appeared in front of him. His mind and spirit power poured into it. The fire in the lamp grew and the color of the flame became darker and darker. The spectre hesitated after seeing the lamp but it’ss killing intent soon took over its fear.


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