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Chapter 341 Destroying the Spectre of the Peak



Behind Mu Yi’s head, the evolved chakras appeared as a circle of light. It could be regarded as a kind of Theurgy. Mu Yi had named it Life Theurgy. Life Theurgy almost doubled his strength comprehensively. He believed that with more chakras turned on Life Theurgy would have a stronger effect.

Mu Yi flicked his finger gently at the Xin lamp and the lamp let out a blue flame. The flame had changed compared to the past. It looked like a fire dragon, full of spirit, with its teeth bared and claws outspread. The spectre after sensing the change in the air, paused as if considering whether to continue.

It’s too late to escape! the Nanming Li Fire, go!

The fire dragon’s speed increased. The spectre screamed as it was wrapped in the flame. Mu Yi kept one hand on the lamp continuously infusing it with mind and spirit power. The spectre struggled, but it couldn’t break free. The flame grew as time passed and the spectres around them had all fled. The struggling spectre became weaker and weaker until its aura disappeared. The fire dragon returned to the lamp and the circle of light also disappeared.

“If it hadn’t just evolved to the peak of the second difficulty, it would have escaped.” Mu Yi said quietly.

Mu Yi squatted down to rest. He was definitely lucky. After all, he had only turned on three chakras. With Life Theurgy, he was only comparable to the weakest cultivators at the peak of the second difficulty. Without the Nanming Li Fire, it would have been hard to even restrain the spectre and end it, yet he had exceeded.

After the Nanming Li Fire killed the spectre, Mu Yi noticed the lamp oil had increased. There was also something silver mixed in with the black lamp oil. Tthe Nanming Li Fire couldn’t export energy continuously. It needed to be supplemented from time to time. The lamp oil was basically the food of the Nanming Li Fire. If Mu Yi didn’t do anything, it wouldn’t be long before all the lamp oil was gone.

However, only after the fire devoured the lamp oil, could it recover its true state, the powerful and incomparable Vermilion. Mu Yi believed that the power of the Xin lamp would be completely restored to its peak at that time. The fire of the Xin lamp had already become the Nanming Li Fire, which was an existence between ordinary fire and heavenly fire.

He let the Xin lamp return to his mind and turned his eyes to the Nether flower in his hands. There was still a faint glow of light in the petals, but the scent was getting weaker and weaker. He summoned Nian Nuer since the flower petals were useful for her. 


Due to the Yin Qi she had absorbed, she had slightly improved. After greeting Mu Yi, her eyes landed on the Nether flower in Mu Yi’s hand.

“It’s beautiful.” Nian Nuer said.

“Is this useful for you?” Mu Yi asked directly.

“It’s useful. It feels like if I eat it, I’ll be able to advance again. Even the Bamboo Tree of Life could grow again.” Nian Nuer said.

Nian Nuer was already equivalent to the fourth grade. Progressing to the fifth grade would be great and with the added strength of the Bamboo Tree of Life, her power would naturally be greater. She wasn’t comparable to Mu Yi in strength, but she was not far behind him. She had never encountered any bottlenecks until she reached the peak of the second difficulty. As long as she had enough power, she would continue to advance.

While Mu Yi had run into many difficulties while breaking through each step, it had also laid a rather solid foundation. He always made sure he was familiar with every part of his power. He didn’t consider breaking through until his power was fully controlled by his mind. His progress was already too fast. He needed to slow down.

Mu Yi didn’t plan to turn on the fourth chakra even though he could. He had decided to practice the fire control technique to completely control the Nanming Li fire. He would also practice the Thunder techniques and the Vajra glaze body. He had obtained the third major achievement in the Vajra glaze body. It would not be long before he could break through to the fourth.

Mu Yi had considered for a long time about cultivating Taoism and Buddhism. He didn’t doubt Leng Yu’s words, but he had more faith in the seed of Tao in his heart. He believed he would not go astray. He had never forgotten the three ways of pursuing Tao, no matter what happened.

“Well, hurry and eat it.” Mu Yi said, passing her the Nether flower.

“I will go to sleep after I eat it. I’m afraid I won’t be able to see you for a long time.” Nian Nuer said with a worried expression.

“Little fool, you can help me only when you become stronger. Don’t you want to help?” Mu Yi said directly.

“I want to help you.” Nian Nuer said.

Mu Yi’s method was effective. Nian Nuer snatched the Nether flower out of his hands. She held it and hesitated for a while.

Finally, she took off three petals, “Brother, three is enough.”

“Okay. I will keep the rest for you.” Mu Yi nodded.

“I will only take three.” Nian Nuer said firmly.

“I will deal with the rest then. Eat it quickly. This area is full of Yin Qi which could help you,” said Mu Yi.

Nian Nuer shoved the three petals into her mouth and swallowed them. She wrapped her arms around Mu Yi’s neck and kissed him on the cheek. She blushed and entered the Bamboo Tree of Life. Mu Yi was stunned, but only shook his head with a smile. He used a little bit of mental power to confirm that she had settled and was refining the petals. 

The remaining Yin Qi was flowing into the Bamboo Tree of Life. The spells on it were continuously flashing. Although it hadn’t shown any other magic powers, its quality had improved a little. It would probably become a real magic tool if it continued to grow. Mu Yi didn’t know how long it would take though. He could only continue to look for things for it to absorb.

Mu Yi knew there was still Shi Gu in Qu Mortuary. Although it was not as good as the Bamboo Tree of Life, it was rare. When he passed by Qu Mortuary next time, he would take it directly.


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