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Chapter 342 Getting Out of the Wasteland


At dawn, Mu Yi opened his eyes. The battlefield was peaceful again. Since the fight had ended last night, there had been no spectres. Mu Yi was guarding the area. He looked at the bamboo stick in front of him. Nian Nuer had fallen into a deep sleep after absorbing the petals. It would take at least ten days for her to wake up.

Li the Cripple came out from the array while he was thinking. His aura had become stronger but his face was half black and half white. It was a little scary. Li the Cripple didn’t seem to care about it. He looked very excited. However, judging from the aura, he had advanced to the fourth grade. Although it was nothing in the eyes of Mu Yi, he could be considered an expert in the world.

The fourth grade was good but it was still worse than Qu Yang. It was still impossible to get revenge. Qu Yang had been in the fifth grade for a while. Even if Li the Cripple had reached the fifth rank, he would not be Qu Yang’s opponent.

“Thank you very much, master.” Li the Cripple said and knelt down.

If there were no Mu Yi, maybe he could have also advanced the method of making zombies and brought them to the peak of the second difficulty. It probably wouldn’t be difficult to kill Qu Yang with such power. However, he knew that if he had come in by himself, he would have lost his life in the middle of the road.

It was Mu Yi who had saved his life. He didn’t care if he lost the technique to make zombies. His own strength could carry him. Even if he belonged to the people who raised corpses, he had never given up his cultivation. His self-cultivation was too slow compared to making zombies, which is why he hadn’t focused on it.

“Sure now?” Mu Yi asked, looking at Li the Cripple.

“Master, you can rest assured. It will only take one or two days. I am 100% sure about it.” Li the Cripple said loudly.

If he failed, he would die. He would live only if he succeeded. It was better to try his best and not show any doubt.

“I hope you remember what you’ve said.” Mu Yi said.

No matter what, he would not allow failure. He didn’t mind waiting for another two days. Mu Yi stood up, grabbed the bamboo, and started walking out of the valley. Li the Cripple also stood up to follow, but his eyes were still wandering around the battlefield. He couldn’t seem to ask what had happened to three spectres.

He thought that Mu Yi would have left before he came out but he had been waiting. Those three spectres must have been destroyed. It was not surprising when he thought about Mu Yi’s strength. They soon came to the barren slope. Big Slave and the old Taoist priest waiting there.

Big Slave stood up as they approached. After a night’s rest, he had almost recovered. His height had shrunk again. Mu Yi’s head could only reach his chest before and now it could reach his neck. Once Big Slave broke through a few more times, they would be the same height. At that time, Big Slave’s strength would reach a frightening level.

Mu Yi saw more awareness in Big Slave’s eyes. He was happy for him. Mu Yi had always thought that when the strength of Big Slave was improved, his mental disability would be healed. It seemed that his guess was correct. Big Slave had been developing in a good direction.

The old Taoist priest was standing beside Li the Cripple. Mu Yi frowned, but he didn’t say anything. The old Taoist priest was still connected to Li the Cripple as his fighting zombie. He still obeyed Li the Cripple’s orders.

“Old man, I’ll make sure you recover.” Mu Yi said quietly.

  • ····················

E Gui and Gui San were standing outside the wasteland with dark expressions.

“Leader, last night the brothers who were in charge of guarding here didn’t find anything. Do you think the emissary would have already… “Gui San said trailing off at the end.

No one was confident about the outcome. The wasteland was very dangerous in the daytime, but at night, it became ten times more dangerous. Gui San didn’t think that after Mu Yi had entered, he could come out. It would become even more impossible especially after spending a day and a night inside.

“Can you guess anything about the emissary? Maybe the emissary is just delayed,” said E Gui glaring at Gui San.

E Gui was still reluctant to admit it though he didn’t have any confidence either. He even agreed with Gui San’s thoughts. Just when his hope had been revived, it was killed again. However, he also hopd Mu Yi wouldn’t die so easily. Mu Yi must be the apprentice and successor of the previous Envoy in charge of the flag.

Before the new Envoy took the seat, for him to die quietly in a desolate forest, they would only be able to lament the impermanence of the world. Gui San opened his mouth, but he didn’t say a word. He didn’t really want another boss. Although the Sparrow Organization was withered, it was freer without anyone to manage him. He couldn’t understand E Gui’s worries.

Without the Envoy, there would be no bondage, but they could be murdered at any time. The domineering Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag would not let go of them. The main reason why he hadn’t moved was because the place was too remote and the Sparrow Organization was rarely involved in the outside world.

The White Tiger Organization was covetous and a crisis was imminent. Mu Yi had suddenly come and he might even be the envoy. Everyone saw how happy he had been but such a thing had happened. Mu Yi had actually entered the forest and hadn’t returned.

E Gui wanted to go in to have a look, but how could he knowing how dangerous it was. Once he was trapped in it, the Sparrow Organization would collapse before the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag even sent people here. How could he let the Sparrow Organization collapse? How could he take the risk?

If you can return safely, I will return the Sparrow Organization to you. I will fully support you in acquiring the position and regaining the glory that belongs to us.

E Gui thought as he watched the area in front of them. His eyes suddenly widened. He stared at the wasteland in disbelief even Gui San looked like he had seen a ghost. His mouth was open wide in surprise.

Mu Yi, Big Slave, the old Taoist priest and Li the Cripple were walking towards them. They came out safe and sound. E Gui had hoped but he wasn’t optimistic. Seeing them in front of him, he was ecstatic. The two quickly ran towards Mu Yi.

“Emissary,” E Gui said bowing.

“You don’t need to. Leader E must have been waiting for a long time.” Mu Yi said.

E Gui felt a strong force making him straighten up involuntarily. After feeling the irresistible power, the last doubt in E Gui’s heart also dissipated. He was finally able to confirm the guess in his heart.

Li the Cripple looked at E Gui and then looked at Mu Yi. He had been confused, but now he had figured it out. No wonder Mu Yi had found him so easily.

They went directly to the manor of the Sparrow Organization. After entering the manor, Mu Yi sat down in the main seat, while E Gui tidied his clothes. He knelt down solemnly in front of Mu Yi with a serious look.

“E Gui, the leader of the Sparrow Organization, would like to greet our envoy.”

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